List Puller German Greens blunders

While the Greens have the best chances to succeed Chancellor Merkel, their figurehead is blundering. Party leader Annalena Baerbock (40) forgot to give up almost 25,000 euros of revenues from her left-wing B90/Die Grรผnen. And the pacifist opposition party is suddenly flirting with the sponsorship of war gear.

In sight of the port, the impending Federal Day elections this autumn, the inexperienced Baerbock, who has never been a minister before, shows a lack of professionalism. Over the past three years, she had forgotten to report a total of 25,000 euros in special payments, an annual salary for Otto Normalverbraucher, the German Jan Modaal, to the parliament.

,, Error, thank you!โ€ , Baerbock responded, who previously cried viciously against Merkels ruling conservatives:, there must be more openness on the side revenues urgently.โ€ At the Christian Democratic CDU, many representatives of the people with dubious mouthcap deals had enriched themselves for millions of euros. They had to resign their office after fierce protests.


Now it turns out that the opposition Greens, and the left-wing governing party SPD, are not so close to transparency. The health expert Karl Lauterbach, a prominent doctor, had also forgotten to give up 18,000 euros of side revenues for four lectures. , โ€œVery painfulโ€, so the influential Social Democrat.

Baerbock is also trying to talk his way out of the affair. The green standard-bearer had decided that she, together with her co-chef Robert Habeck, received a quarter of a ton of holiday allowance in addition to her salary. Their predecessor Cem ร–zdemir, who had already sponsored his suits by a lobbyist, had also forgotten to report twenty thousand euros in bonuses.


In addition, the Greens get even more criticism. Because the aforementioned Habeck went to Ukraine on his own, where the east is occupied by separatists with Russian military support. Habeck calls for arms supplies to Kiev, a taboo to the pacifist party. It was not only the Merkel government, but also his own colleagues, who had no intention of trying to scare the Russians.

This led to the fact that the Greens now fall into the favor of the German voters. They were in front of Merkels Christian Democrats, now the CDU at YouGov Institute reaches 26 percent, and the environmental party 22 percent. At opinion poller Forsa, Die Grรผnen is 25 percent and Merkels Union is one percent below. However, Baerbock is the most popular candidate, three out of ten Germans would choose her, compared with some twenty percent for CDU candidate Laschet.