Little new content: Death Stranding Directors Cut reviews are out

Critics reviews of the directors version of Death Stranding appeared on the network, which were positive, but with serious disadvantages. The PS5 project received a score of 86 on Metacritic based on 38 reviews and 85 on OpenCritic based on 17 reviews. By and large, the central disadvantage has been the low number of new innovations โ€” even in the most positive reviews, reviewers say that new gameplay mechanics, quests, and mini-games do not add freshness to the project.

Some people were upset that Hideo Kojima did not include more new plot points โ€” although it could be done in the directors version. In addition, fans of the original wont find something supernova here, and if the player didnt like the concept of Death Stranding initially, the directors version is unlikely to change that assessment.

According to many, Directors Cut is a great way for beginners to get to know the world, as the technical side of the improved edition turned out great and a number of new change addresses the problems of the past and simplifies individual features. But those who have already gone through the original or just tried it are unlikely to be interested in the directors version.

Death Stranding Directors Cut will be released on the PS5 on September 24. More on Gamemania Call of Duty: Vanguard Will Make Gaming Sun Less Blinding Discord Tests YouTube Integration Fans Angered by Genshin Impact Anniversary Event.