Little boy (4) loses both parents to corona within 100 days

A 4-year-old boy lost both parents to the coronavirus within a hundred days. The 33-year-old father of the American Raiden became infected with the virus last June and died in intensive care a few weeks later. After a short mourning period, the mother of the preschooler also fell ill. One day after her infection on 5 October, the 29-year-old woman died in the hospital.

The family drama took place in San Antonio, Texas. To show the impact of the coronavirus and tell their story, Raidens relatives contacted local media. โ€œRaiden is left alone. Its very difficult,โ€ says the little boys grandmother.

In a few days, Raiden will be allowed to blow out five candles. โ€œHe is very sad because his parents cant be there to celebrate with him,โ€ says a relative to NBC News. To ensure that this anniversary is also unforgettable, the family has set up a crowdfunding. In the meantime, more than 26,000 dollars have been raised.

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The family calls on everyone to wear a mouthcap. โ€œWe know how much pain this pandemic brings, so I cant stress it enough.โ€