Like a Dragon 8 will talk about the “necessary evil” of the Yakuza world

Like a Dragon 8 authors from Ryu ga Gotoku talked about the themes of the upcoming game and other projects around the universe. The plot of the main novelty will raise questions about the nature of criminal business and the necessary evil that exists within its framework — history characters from previous parts will not be the focus of the story this time. In the seventh part, the developers showed how the underworld lost its former power, and the next project will continue this thread, demonstrating further development among criminal elements.

In addition, the authors have revealed some details about other games: Like a Dragon: Ishin! has been in development for more than a year; you should not expect a remake of the Kenzan spin-off, which was released on PS3 — it is supposedly impossible to create it; Ryu ga Gotoku highly appreciates foreign fans and translators; support for the series in these markets has reached 70% in terms of sales. From Yakuza 0 to Yakuza 6, the result was 50/50; Like a Dragon Gaiden will talk about what Kiryu was doing before Like a Dragon 8 events; Like a Dragon 8 will also return to some other old ones heroes; The authors confirmed that the events of Lost Judgment and Yakuza take place in the same universe, potentially a crossover is possible; The studio‘s main games will now take about 4 years to produce; The creators are experimenting with engines, but so far they are not planning any changes in this matter.

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