LIVE Deceleration in production coronavaccin Johnson & Johnson

The coronavirus continues to hold the world in its grip. Even now that vaccination has begun, the virus continues to cause dislocation worldwide. The global death toll is heading towards the two million. More than one in a thousand Americans died of the Chinese virus. There is still no end to the crisis in the Netherlands either. Here we are thinking about a curfew. Follow the latest coronan news in this live blog.

American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has to deal with unexpected delays in the production of his coronav vaccine. As a result, the company may not be able to meet the promised deliveries to the US government this spring, according to The New York Times. J&Js vaccine was developed by subsidiary Janssen in Leiden.

According to sources against the newspaper, J&J has informed government officials that there is a delay in the original production schedule and that this delay cannot be met by April. That month, the pharmaceutical company was supposed to deliver more than 60 million doses of his coronavaccin to the US government. In total, the government ordered 100 million doses of the product for delivery in the middle of this year.

J&Js top man said earlier that the company is on track to produce nearly a billion doses by the end of this year. Moreover, the J&J vaccine has yet to be approved by the US regulator. J&J is planning to come out with preliminary test results at the end of this month.

J&J could continue to ask for approval of the vaccine at the European Medicines Agency EMA in February. EU Commissioner Stella Kyriakides (Health) would have said that. The European Commission has ordered 200 million doses of the vaccine, with an option on another 200 million.

The drug of J&J, unlike other coronavaccins, consists of one dose. For PFIZER/BionTech and Moderna vaccines, two doses should be injected, with several weeks in between.

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