LIVE Dozens of Afghan women protest Taliban in Herat

Chaos and fear in Afghanistan as the radical Taliban have taken over the country at lightning speed. Much to the dismay of the locals and the international community. It led to major chaos during evacuation emissions from Kabul airport, with two attacks claimed by IS, as a dramatic low. Follow the situation in Afghanistan here via our live blog.

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in Qatar Dozens of women have protested against the Taliban regime in the Afghan city of Herat. They expressed their discontent about not being allowed to work and be excluded in the formation of a new government. The Taliban previously said they want to form an inclusive government, but a Taliban leader said in an interview with BBC Pashto that there may be no place for women in the new government.

The approximately fifty women say they have the right to education, work and safety. In addition, one of the organizers says that the Taliban should involve women in informational talks. The Taliban are in the process of forming a new government. They already announced a number of new ministers and the whole new cabinet is expected to be unveiled Friday after the afternoon prayer.

Shortly after the takeover of power, a spokesman for the radical Islamic Taliban said that a group of scholars are currently investigating what rights women are going to receive under the new regime. Under the previous Taliban regime from 1996 to 2001, women had to stay at home, were not allowed to work, and women‘s education was also prohibited. In Herat town, girls are still allowed to go to school at the moment.

20.45 – BuZa: Around 600 people in the picture for help with abandoned Afghanistan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a picture of some 600 people who are talking about help leaving Afghanistan. It’s about people that the ministry tries to keep in touch with as much as possible, the department tells the ANP. However, Foreign Affairs stresses that numbers are constantly changing.

The group consists mainly of Dutch people, status holders and family members who are eligible for family reunification. There are about 500 people in the picture of this group. It also involves two embassy staff and some 23 local staff from the European Union, NATO or the United Nations.

Finally, 56 Afghans are under the motion of D66 MP Salima Belhaj. It also calls for โ€œemployees who have assisted the Dutch government (including guards, legal staff, cooks, drivers), employees of Dutch development projects, human rights- and especially women‘s rights defenders, fixers of journalists and journalistsโ€ to provide protection and help.

A special call team tries to stay in touch with this group, the ministry reports. Fifty Foreign Affairs employees engage in this.

2500 people have now been evacuated from Afghanistan, 1600 of whom are in the Netherlands or coming here. However, there are reportedly 15,000 to 16,000 reports of people asking for help from the department.

18.40 โ€” Afghan interpreters to judge due to family left behind

An Afghan interpreter who has been evacuated to the Netherlands goes to court because family members do not appear on the Defence evacuation list. Attorney Michael Ruperti confirms that after AD coverage. Ruperti assists a total of six interpreters with relatives in hiding in Afghanistan and who want to be placed on the evacuation list.

The Defence request from one of the interpreters has been rejected. For him, Ruperti started a procedure in which he asks the Defense to put the family members on the evacuation list within eight weeks. The other five interpreters that Ruperti assists are still waiting for Defence response to their request, but the lawyer expects further judicial proceedings to follow.

The family members of interpreters who worked for the Netherlands are at risk in Afghanistan. โ€œThe Taliban are actively looking for those people,โ€ Ruperti says. But the new rulers are not the only ones for which the relatives in hiding have to fear, says the lawyer, because treason is lurking. โ€œThere is a lack of money in Kabul, so that brings people to ideas. The Taliban, but also others who know that family members have worked for the Netherlands and can therefore think they are worth money.โ€ The kidnapped people are asked for a ransom.

Defence, like the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND), uses the concept of โ€œnuclear familyโ€ to assess whether people are on the evacuation list. But that’s a wrong criterion according to Ruperti. โ€œBecause everything that doesn‘t belong to that,siblings, they reject them,โ€ he says. โ€œHazarsetting must be the criterion.โ€

16.50 โ€” Afghans can withdraw money through Western Union

The US cash processor Western Union resumes its services in Afghanistan. So Afghans abroad can send money back to their compatriots through the largest money transfer company in the world. Western Union and industry companion MoneyGram ceased their services two weeks ago due to the turmoil following the Taliban takeover of power.

