LinkedIn quits in China but doesnt completely disappear

LinkedIn stops offering its service in China. It says that the company is increasingly suffering from โ€œa challenging working environment and stricter compliance requirementsโ€. The service doesn‘t completely disappear: there is a platform in place without a feed. So people can no longer post or respond to each other.

Other well-known American platforms โ€” such as Facebook, Twitter and Google โ€” have been blocked in China for years. LinkedIn was the last of the major platforms still operating in the country.

New offer

The new service, ‘InJobs‘, will be available later this year. According to LinkedIn, this is in line with its goal of creating โ€œeconomic opportunitiesโ€. What is undoubtedly going to play is that China has become an important market for internet services in recent years.

The decision may have an impact on the company’s turnover. According to The Economist, China accounts for 53 million users, or 7 percent of the total.

Prohibited Content

The decision follows two weeks after news site Axios reported that LinkedIn in China blocked profiles of US journalists because of โ€œprohibited contentโ€. Earlier this year, LinkedIn was punished by the Chinese government for failing to monitor political messages in Chinese eyes. The platform was not allowed to register new users for a month.

The social media site for professionals has been operating in China since 2014. Two years later, it was bought by Microsoft for more than $26 billion.