LIVE Brazilians Protest Corona Approach Bolsonaro

For over a year now, the Netherlands and the world have been under control by the coronavirus overwhelmed from China. Countries awaken from lockdowns and restrictive measures. Just before the holidays, Europe seems to turn yellow again. What‘s happening today? Follow the latest news here.

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22.30 -Brazilians protesting corona approach Bolsonaro

Thousands of Brazilians took to the streets on Saturday to protest against President Jair Bolsonaro’s lax corona policy. According to the biggest news channel Globo, they cursed the right-wing populist power in at least 44 cities because, among other things, he failed to quickly stock up the necessary doses of vaccine and still questioning the need to wear a mask.

Brazil crosses the limit of half a million deaths by Covid-19 on Saturday, and only the United States, with nearly 120 million inhabitants more, recorded a greater number of deaths (617,000).

Angry people blame Bolsonaro for having left unused opportunities to order vaccines in a timely manner. Pharmaceutical company Pfizer said it did not respond to early offers made last year in the period August-November. A participant in a demonstration in capital Brasilia accused the government of genocide because nothing was done in 2020 to protect the inhabitants from Covid-19

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elsewhere was the word genocide. The President‘s press officer could or did not want to respond immediately to Pfizer’s allegations. According to official data from the national health service, only 11 percent of the population of 214 million has been fully vaccinated, 29 percent have had a first shot at least.

18.30 โ€” Number of corona patients on German IC‘s back below a thousand The

number of corona patients in German intensive care departments is back below a thousand for the first time in eight months. At the height of the third wave in April, there were more than 5000

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fewer ic recordings are now taking place with fewer people getting infected with the coronavirus. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), RIVM’s German counterpart, reported 1108 new contagion cases and 99 deaths on Saturday. A week ago, it was 1911 and 129 respectively


with corona measures and vaccination campaign decline. More than half of the German population have had a first shot, more than 30 percent have had all the necessary punctures and are maximally protected. Due to the improved figures, Germany started lifting restrictions.

17.30 โ€” Taiwan receives 2.5 million doses of coronavaccine from USA

The United States donate a total of 2.5 million doses of moderna coronavaccine to Taiwan. That‘s a lot more than it was initially promised. The shipment arrives in the capital Taipei on Sunday, reports the US Institute in Taiwan (AIT). AIT functions de facto as the US embassy.

Delivery includes the 750,000 doses promised by three US senators on June 6 during a visit to Taiwan. โ€œThat’s another 1.75 million added,โ€ AIT said Saturday. โ€œThe donation reflects our involvement with Taiwan as a trusted friend, and as a member of the international family of democracies.โ€

The significant amount of inoculant will significantly alleviate the pressure on the large-scale Taiwan vaccination programme. The island state, considered by China as an apostate province, had barely 2.35 million doses available to a total population of 23.6 million people so far. Beijing recently invited the Taiwanese to come to the mainland to get inoculated.

The corona pandemic hasn‘t hit Taiwan very hard yet. 13.896 cases of infection have been recorded since the beginning of the outbreak, 128 were added on Saturday. The death toll by Covid-19 rose by 20 to 538, but as long as the vaccination rate is low, health authorities are concerned.

Last day, 713 new corona infections have been registered at RIVM. It is the third time this week that the number of confirmed infections falls below a thousand.

The weekly average is below a thousand: over the last seven days, an average of 957 positive tests per day were recorded. On Friday, this average was 1032 and last Saturday at 1493


with corona deaths increased by three on Saturday. That doesn’t mean that these people have died in the last 24 hours. If a corona patient dies, it is sometimes passed on only after a while. The number of deaths reported daily is for the 11th dayrow lower than ten. In the past seven days, a total of nineteen new corona deaths were recorded. In total, there are approximately 18,000 corona-related deaths in the Netherlands.

In Amsterdam, 51 people learned that they had become infected between Friday and Saturday mornings. In The Hague, 39 residents received a positive test result, in Utrecht and Rotterdam there were 21 and 20 respectively, and in Amersfoort 18.

16.30 – Pick in ticket sales after news easing

The ticket sales for several major shows increased considerably after the announcement of the coronavirus relaxations on Friday. Theatres will soon receive more visitors, demissionary Prime Minister Mark Rutte and demissionary coronaminister Hugo de Jonge announced.

For several major musicals, โ€œmany thousands of extra cards have been sold since the press conference,โ€ a spokesperson says. โ€œWe‘re seeing a really striking peak from Friday afternoon.โ€ These include productions such as The Sound of Music (with singer Frances van Broekhuizen), Tina Turner: the musical, Zodiac, Titanic and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Previously, producer MediaLane announced that the sale of tickets for the musical Diana & Sons had passed 15,000 tickets.

As expected

, theatres, pop venues and cinemas can receive more visitors as expected. They may receive as many people as possible within the 1.5 meter line. The reopening of the theatres was celebrated Friday night with the More Beautiful Than Ever Action. Several artists gave a mini concert on the rooftops of cultural institutions across the country at 20:00.

16.00 โ€” Moscow frees thousands of hospital beds for corona patients

Moscow makes thousands of additional hospital beds available to corona patients for the second time in a short period of time. These are needed because of the many new infections currently detected in the Russian capital, resulting in hospitals being flooded by COVID-19 patients.

Mayor Sergey Sobjanin announced on Thursday that 13,000 available hospital beds had been โ€œswallowedโ€ by corona patients in five days and that therefore expanded to 17,000. Over the next two weeks, that number should rise further to 24,000, according to one of its employees.

Moscow recorded 9120 new coronavirus infections on Saturday, the second day record in a row. Two weeks ago, 3,000 cases per day were detected. In nearly 90 percent of the positively tested Muscovites, the additional contagious Delta variant is now found, according to Sobjanin.

New measures, such as the closure of the hospitality industry, are trying to prevent the further spread of the virus. Sobjanin also takes drastic steps to boost the low rate of vaccination. Many residents do not want to be ingrafted, but some are still obliged to do so. By 15 August, 60% of staff in certain sectors must be fully vaccinated.

13.20 โ€” Government of India calls for cautious easing lockdowns

The central government in India calls on states and territories to gently relax lockdown measures so that the coronavirus does not flare again. Regional authorities are raising restrictions as the heavy second wave appears to come to an end.

Since easing, many places in India have been a lot more crowded on the streets and markets. Partly because there is hardly any distance between them, feared of a new spike of contagion.

Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla writes in a letter to states and territories that they should take care of the whole process. According to Bhalla, they do well to introduce a system that introduces local restrictions if there is an increase in the number of infections locally.

The Minister also urges regular monitoring of compliance with masks, keeping distance, hand hygiene and good ventilation in confined spaces.

The number of confirmed infections has declined considerably since the second wave peaked in late April and early May. At its peak, there were more than 400,000 a day, and just over 60,000 new cases were recorded on Saturday. India has over 29.8 million infections and more than 385,000 coronados. Experts believe that many more people have become infected and died in India than officially registered.

12.15 – Outbreak Management Team no longer gathers every week

The Outbreak Management Team (OMT), which advises the cabinet on the corona measures, no longer meets every week. This is no longer necessary now that it is โ€œcontinuously in the right direction in reducing the coronavirus in the Netherlands,โ€ writes Minister Hugo de Jonge (VWS) to the House of Representatives.

De Jonge speaks his appreciationout for the โ€œcrucial advisory roleโ€ that the OMT has accomplished. He reports that the team of experts will now focus on the longer term, but also preparing for potential setbacks and a possible revival of the virus.

The OMT figureheads have been RIVM director Jaap van Dissel, ic doctor Diederik Gommers and virologist Marion Koopmans for the past year and a half.

03.30 – Last group of adults can make a puncture appointment

The last batch of adult Dutch people can make an appointment for a coronavirus prick from Saturday. Then more than 206,000 people born in 2003 are their turn. Those who are already 18 will receive the vaccine from Pfizer/Biontech or Moderna. The people of that year who are still 17 are allowed to make a puncture appointment as well. They receive the Pfizer/Biontech vaccine.

The vaccination campaign in the Netherlands began on January 6. Then the first care workers received an inoculation. In the following weeks, residents and staff of nursing homes, people with disabilities in living forms and acute care staff were vaccinated in hospitals. These are the most vulnerable people and the people who take care of them.

At the end of January, the first people were vaccinated according to their year of birth. These were 90 people living at home. After that, age groups got younger little by little. Three weeks ago, anyone born between 1969 and 1978 could make an appointment. Two weeks ago, people from 1979 to 1984 followed people from 1985 to 1993 and last week, and since Monday people from 1994 have been able to plan a vaccination.

More than 13 million first and second stings have now been put on more than 8 million people. The government expects everyone who wants to have had a first shot in mid-July. At the end of this month, the first vulnerable children aged 12 years and older will receive an invitation.

03.00 – Weekend crowds expected at test locations due to event entry

Due to mandatory entry tests to attend events, test sites are likely to be a lot of crowds during the summer, especially on weekends. Demissionary Health Minister Hugo de Jonge writes to the House that more capacity will be built up. Tests will also be used when accessing sports competitions, as well as pop venues, theatres, casinos and nightclubs.


the end of June, the test capacity is scheduled for up to 350,000 tests per day, spread across dozens of locations. 243 events have already been registered, with a total of more than 3 million expected visitors. Part of the events are only after the summer and it is still unclear whether access tests will be needed, says De Jonge.

From the end of June, events where people don’t have to wear a face mask and don‘t need to keep 1.5 metres away. They must have recently been tested, vaccinated, or have proof that they have already had corona.

02.20 – Compensation paramedical recovery care after corona year extended

COVID-19 patients who suffer from serious complaints or restrictions may be conditionally reimbursed from the basic package paramedical recovery care. The scheme was due to expire on 1 August this year, but, at the request of the House of Representatives, will be extended until 1 August 2022, demissionary Minister for Medical Care and Sport Tamara van Ark writes to the House of Representatives.

โ€œIt’s important that patients who have experienced severe Covid-19 in the second or third wave can also receive paramedical recovery care from the base package. We make that possible by extending the scheme,โ€ says Van Ark.

Some people who have experienced coronavirus infection experience severe complaints or limitations during their recovery. Paramedical recovery care focuses on reducing these complaints. This care includes physical therapy, exercise therapy, speech therapy, dietetics and/or occupational therapy. A referral from a general practitioner or medical specialist is required for reimbursement of paramedical recovery care.