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Is there ever an end to the corona crisis? After a tough year and a half, full of lockdowns and freedom restriction measures, people are ready for a party or holiday. Whats happening today? Follow the latest COVID news here.

4665 novel corona infections, much lower than weekly average
Mass demonstrations France, Italy and UK against coronapas
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150 guests asked to do test
โ€œCorona Flightโ€ to Olympic Tokyo demands next victim

15.45 – Officers injured in French coronaprotest, dozens of arrests

During Saturdays French corona protests, 29 police officers were injured and 71 people arrested, country authorities reported a day later. Several places were argued against the โ€œhealth passโ€ and the vaccination duty the government intends to introduce for healthcare personnel, among others, to protect patients from the coronavirus. The protesters think that duty goes too far.

A total of 160,000 people went to the streets to express their displeasure. In Paris, among others, protesters clashed with police. Thats where the police put tear gas and water cannons in. In Marseille, protesters turned against a camera crew from television channel BFMTV.

Other unrest demonstrations were in Lyon, Nantes and Toulouse.

13.43 – Police put an end to an illegal party in the Meinweg

The police put an end to an illegal party in De Meinweg National Park near Herkenbosch (Limburg) on Sunday morning. According to the police, some 150 to 200 party goers had gathered in an old bunker in the nature reserve. After a noise notification around 01.50 p.m., the police decided to intervene, partly because the bunker is unsafe.

Before the police had accumulated enough manpower, it was a few hours away, but around 6:30 AM Sunday morning the last reveler had left the bunker. Nobody was fined or arrested. However, the sound equipment has been seized.

The police took part in a section of the mobile unit and four dog guides. According to a police spokeswoman, the end of the party went quietly.

12.00 Corona Cases Decline: Risk Levels

Decrease With the number of new corona cases dropped, initial risk levels may also be reduced. Multiple regions are likely to step back next week. They are presumably going from the highest level (very serious) to the second highest level (serious) if the government adopts the new map of the Netherlands on Wednesday.

The Netherlands has four levels of risk for coronavirus. From low to high, these are vigilant, worrying, serious and very serious. Two digits determine the level of risk in a region: the number of positive tests and the number of hospital admissions. At present, 23 out of 25 safety regions are on the highest step, very serious. Only Drenthe and Zeeland are a step lower, where the situation is โ€œseriousโ€. Nowhere in the Netherlands are the levels vigilant and worrying.

But due to the drop in corona cases, five regions are likely to go back from very serious to severe. These are South Holland South, North and East Gelderland, Flevoland, IJsselland and Friesland. The five regions had gone from serious to very serious last week.

Three other regions are currently just above the border. The situation is very serious now, but they are one or two more days of decline from serious. Thats Utrecht, Limburg North and South Limburg. Drenthe and Zeeland are likely to stay on serious. In that case, ten regions would be serious and fifteen out of very serious.

In each region, the line goes down. Amsterdam-Amstelland is relatively the biggest fire source, but the fire starts to extinguish a bit. Over the past seven days, 450 positive tests on every 100,000 inhabitants have been reported in and around the capital. The week before, 911 tested positive on every 100,000 people. So the number of new corona cases has halved in a week.

Groningen was the second fire source last week. In seven days, there were 586 positive tests on 100,000 people. In the past week there were 298, and with that, Groningen became a middle-moter. If that continues, Amsterdam-Amstelland, Groningen and the remaining regions will see the end of very serious next week.

11.58 โ€” Right hand Merkel: Decisions more freedoms for vaccinates

Chancellor Angela Merkels chief of Cabinet, Helge Braun, provides even more restrictions for unvaccinated persons in the near future. He said in conversation with the German newspaper Bild that โ€œvaccinated people will certainly have more freedoms than people who have not been vaccinated.โ€ That would be true, according to him.for people who have not been vaccinated but can provide negative results of a corona-virus test.

If the number of corona infections rises sharply as it is today, according to Braun, all people who are not vaccinated should limit their contacts. This means, among other things, that people who test negative negative can no longer go to a cinema, a stadium or a restaurant, for example. The state must protect public health, Braun stresses. And all contacts of infected people should be quarantined immediately.

Braun fears that in the month of the Federal Day elections, September, the number of new infections in Germany could reach 100,000 per day, and the German authorities are sailing on a weekly state of new infections. Sunday, the weekly increase stood at 13.8 per 100,000 inhabitants. Braun fears that rapid spread of corona by virus variants in nine weeks can lead to a weekly increase of 850 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

Almost half of the population has now been fully vaccinated. Germany has 90,000 corona-related deaths and a total of nearly four million detected infections.

