Lille – Ajax is ‘seedless party’: ‘You knew beforehand they would play’

Lille OSC falls back and thinks its fine and Ajax is struggling to break the French wall. Thats the story of the first half between Lille and Ajax. Theo Janssen advises Ajax to bring in another midfielder.

Do they still have a running midfielder? Blind is standing there because it builds up, but there you could put a running midfielder. They miss it. Theres little creativity. You miss that, says Janssen at RTL 7.
The battle plan of Lille does not surprise Jan Boskamp. You knew beforehand that Lille would play like this. They
re on the sixteen meter. If you play higher, theyll get in trouble, too. When losing ball, Ajax also drops back. Then Lille has no room to play on the switchover. Then you get a seedless batch. If they catch a sneaky 0-1, were all happy. The most important thing is to keep the zero, but I think theres more to get, Janssen concludes his rest analysis.