Lineup delayed Back to Live festivals uncertain

It is still uncertain whether the line-up of the postponed Back To Live trial festivals will fully go along to next weekend. The events were supposed to take place this weekend, but were postponed last minute Friday morning due to bad weather forecasts. Rains and strong gusts of wind are expected. According to, the weather forecasts are better for 20 and 21 March.

On the Back To Live site, the organization states that it is aware of the relocation to ask a lot of our audience, suppliers and artists. Yet it saw no other solution. The organization writes that it is busy to continue the entire line-up. For the dance festival on Saturday, Joris Voorn, Colin Benders and Reinier Zonneveld were programmed, on Sunday during the pop festival among others ChefSpecial, Maan and Jett Rebel would play. Both events are from 13:00 to 19:00.

Bad weather forecasts were the reason for the relocation. โ€œWe have received over 600 messages in the last 48 hours with questions about the weather, some of which indicated that they were not coming because of the expected weather,โ€ said the organization Friday. On Saturday heavy gusts, rainfall and low temperatures of around 7 degrees are expected. Because with a low turnout the results of the research would not be representative, it was decided to move the trial festivals for a week.

Although the next weekend with a grade or 7 is not warm either, according to it seems to be a bit more pleasant on the festival site in Biddinghuizen. Especially on Saturday, during the dance festival, it is sunny. โ€œThere is little wind, so in the sun it will be pretty good if festival visitors dress up warmly,โ€ says meteorologist Jordi Huirne.