Listening line called more often in coronatijd: ‘Still contact with someone’

Because of corona, more people need a listening ear. It is therefore busy for example De Luistenlijn, which is accessible day and night for people who want to talk to someone. Normally, calls are approximately 850 times daily, but in coronation the number of calls increased to between 900 and 1000 per day.

โ€œ There is more sadness, loneliness and gloom due to corona. For example, you speak people who dont dare leave the house anymore. They want to get in touch with someone,โ€ says Alice from Zwolle to RTV Oost. She is one of the 1500 volunteers of the Listenline. Like her colleagues, she was trained to make conversations a good way and really listen to people.

โ€œ People are calling about the most diverse things. They are often also pleasant conversations. The interlocutors, we do not call them callers, often do not see anyone at all during the day and can not get rid of things that they have experienced or what they are dealing with to anyone. These are not only elderly people, but also young people, for example students.โ€

Alices just here for a good conversation. People who need help are at the wrong address at the Listen Line. โ€œWe are really a listening ear. Imagine I sit next to you on the couch and put my arm around you.โ€ Sometimes, when she thinks someone needs help, she advises someone to call the family doctor.

For over six years Alice has been taking calls for the Luistenlijn and she also notices that it is busier than before. โ€œI have brought a book to read during the service, but you cant get there. That scares me, because its sad that so many people feel alone.โ€

The Childrens Phone

Children can also call the Listening Line, but many children also call the Childrens Phone with problems. During the first wave of infection it became clear that children called more often than before. A new investigation is now underway and these figures will be published shortly. Employees notice that children are very busy with corona.

Some children feel lonely and gloomy and they are worried, let a spokesman know. โ€œThey lack school, their social contacts and certain hobbies and sports that they cannot do now. They also contact us about boredom. Children say they have little distractions; they feel they cant look forward to anything.โ€

Finally, following online lessons continues to be a challenge. โ€œThey find it difficult to stay focused and motivated or experience lessons as chaotic and exhausting. Some children are worried about their grades.โ€