Lisandro Martínez must miss an international period by the Queens funeral

Lisandro Martínez is unable to compete for his home country of Argentina in the current international period. Manchester United defender is facing visa issues due to Queen Elizabeth II‘s funeral.
Martínez must obtain a visa from England to travel to the United States. In America, Argentina is preparing for the World Cup. But due to Queen Elizabeth II’
s funeral, the U.S. embassy in England was closed. As a result, Martínez does not have a visa and is not allowed to travel to the United States to join the national team there.
Not only Martínez, but also Cristian Romero is not available to the Argentines this period. The Tottenham Hotspur centre-back is facing the same problems as the ex-Ajacied. Argentina will play two exhibition games in preparation for the World Cup in Qatar. The first they will play Honduras on Saturday, while Jamaica will be the opponent on Wednesday.