LIVE Concerns WHO to Astrazeneca vaccine: more research needed

Even now that vaccination has begun, coronavirus is still causing dislocation worldwide. The mutants are worried. The British variant is advanging and also the Brazilian and South African variants are approaching. At the same time, economy and society are sighing under suffocating measures. Follow the latest coronan news in this live blog.

The news that AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine appears to offer less protection against mild and moderate signs of disease following infection with a South African coronavirus variant is worrying, but no reason to write it off. Experts from WHO World Health Organization say that in response to the findings of scientists about the vaccine of the British-Swedish pharmaceutical.

โ€œ This is clearly worrying news,โ€ said WHO top man Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Like AstraZeneca, he stressed that the study was carried out with relatively few (2000) and especially young and healthy participants. Broader conclusions require more data, according to the WHO.

The Astrazeneca vaccine is the main vaccination tool the organisation intends to use in poorer countries. The evidence so far suggests that it reduces severe symptoms and causes less infected people to go to hospital or die. However, it became clear that there is very little data on general efficacy in the elderly.

South Africa has provisionally suspended the start of the vaccination campaign with the Astrazeneca vaccine. Other countries such as the United Kingdom have reassured their inhabitants and continue to vaccinate despite the study.

The product was approved for use in the European Union at the end of last month, including for the elderly. In the Netherlands, general practitioners can order the vaccine from Tuesday. Within a few days, the first humans could be vaccinated, but the vaccine is still available only to a limited extent. Dutch under 65 and employees of nursing homes, disabled care and community care are eligible.

19:30 – Mayors: no events on the ice

Festivities on the ice that attract many skaters or many spectators are not possible under the current corona measures. Mayors wont issue a permit for it. Such meetings are also soon an event, and that is prohibited in any case. The 25 mayors who form the Security Council discussed this with each other on Monday.

โ€œ Ice clubs should not want to organize ice parties now. That is not to be done within the applicable coronavirus rules. Just the mandatory 1.5 meters distance between people makes it almost impossible. That is also the reason that a very big event like the Four Days Marches Monday had to decide to cancel the hike for July this year,โ€ says President Hubert Bruls, also Mayor of Nijmegen. โ€œCorona casts his shadow far ahead.โ€

On Monday, the Security Council also discussed a requested advice from the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) on demonstrating. According to the OMT, public health can be a reason for restricting the number of demonstrators. However, no generally valid maximum number of participants can be mentioned, since each demonstration is different. โ€œIt remains custom-made, whereby a mayor can limit the number of participants in advance for reasons of health,โ€ says Bruls.

19:00 – More than twice as many coronadodes in Russia than reported

In Russia, more than 162,000 people died from coronavirus, more than twice as much as the officially reported death toll. Preliminary figures from the national statistical office Rosstat show this.

Last year 162,429 Russians died of Covid-19, while the Russian government talks about more than 77,000. The difference can be explained by the fact that the government only counts the cases in which Covid-19 was officially diagnosed after an autopsy.

The statistics office looked at the overmortality rate, which shows that last year almost 18 percent more people died in Russia than in 2019, said Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. December was the deadliest month with 44,435 corona-related deaths.

With the new calculation, Russia would have the most coronadodes worldwide after the US and Brazil, more than Mexico and India. The country now occupies eighth place on the Johns Hopkins University list.

4 p.m. – London wants to vaccinate illegals and make them equally immune to expulsion


The British government wants to vaccinate illegals in the country or others with problems with their residence status, while they cannot be prosecuted or arrested. The government has called on illegal immigrants to report to a general practitioner or health service for a vaccine. And all, regardless of how they entered the country, at their registration and vaccination are free fromprosecution by, for example, the immigration service or the police, according to the authorities.

The number of illegal immigrants in the country is not known, but it is often estimated to be over 1.3 million. They are all kinds of illegal immigrants, such as people who have crossed the Channel in boats or people who have not left after their visa expired. Doctors and health and social services will only exchange information on people reporting for discrete vaccination on a very limited scale.

13.00 hrs – Ministers in France and England trust vaccine AstraZeneca

The vaccine from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is completely reliable and provides sufficient protection against virtually all variants of the dreaded coronavirus. This was stressed by the French Health Minister Olivier Vรฉran in his own vaccination with the vaccine in Melun, south-east of Paris.

The vaccine is suspected in several countries, partly due to lack of information, that it may not be suitable for the elderly and may not work against variants of the virus. Vรฉran contests that Monday, just like the British Governor in charge of the vaccination programme, Nadhim Zahawi. He said that everything indicates that the reliable vaccine works well, even against new variants of the coronavirus.

The directors responded to a decision by the health authorities in South Africa to temporarily stop using AstraZeneca, because it may not work well against the virus variant that dominates there.

12.25 hrs – Several test streets and vaccination sites still closed due to snow

Several test streets and vaccination sites are still closed on Monday due to weather conditions. In Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland, several locations remain closed.