11.00 – โ€œStudent shot without a maskโ€

A student was shot dead by a policeman on Saturday in Kinshasa. The agent reproached the young man for not wearing a mouth mask when shooting a video, while Congo is currently experiencing a third corona wave. Local media report that.

โ€œOur friend Honorรฉ Shama, student at the Faculty of Arts at Kinshasa University, was recording a video as part of comedy practice classes. An agent asked him to wear his mouth mask,โ€ reports Patient Odia, an eyewitness.

โ€œDespite Honorรฉs statements and having shown that he had a mouth mask with him, the agent got angry because the latter expected him to receive money earlier. The policeman then accused Honorรฉ of being repulsive and opened fire,โ€ the witness said. The mouth mask is mandatory in Congo Kinshasa, under penalty of a fine of 10,000 Congolese francs, converted around 4 euros. In the capital, Kinshasa, police officers are more often accused of intimidating people and keeping money collected to themselves.

10.00 โ€” Norway and Bulgaria sharpen corona rules for visitors

Norway and Bulgaria are sharpening corona rules for people wishing to visit the countries from Monday, reports the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Travelers from the Netherlands are only allowed to enter Bulgaria with a negative PCR test, even if they are (fully) vaccinated. In Norway, all not fully vaccinated travellers must be quarantined.

Travelers who received the Janssen vaccine more than three weeks ago or received their second prick with another coronavine more than a week ago will apply to Oslo as fully vaccinated.

Not fully vaccinated visitors must register before arrival in Norway and present a negative PCR test and quarantine for a period of ten days. Of these, the first three days have to be spent in a hotel assigned by the Norwegian government. After a negative PCR test on day four, it is basically possible to complete the quarantine in a desired location (hotel or cottage). Minors dont need to stay in a quarantine hotel but can spend the quarantine time elsewhere. Children under 12 do not need to be tested.

18.51 โ€” Suriname eases corona rules and short curfew with 3 hours

Surinamese are allowed to go on the streets from Saturday until 9 pm in the evening. Thats three hours longer than the last 2.5 months. The number of people who are allowed to be together has gone from five to ten.

Another important easing is the re-opening of recreation places, casinos and other gambling venues, the Surinamese government reported on Saturday. Secondary students will also be given the opportunity to take tests.

The number of corona infections and death cases in Suriname has seen a declining trend for several weeks, although there were days in the last week that the number of positive subjects tested was higher than the day before. The number of deaths in recent days was between one and five per day, and on average around thirty patients per day are taken care of in intensive care.

The total number of coronadodes in Suriname is now 627, and the total number of positive people tested is 24,689.

18.30 โ€” Again thousands in France (and other countries) argue against coronapas

In various places around the world, announcement about 180 cities around the world, demonstrated against the coronapas and other measures this weekend.

In France, just like a week agomany thousands of people went out to the streets on Saturday to demonstrate against the โ€œhealth passโ€ and against compulsory vaccinations. The first demonstrations were reported in the south of the country, in Valence, Narbonne and Pau, as well as in Paris, thousands of protesters expressed their displeasure about corona policy. Critics of the restrictive measures argue that they are excessive and mainly affect children and poor.

14.58 โ€” Thousands of people in France on the streets in protest against coronapas

In France, just like a week ago, many thousands of people went out to the streets to demonstrate against the โ€œhealth passโ€ and against compulsory vaccinations. The first major demonstrations were reported from the south of the country, notably Valence, Narbonne and Pau, but also in Paris, thousands of protesters have expressed their displeasure about the corona policy. Critics of the restrictive measures argue that they are excessive and mainly affect children and poor.

Last week, at least 110,000 people argued against the restrictions imposed by the government in the interests of public health. There are almost as much expected on Saturday. Measures have been tightened last week. Visitors to French museums, cinemas and event venues have to show evidence since Wednesday that they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus or tested negatively. The government wants to tighten the rules even further in August. Then people will have to show such a vaccination certificate in hospitality stores and some malls.

There is a lot of resistance among the French, for example in business like the hospitality industry. Movie owners have complained that theyve seen their clients fall by 70 percent since Wednesday. An association of restaurants has announced that it will not check the requirements.

11.25 โ€” China has already done one and a half billion inoculations

In China, more than one and a half billion vaccinations have been carried out in the coronavirus campaign that emerged in this country at the end of 2019. The health authorities announced this on Saturday. The country has over 1.4 billion inhabitants and has not detected 92,500 infections so far.