The reopening of banks in Afghanistan and the US’s desire to enable humanitarian aid to Afghans were also reason for Western Union to reenable international money transactions to Afghanistan, says Jean Claude Farah, chief executive for Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The company has guarantees that partner banks can pay out in Afghanistan. Previously, shipments of $200 or less were in most cases. There will be no cost in the next two weeks.

The flow of foreign Afghans is a very important source of income for the home country. Last year, $789 million (676 million euros) was sent, representing 4 percent of Afghanistan‘s national income. Afghanistan’s financial system and economy is at risk if the Taliban does not gain access to the roughly $10 billion that the previous government had stalled in foreign accounts.

The Washington Department of Finance has authorized financial institutions to send personal money to Afghanistan. In addition, the Taliban has been identified as terrorist in the US, which makes transactions with that movement taboo. The US government said that it would allow humanitarian aid.

12.30 โ€” Taliban establish hope in particular for cooperation with China

The Taliban think that after the departure of foreign forces from Afghanistan, they think that they can work closely with China economically. โ€œChina is our main partner,โ€ Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told Italian newspaper La Repubblica. โ€œIt‘s ready to invest and rebuild our country.โ€

The Taliban Muslim extremists have conquered virtually all of Afghanistan in recent months and now have to decide how to govern the country. The previous government received support from the West, but Western countries have largely shut down the cash crane by now.

The Taliban, who insiders say present a government on Friday, expect to be able to do business with China. Mujahid said that copper mines in his country could be modernized with Chinese aid. โ€œChina allows us to access markets around the world.โ€

12.00 โ€” Pakistan closes major border crossing with Afghanistan

Pakistan announces the temporary closure of the largest border crossing with Afghanistan. The decision comes at a time when many Afghans are trying to flee their country due to the Taiban takeover of power.

It is not clear until the Chaman border crossing remains closed. This border post connects southwest Pakistan with Spin Boldak in the Afghan province of Kandahar, the birthplace of the Taliban. Thousands of Afghans fled to Pakistan on this route every day. There are thousands of refugees in a village on the Afghan side of the border.

Pakistan houses more than 2.7 million Afghans who have fled since the 1970s. The authorities claim they no longer want and can accommodate more people because of the costs involved. The 2500 km border between Pakistan and Afghanistan has about ten more border crossings. The second largest border post, Torkham, has been closed for a long time due to the corona crisis.

11.00 โ€” Air traffic from Kabul may resume Friday

Air traffic from the airport of the Afghan capital Kabul may resume partly on Friday. Then domestic flights are expected to be operated again, says an Afghan aviation official to news channel al-Jazeera.

It will take before flights to and from abroad are possible in Kabul, expecting the source of al-Jazeera. The news channel previously reported that a technical team from Qatar is mapping the damage to the airport.

The airport has been the scene of a chaotic evacuation in recent weeks. Western countries pulled many tens of thousands of people out of Afghanistan after the extremist Taliban walked the capital. The last foreign soldiers left the airport early this week.

In a new episode of the Delta Tango podcast, Afghanistan veteran Ludy de Vos is a guest. How does he look back on the mission now that the Taliban have taken over power?

19.15 – Afghanistan takes reign Iranianclergy over

Afghanistan may be ruled in the style of Shiite neighbour Iran. Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada becomes spiritual leader. He gets the final say on everything. He does include a president and a head of government or prime minister. The Taliban Sunni extremists, who took over power in mid-August, have said this, according to news channel al-Arabiya.

The Sunnis do not have a strict religious hierarchy, such as Shiites with ayatollahs, for example. Akhundzada is called Commander of the Faithful by the spokesman. He would โ€œparticipate in the Islamic governmentโ€ of the country in that position as a spiritual leader.

In Iran, the arch-conservative Shiite clergy seized power in 1979. The founder of the Islamic Republic, Ruhollah Khomeini (1902-1989), did not become president, but was a spiritual leader over government, legislators and judges. That is still true among ayatollah Ali Khamenei who has only strengthened his grip on the land.

If the Taliban of Afghanistan make a Sunni version of Iran, the recent reconciliation statements by their leaders seem just for the show. They have repeatedly argued that they want to compare with other currents and tribes and rule together. The around sixty year old Akhundzada, despite little experience as a Taliban warrior, is considered an iron-eater in the extremist movement. He prides himself that sons were suicide bombers. However, in the summer he announced that he โ€œintensely hopes for a political solutionโ€ to the conflict.

