Linssen: ‘Not next door, then the whole picture must also knock one hundred percent. ‘

Bryan Linssen was once again allowed to play an entire game on behalf of Feyenoord on Wednesday: against Go Ahead Eagles, he immediately signed for the winning hit. The Limburger may be playing his last Eredivisie duel on Sunday as he can make a transfer to Japan.

Opposite ESPN, Linssen confirms that things are going on. โ€œI always try to be as honest as possible. Of course, you can‘t just throw everything out into the world, but it’s clear that there‘s something going on. That I’m talking to them is certainly true. But whether we‘re going to get out: I honestly don’t know that.โ€
Linssen will only do it when ‘the whole picture is correct, he explains. โ€œWe know what it‘s about, we know where we’re going, that‘s not next door. Then the whole picture must also be right one hundred percent. And then everyone thinks it’s just about salary, but that‘s not the case. It’s not always just about money.โ€