Linssen shortFeyenoord: ‘That third definitely should have been in it’

Bryan Linssen could have shot Feyenoord to a win at Maccabi Haifa on Tuesday night. However, the Limburger left the three odds and so his club has to settle for a point in the first group game of the Conference League season.
At the end of the game, ESPN returned to the missed odds and the change that Linssen took part. โ€œThose first two werent so easy, but the third one really should have been in it,โ€ he wrote. โ€œThen Ill be switched and thats what I hate. Especially if you didnt score and you had the chances to do that.โ€
However, there is no bad result, according to Linssen. Maccabi Haifa was in any case the little attacker. โ€œEveryone calls that Maccabi Haifa has to be doable, but youve been able to see that they can play football well. This was just a tough off game and we havent lost here. Were still in full part.โ€