List tractors Ouwehand (PvdD) and Van der Staaij (SGP): ‘See what is possible for youngsters’

Energy saving, the death penalty, climate goals, gay marriage and the reopening of higher education: these are a few of the topics discussed on the third night of the CCEIT on 3 election program. List hikers Esther Ouwehand (Party voor de Dieren) and Kees van der Staaij (SGP) answered questions from young people in the run-up to the Second Chamber elections.

The two main themes were education and climate. One of the studio guests asked what the list attractors want to do in concrete terms to combat climate change. Politicians agree on some points, such as tax on air travel. But opinions differed on other points: the Animals Party excludes the generation of nuclear power, while the SGP does not want to immediately remove that option.

These ideas on how to tackle climate change were addressed:

The current corona measures were also the subject of discussion. Studioguest Jesse, a freshman student, wonders when he can take physical lessons again. Like thousands of other students, hes at home. โ€œI dont know what its like to get a real lesson,โ€ he says.

The SGP leader says that the cabinet should look at what is possible in education in a responsible way. โ€œRight for first-year students. The longer these measures take, the more acute the problems become. Look what can be done.โ€

Ouwehand adds: โ€œIt is very spicy to always sit at home. I really agree with Kees. Even if they organize that you can get physical lessons once a week. The space there is to relax must go to the young.โ€

Opportunity inequality

A 19-year-old viewer asked via Zoom what the list attractors want to do about opportunities inequality. Within education, this is a problem and due to the coronacrisis it has become even bigger. Both Ouwehand and Van der Staaij advocate broad bridge classes in secondary schools. As a result, children are given more time to develop.

They also believe that tests such as the CITO test should become less decisive for primary school students:

How do the parties intend to tackle racism? That question was asked by a studio guest to the list tractors. He gave a personal example: as a child he was bullied because of his Asian origin. And still he notices that jokes are made and stereotypes. According to Ouwehand, a government programme is a good solution. โ€œI think its important to focus on raising awareness in schools.โ€

Van der Staaij agrees that, but believes that parents also play an important role:

At the CCEit on 3 electoral program, anyone can ask questions to politicians via social media. A viewer had a personal question for Van der Staaij about gay marriage. He claims to be a Christian and have a friend, and wonders why the SGP wants to ban gay marriage.

This is how Van der Staaij answered the question:

The viewers also learned some personal things about the two politicians. Thats how they both stood up to the sounds of their serfong. Many viewers were amazed at the contrast between the music tastes. Ouwehand came up with a metal song by the band Sepultura.

โ€œ Refuse/Resist, a song from my childhood. I never left that feeling. If you really want a political system change, it starts with refusing to join the system you know: this is causing the climate crisis.โ€

Van der Staaij, on the other hand, entered the studio with the gospel classic Amazing Grace, sung by Andrea Bocelli. โ€œA goosebumps performance. I think it is a wonderful, hopeful song about forgiveness and mercy for those who fail or go wrong,โ€ explains the leader.

Other list tractors

In the next few days, other list pullers from large parties will talk with young people, except PVV leader Geert Wilders, he turned down the invitation. Tomorrow it will be the turn of Lilianne Ploumen (PvdA) and Wopke Hoekstra (CDA). Because of the coronapers conference, the interview starts at 8:00 p.m. This is also possible to watch live via the site and app, the Facebook pages of DecceIt Encceit on 3 and the YouTube page of CCEit on 3. Through social media, everyone can ask questions to politicians.

This is what the program for the rest of the week looks like:

Would you like to look back the whole conversation with Esther Ouwehand and Kees van der Staaij? You can do that here: