LIVE Cabinet: little room for more work at home, still measures

Even now that vaccination has begun, coronavirus continues to cause dislocation worldwide. Infections and hospital figures are not yet extreme in the Netherlands, but the mutants are concerned. The British variant holds a lot of house on the ‘island’ and also the Brazilian and South African are approaching. At the same time, economy and society are sighing under suffocating measures. Follow the latest coronan news in this live blog.

Of the people who can work at home, a significant part does so. This means that the space the cabinet has to ensure that more people work at home is โ€œlimitedโ€. That writes Minister Wouter Koolmees (Social Affairs) to the House of Representatives. Nevertheless, the cabinet is working, partly on the order of the Chamber, on measures aimed at the small group of people who do not have to go to the office, but who regularly go there.

Almost all studies, including the RIVM and TNO, show that at least a part of the week, just under half of the working people work at home. According to RIVM, two out of three workers can work from home. Almost three quarters of this group work โ€œas much as possible at homeโ€, writes Great Tit.

Nevertheless, the Cabinet, in consultation with trade unions and employers, comes up with a number of measures. For example, on the proposal of the SP, there is a search for ‘criteria’ about when it is possible to work at home or not. Great tit promises to inform the Chamber of the โ€œconcrete elaborationโ€ of these conditions in mid-February. The SZW Inspectorate (formerly referred to as the Labour Inspectorate) already has a hotline โ€œfor reports on corona in relation to work, working conditions and working conditions.โ€ Employees can report to the inspection using the criteria if they suspect that they are being wrongly forced to work on-site.

At the initiative of D66 and GroenLinks, EUR 5 million will be mobilised to help employers shape their work from home. At the beginning of March, the cabinet comes forward with a bill allowing office premises to be closed if a corona outbreak has occurred due to negligence. The Party for Animals and Green Left had instructed the cabinet to come up with such a proposal.

Britons reach 10 millionth vaccination

In the United Kingdom, 10 million people have received a first shot against the coronavirus. Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke on Twitter about a fantastic result. He thanked everyone who helped make this milestone possible.

Rapid progress is being made in the efforts of the UK Government to vaccinate the most vulnerable groups. It is planned that by 15 February all 15 million citizens and caregivers most at risk from the disease will receive a first dose. After that, the government may begin to relax the lockdown restrictions.

15.40 Prisoners EBI Vught in isolation after third infected employee

All detainees in the Extra Security Establishment (EBI) in Vught are in preventive quarantine from Wednesday, after a third employee has been tested positive for the coronavirus. That confirms a spokesman after reporting from RTL Boulevard. There are currently no detainees with complaints.

Monday it was announced that two employees were infected with the virus, and that some of the prisoners had to be in isolation. Now all detainees must remain in their cell for the time being. As a result, they cannot go to the gym, air with other detainees or receive their lawyers. Phone contact with lawyers remains possible. The ECI is still in consultation with the GGD whether the prisoners are given a corontest.

The EBI is the most secure prison in the Netherlands and currently there are known suspects such as Ridouan Taghi and Willem Holleeder. Leon van Kleve, who, among others, assists Richard R. detained in the EBI as a lawyer, keeps an eye on the situation in prison. โ€œWe are seriously concerned about the health of clients there and the fact that we are now severely restricted in preparation for the defence,โ€ says Van Kleve to RTL Boulevard. Richard R. is also known as Rico the Chilean.

Two weeks ago, it was announced that 137 of the more than 400 detainees in prison in Ter Apel were infected with corona. Also in the prison in Nieuwegein, detainees were on corona.

15.30 Switzerland does not yet approve AstraZeneca vaccine

The Swiss health authorities are not yet authorising the coronavaccine of AstraZeneca. The country still has too little information available for this purpose, it was announced on Wednesday.

The vaccine was developed by the University of Oxford and the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. It is seen, among other things, as a successful tool and widely used,But in some countries such as Belgium, Poland and Sweden it has been decided not to administer it in elderly people for the time being, because there have been questions about efficacy. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Commission have already approved the vaccine earlier.

13.45 Ten days of quarantine for child without test after corona in class

A corontest is not required for primary school children if the schools open again next week and a pupil turns out to be infected. But children who are not tested should then stay in quarantine for ten days instead of five.

Text continues underneath the video.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Education confirms that this follows the same line as for the regular source and contact research. Last Sunday‘s OMT opinion did not explicitly state that children who are not being tested, for example because their parents do not want to, should stay in quarantine longer.

12.25 hours Denmark allows digital coronapas port to develop

Denmark comes with a digital coronapas port. For example, Danes can also show abroad that they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. According to the Ministry of Finance, the development of the passport can take up to three to four months.

โ€œ It is crucial to us that we can reboot Danish society and that companies can get back to work,โ€ said Acting Minister of Finance Morten Bodskov. The head of the Danish Chamber of Commerce called the project โ€œlight at the end of the tunnelโ€ for many companies.

Authorities expect people to be able to consult a website by the end of February where it is officially documented that they have had a coronavaccin. Danes can also have been given a declaration for months stating that they have been tested negatively for the virus.

Denmark, with nearly 6 million inhabitants, is one of the leaders in the vaccination field in Europe. 4.88 percent of the population, according to an overview of the news site Politico, has already received at least one shot. Only Malta and the United Kingdom score better. The Netherlands is one of the fences closers on that list.

12.00 London defends vaccination strategy after criticism from Europe

The British Health Minister has defended his country’s vaccination strategy following skeptical reactions from the EU. Minister Matt Hancock said that there is indeed a scientific basis for the decision to vaccinate all age groups with the Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine.

The use of that vaccine in the elderly is under discussion. Health authorities in several EU countries have advised only to vaccinate people under 65 with the Astrazeneca vaccine. French President Emmanuel Macron noted that the drug appears to be โ€œquasi-ineffectiveโ€ in the elderly.

The latter is disputed by the vaccine makers and the British Government. At the BBC, Hancock called it crystal clear that the vaccine works well. The United Kingdom took the AstraZeneca vaccine as the first country to use and is seen as a frontrunner in the field of vaccination in Europe.

9:47 Practices alternative therapists stay close

Practices of alternative therapists such as chiropractors and osteopaths receive no exception from the ban to open during the lockdown, stated in a letter from Minister for Medical Care Tamara of Ark to the Second Chamber.

Closing these practices is one of the measures taken by the Cabinet to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. There is an exception to this prohibition in the case of healthcare professions. Interbranch organisations of alternative practitioners consider the measure irresponsible because patients cannot now be helped.

Minister Van Ark believes that these patients should be accommodated with caregivers who are excluded from the ban on liaison professions.

8:32 a.m. Fire threatens Perth during major lockdown


Australian authorities have called on thousands of people in a Perth suburb to seek safe passage. A natural fire rages in the area. The approximately 6600 inhabitants of Bullsbrook are therefore allowed to ignore the lockdown currently in force in the area.

The fire in the great state of Western Australia has already destroyed an area of 9000 hectares. More than seventy houses went up in flames. โ€œWe know how quickly things can go wrong,โ€ stressed Prime Minister Mark McGowan of the state. โ€œThey expect extremely strong winds. That‘s why we say, if you can leave, please do it right away.โ€

The emergency comes at an unfortunate moment. The approximately 2 million inhabitants of Perth are in lockdown until Friday and are not allowed to leave their homes. Minister for crisis management David Littleproud said in the media that people should simply respond to a request from theEmergency services to evacuate. โ€œThere must be no confusion about that.โ€

6:46 hours More infections in Germany

The number of new corona infections detected in Germany in the past 24 hours has grown slightly compared to the previous day. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German counterpart of RIVM reported 9705 Wednesday morning new cases.

The RKI reported 6114 new cases on Tuesday, an increase compared to the 5608 cases of Monday. It is not uncommon in Germany that there is a dip in the number of infections during the weekend, after which it increases again as the week progresses.

In the last 24 hours, a further 975 people died in Germany from the effects of Covid-19, and the total official death toll is now 58,956.

6:30 a.m. Research team WHO visits virological lab Wuhan

A team of researchers from the World Health Organization (WHO) visited the leading virological laboratory in Wuhan in China on Wednesday. The visit is part of the research on the origin of the coronavirus, which first emerged in Wuhan at the end of 2019.

The team led by virologist Ben Embarek arrived at the heavily guarded research institute at 09.30 hours local time. โ€œI look forward to a productive day, meeting the people here, and asking all the important questions that need to be asked,โ€ said another team member from his car as he drove through the gate.

The virological institute in Wuhan is central to a number of conspiracy theories that state that the coronavirus has escaped from the laboratory or even deliberately distributed. Most scientists reject that statement, but some argue that a sample of the virus taken into the wild may have infected an employee in a laboratory test and thus escaped.

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