LIVE Corona rapid test TNO is reliable, according to practical test

The number of coronavirus infections is significantly increasing in the Netherlands and Europe. More and more places for holidaymakers are colour orange. The government announced Tuesday evening to close restaurants and cafes in the coming weeks to stop the advance of coronavirus. Team sport is also restricted. Follow the latest coronan news in this live blog.

The rapid corontest developed by TNO at the request of the Ministry of Health is as reliable as the standard used PCR test. A practical test with this rapid test, the last two weeks in Amsterdam, shows that the result of this test corresponds to 99 percent to the PCR test, according to the research organisation.

TNO and the GGD Amsterdam conducted the test together from a pop-uplaboratorium at the test street in the RAI. People who were tested there were asked if they wanted to give up a sample for this test, so that the results could be compared. Thus, nearly nine hundred samples were obtained.

The comparison showed that the percentage of positive results and the rightly negative results corresponded to the results of the PCR test. โ€œThe test thus meets the criteria of reliabilityโ€, concludes the GGD Amsterdam. TNO adds that now nothing stands in the way of further introduction.

The TNO test, also known as the Loop MediaTed IsoThermal Amplification (LAMP) test, results within 45 to an hour. In the PCR test, it is 24 to 48 hours. According to creator Bart Keijser, microbiologist at TNO, his method is not only faster, but also simpler and cheaper than the PCR test. Also, the necessary raw materials are well available. Keijser presents the results of the practical test together with TNO-topman Paul de Krom this Thursday to Minister Hugo de Jonge.

According to the research organisation, a reliable ready-to-wait test such as this means that those involved in a negative outcome can immediately return to work and do not have to wait unnecessarily long. If the test is widely available as an increase in the total test capacity, the waiting time for everyone will be reduced, according to TNO.

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