LIVE Boris Johnson wants to open VK “irreversible”, considering vaccine passport

Even now ‘we’ vaccinate, the coronavirus still causes dislocation globally. The mutants are worried. The British variant is advanging and also the Brazilian and South African variants are approaching. At the same time, economy and society are sighing under suffocating measures. Follow the latest coronan news in this live blog.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has anticipated irreversible steps to end the lockdown. He will announce next Monday how he intends to handle that.

Johnson is under pressure within his Conservative Party to lift lockdown measures. Dozens of conservative politicians demand in a letter that restrictions be terminated by May. Guarantees that this is the last lockdown, Johnson can‘t give, he said at a press conference. However, he is optimistic because of the many vaccinations that have been administered in the meantime. I’m very hopeful.

The United Kingdom, which has around 66 million inhabitants, is leading the vaccination of citizens in Europe. More than 15 million British people have already had a shot.

But there are still insufficient data on the effect of vaccines on the spread of the virus, Johnson said. In a week, he thinks he‘ll have more clarity on that. The government’s leading medical adviser, Chris Whitty, said that there were variants of the coronavirus that could reduce the effectiveness of vaccines.

There is a lot of speculation about when hospitality shops and other companies can open the doors again. According to the BBC, sources within the government say that school pupils in England will probably be able to return to school on March 8th. We want a timetable that is realistic, and therefore be cautious, the Prime Minister tempered expectations.

He expects some kind of vaccine passports in the long run. In combination with a quick test, this visit to a theater or nightclub would make it possible in the future.

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