LIVE Curaçao relieved about decision of Cabinet

The number of coronavirus infections is growing considerably in the United States and Europe. Worldwide, additional corona measures are taken such as full and local lockdowns, evening bells and contact bubbles. Follow the latest coronan news in this live blog.

In Curaçao, the Dutch government‘s decision not to issue negative travel advice to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom was relieved. Especially in Curaçao was seriously feared for the stay away of Dutch tourists around Christmas. But Prime Minister Mark Rutte said on Tuesday that Dutch people can also go to Curaçao during Christmas.

Chairman of the Curaçao tourism organization CHATA Hans Slier said Tuesday that Rutte’s commitment has been a great relief for the entire industry. According to Slier, Secretary of State Raymond Knops of Kingdom Relations was a decisive factor in this. Knops visited Curaçao Monday to sign a political agreement with Curaçao. Slier: ‘Knops also realised that the Netherlands cannot conclude a political agreement with Curaçao on Monday to invest in the island, and then decide on Tuesday not to allow Dutch tourists anymore. ‘ According to Slier, that had ‘structurally disrupted the economy’.

Curaçao is largely dependent on tourism, especially from the Netherlands. Slier mentioned earlier that he feared a closure of 50 to 60 percent of hotels and restaurants if the Netherlands were to give a negative travel advice. According to him, many hotels and restaurants are on their last legs. Before the coronacrisis Curaçao received about forty thousand tourists a month. In September this was limited to 12,000, and in October, according to provisional figures, 14,000 tourists appear to have arrived. A maximum of 20,000 has been set by the government for November.

Bonaire is also pleased with the decision of the Dutch cabinet, because the island is again a code yellow destination. This is what the chief Edison Rijna stated on Tuesday. On 21 October Bonaire asked to replace the orange code with a code yellow because there was a decrease in the number of coronavirus cases. According to Rijna, the decision of the Netherlands took some time, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs changes the code on Wednesday and Dutch tourists can also return to Bonaire. At the moment, only Curaçao from the Netherlands has received a safe yellow code from the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.

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