The number of deaths known of the virus ranks among the lowest in the world with more than 4,600 cases; about three dead corona patients per million inhabitants. Worldwide, the Wuhan virus has led to great anxiety and draconian measures. Among 7.9 billion people, 194 million people have seen the virus. 176 million of them had no complaints or they have now been fully recovered. The number of deaths attributed to the virus worldwide is over four million years after more than one and a half years.

10.30 โ€” Fierce demonstrations against lockdown in Australia

Several Australian cities have been fiercely argued against lockdown. In the countrys largest city, thousands of people in Sydney protested against corona-virus measures and there were clashes with police. The protesters were not wearing masks and New South Wales State Minister David Elliott announced that a special detection unit was set up to identify and prosecute protesters using camera footage for violating the measures.

He said it was an estimated 3,500 demonstrators. According to Elliott, 57 arrests were made on Saturday in collisions between protesters and riot police, and multiple agents were injured.

There has been a lockdown in Sydney for five weeks, and it could be valid until October, as the number of corona infections in the west and southwest of the metropolis is rising alarming, particularly in the west and southwest of the metropolis, according to the authorities. More than 8 million people live in the state of New South Wales and 2000 infections have now been recorded, 163 of which are on Saturday. In Australia, where it is now winter, the vaccination campaign is barely underway and only 12.4 percent of the population is fully vaccinated.

Lockdowns were also announced in Melbourne and Adelaide and protesters took to the streets on Saturday afternoon. In Brisbane, where no lockdown has been announced, against corona policy was also demonstrated. People called for freedom and wore banners that said the country should wake up and that the government is more dangerous than Covid.

07.15 – Eindhoven hospitality industry holds nocturnal protest against corona rules

Dozens of Eindhoven hospitality entrepreneurs demonstrated against the citys corona policy on the night of Friday to Saturday. Photographs show how entrepreneurs and their staff were sitting in chairs on the Town Hall Square. The demonstration began around midnight, the hospitality industry closing time.

The protesters left the square after a group of young people collision with the police. Then some young people were arrested and the police wiped.the square empty. That was around 0.45 a.m.

โ€œIn the meantime, the demonstrating hospitality entrepreneurs and their employees had decided to end their demonstration themselves,โ€ the police said. It emphasizes that the hospitality protest itself went peacefully.

Two Eindhoven restaurants initially had to close this week after staff sat on the terrace after closing hours. That would violate the corona rules. After a short trial, the restaurants were allowed to open from the court for the time being, Omroep Brabant reported earlier. In the Eindhovens Dagblad, demonstrating entrepreneurs complain about the enforcement of the corona rules, which they say โ€œstrikes.โ€

05.10 – Vaccination campaign with bulletin boxes comes in motion

with the deployment of bulletin boxes, regional GGDs manage to reach vaccine questioners. At the same time, the turnout of buses in some neighborhoods is disappointing, according to Trouw, a tour of nine regional GDs. The buses also attract people who already have an appointment at a regular vaccination site and for whom the special service is not intended.

In Friesland, the GGD put a total of 1088 punctures in thirteen days. The GGD Rotterdam Rijnmond welcomed a total of 5000 people at mobile puncture locations. The bulletin boxes, which have to reach the last vaccine questioners, are not equally successful everywhere. In The Hague, the bus stopped after one weekend after the turnout disappointed. At the GGD Gelderland-Midden bulletin bus, about 550 people visited the bus in fifteen days.

In addition, several GDS report that people arrive at puncture sites with free access, while they already have an appointment at a regular vaccination site. In Zwijndrecht, the bus put 150 second stings on people who didnt want to wait for their official appointment.

04.15 – US also expect to give vulnerable third coronaprik to give

vulnerable coronavirus vulnerable to the United States are expected to be vaccinated for a third time. This is due to evidence that the Pfizer vaccine may become less effective a few months after administration. The New York Times reports that based on government sources.

According to ongoing research by manufacturer Pfizer/Biontech, the effectiveness of double vaccination decreases after four to six months. The protection against contamination is still 84 percent compared to the initial 95 percent. The third shot would also produce five to ten times more antibodies.

It is still unclear when the additional vaccination campaign aimed at people over 65 and people with weakened immune systems starts in the US.

Israel started administering so-called boosters to patients with a particularly weak immune system earlier this month. In Hungary, people can be pricked for a third time starting next month.