In the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region only the vaccination site Rotterdam The Hague Airport and test streets Ahoy and Middelharnis are open. Earlier, the GGD reported that the location in Schiedam would also open, but it remained closed. GGD Hollands Midden decided to close the test site in Alphen aan den Rijn on Monday morning. The GGD Zuid-Holland Zuid opens only the test and vaccination site in Dordrecht.

GGD Hollands Noords has closed a number of test sites and the vaccination site in Alkmaar. The test site in Haarlem also remains close according to GGD Kennemerland. GGD Zaanstreek-Waterland reports that the test street in Zaandam does not open due to technical problems.

GGGD Gelderland-Midden only does not open the test site in Elst, because there the heating boiler is broken. All locations of GGD North and East Gelderland are open, although they close a little earlier. In the province of Groningen, the test streets in Delfzijl, Grijpskerk and Veendam remain closed.

The weather is busy at the test sites in Amersfoort and Woerden, reports GGD region Utrecht. The waiting times are therefore longer than usual and visitors are advised to dress warmly.

On Sunday, all the locations of the GGDs in the country were closed due to heavy snowfall. The GGD wanted to reopen all test and vaccination sites after the weekend, but allowed regions to decide whether this was possible.

If a test or vaccination site remains closed, people with an appointment are called and assigned to a different location or time. For example, GGD Drenthe employs extra staff to catch up with the cancelled appointments and GGD Noord- and Oost-Gelderland relocates vaccination arrangements to another time.

10.36 a.m. – RIVM starts questionnaires in test streets

The National Institute for Public Health and Environment wants to get a better picture of why some people get infected with the coronavirus and others dont. According to the institute, the research also provides information on the effect of vaccination.

โ€œ Although there is insight into the spread of coronavirus in the Netherlands through source and contact research, it is not always clear where someone has contracted an infection. And why some people get the virus and others dont. In addition, other factors may increase the risk of infection, such as the family situation or type of profession,โ€ says RIVM.

Anyone who makes a test appointment at the Municipal Health Service can participate in the survey and receive an invitation to fill out a questionnaire.

The RIVM compares the answers of people with negative test results and those with positive test results. Thus, it is determined which factors increase or reduce the risk of infection with the coronavirus. According to the institute, it is important that people complete the questionnaire before receiving their test results. โ€œIf you know youve been tested positive, you might want to fill in the questionnaire differently than if you know youve been tested negative.โ€

7.57 am – South Africa apron use Astrazeneca vaccine


South Africa suspends the start of the vaccination campaign with AstraZenecas corona vaccine. The authorities fear that the drug may be less effective against the South African variant of the coronavirus.

The decision followed the results of a new study. It emerges that the product would only provide minimal protection against mild or moderate signs of disease. Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said that his government is waiting for the advice of scientists. โ€œWe think our vaccine still protects against serious complaints,โ€ said vaccine maker AstraZeneca.

South Africa had already introduced one million doses of the corona vaccine, but still had to start vaccination. The relatively cheap tool has already been approved in the EU, but several countries decided not to vaccinate with it for the time being. It would be unclear whether the drug is sufficiently effective in that group.

6.54 a.m. – Number of new German corona infections declined again

The number of new coronavirus infections in Germany has fallen again compared to the day before. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German counterpart of RIVM, reported 4535 new infections last 24 hours. A significant decrease compared to Sunday (8616 cases) and Saturday (10,485 infections).

The total number of infected people in Germany increased to 2,288,545. The number of new coronavirus cases has declined steadily in recent days and is now lower than exactly one week ago when 5600 new infections were reported.

6.00 a.m. – Red Cross presents a challenge against coronadip in young

people. Many young people aged 16 to 30 are up against the coming months in which we will still be dealing with the coronavirus: more than 7 out of 10 (72 percent). Of those young people who say they regularly or more often suffer from feelings of loneliness or gloom, this is 90%. This is what the Red Cross states on the basis of online research among 713 Dutch people in that age category.

The proportion of young people who feel lonely, gloomy or anxious during the coronacrisis is large, says the Red Cross: 60 percent have at least occasionally to deal with loneliness and 23 percent regularly to almost always. 73 percent feel gloomy and 30 percent even regularly or more often. Compared to the same study in October last year, these figures have increased. Loneliness is more common among young people living alone: 33 percent versus 23 percent for young people living with their parents. Curfew made 38 percent of respondents feel slightly or much worse, says the Red Cross. The youngest group (16 -22 years) then experiences the most negative consequences of curfew. To a large extent, however, curfew makes little difference: โ€œbecause of the lockdown there was little to do outside the door at night anyway.โ€

Just over half of the respondents get a little more positive because vaccination has started, although it takes a little 70 percent too long to vaccinate. โ€œAnother positive note is that the vast majority (85 percent) indicate that she can go somewhere with her concerns. More than half of them also sometimes make use of that. At the same time, a large group (36 percent) feels that she should talk more often to her environment about these concerns,โ€ said the Red Cross.

To give young people โ€œfresh energyโ€ again, the aid organization comes up with a so-called challenge: #skipdecoronadip. Two psychologists give participants participating in that challenge an email every day for a week with tips and activities in their mailbox.

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