Little Nightmares creators will now tackle new IP

During the quarterly report of Embracer Group it became known that Tarsier Studios after the release of Little Nightmares II would be engaged in the creation of a new intellectual property. The head of the conglomerate told how personally congratulated the head of the studio on the success of the novelty, despite the fact that specifically for the firm no financial benefit from the release in the short term is not & nbsp; โ€” the rights to the series is owned by Bandai Namco. โ€œHaving created this game, theyll switch to new franchises, which Im very happy about, and that was one of the key reasons why we bought a studio a year ago.

โ€ Its unlikely that Tarsier will do a sequel to Little Nightmares, however Bandai Namco can put the series into the hands of other developers. More on Gambling For HBO Max really create a series about John Constantine CCeit looking for a specialist in gaming hardware Tim Burton creates a series on โ€œThe Addams Familyโ€ for Netflix.