LIVE: Ajax sets stripe under disaster week with cup victory on PSV (closed)

Ajax and PSV face three times in 49 days, Wednesday evening is the second edition of the triptych. On 10 January it became 2-2 in competition, how will the cup meeting in Amsterdam end? Football scoop reports live.

Before PSV and Ajax play against each other on February 28 in Eindhoven, they first compete for a spot in the semi-final of the cup. PSV finished the previous rounds with Keuken Champion Divisie-clubs De Graafschap and FC Volendam, while Ajax got rid of FC Utrecht and AZ.
It is the first time since May 2006 that Ajax and PSV have been linked together in the cup. At that time, both teams played the cup finals, which was won in the last minute by Ajax: 1-0 via Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, 1-1 via – who remembers him? – Michael Lamey, 2-1 through again Huntelaar.