In 2016, he became the leader of the movement, but has almost never been seen, as was the founder of the terror group, Mohammed Omar (1960-2013). Both come from Kandahar where the Taliban cradle is located. According to Taliban saymen, Akhundzada has lived in that city for a long time. He became a member at the start of the Taliban and was a feared figure in the justice system during the movement’s reign of terror in the years 1996 – 2001.

After the fall of the regime in 2001, he emerged as a religious authority. When Taliban leader Akhtar Mansour was killed with an American drone in 2016, Akhundzada became leader of a divided Taliban. Among other things, he had competition from the most powerful clan within the Taliban, the Haqqani family, and from a son of the founder Omar, Mohammed Yaqoob. But Akhundzada was able to close the lines. He survived at least two assassinations in 2012 and 2019, both in Pakistan.

16.26 โ€” British government thought Kabul would not fall so quickly

According to British intelligence, Kabul would soon destabilize after the withdrawal of international forces, but would not be taken over by the Taliban this year. British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab stresses that the United Kingdom had prepared itself for other scenarios

, and

the Taliban began a rapid advance in the country during the withdrawal of international partners from Afghanistan. Within a few months, the capital Kabul fell and the Radical Islamic organization declared victory.

โ€œThe general estimate was that after the withdrawal was completed in August, a gradual decline would be seen, but Kabul was unlikely to fall this year,โ€ Raab said at a press conference. According to him, more NATO countries had this idea.

Raab himself says he will go to the Afghanistan region soon. He didn‘t say where exactly he’s going.

15.21 โ€” Military Police too busy with Afghan evacuees for corona checks

The Royal Military Police has no capacity to help police check for corona evidence in the border area. This is โ€œdue, among other things, to developments in Afghanistanโ€, a spokesman for the Military Aussee says, where the evacuees are particularly busy with the influx of evacuees.

The Ministry of Health has therefore asked Customs for assistance from the control team in the border area. They will help between September 1st and October 31st. The control team‘s working method remains the same. โ€œThe Covid-19 mobile border control team is now monitoring four hours a week at the Belgian and German borders. There is a likelihood that more checks will take place in the long run,โ€ said a Customs spokesman.

Five coronabetes have been written out since border controls. Recent figures on the number of vehicles and persons that have been checked are not yet known.

14.58 โ€” Insurers do not insure aircraft that go to Afghanistan


Insurance companies do not want to insure virtually no civil aviation aircraft that go to Afghanistan. It is too dangerous in their eyes, now after the Americans leave

The extremist Taliban took the capital almost effortlessly in mid-August. They then allowed the US to hold hands on the airport for another two weeks to carry out evacuations. They were completed on Monday and an estimated 123,000 people have left the country in predominantly military aircraft via Kabul International Airport since mid-August. The Americans also controlled Afghanistan’s airspace until Tuesday.

There have been virtually no non-military aircraft in Afghanistan‘s airspace since mid-August. The United Nations managed to arrange a flight on Mazar-i-Sharif on Monday using a civil aircraft operated by the Afghan airline Kam Air. But then there was just American airspace control. Tuesday, according to the site Flightradar24, a small civilian aircraft flew from Islamabad towards Mazar-i-Sharif in northern Afghanistan, but near that city the aircraft suddenly reversed and flew back to Pakistan.

14.13 โ€” Al-Qaeda congratulates Taliban on victory over Americans The

Islamic terrorist organization al-Qaeda congratulates the Taliban in Afghanistan on their โ€œvictoryโ€ over the Americans. The United States had invaded Afghanistan twenty years ago to eliminate the movement of the Saudi Osama bin Laden. The terrorists behind the 11 September attacks on the United States were sheltered by the then Taliban regime.

The international military operation led by the Americans addressed al-Qaeda and expelled the fundamentalist Taliban from large parts of Afghanistan. But with the US withdrawal, the Taliban was able to regain power.

โ€œWe congratulate you on this great victory over the alliance of crusaders,โ€ said a statement by al-Qaeda, which has been distributed through propaganda ak As-Sahab. The terror organization says it sees the Taliban win as harbinger of the โ€œliberation of Palestineโ€ and other territories such as Somalia and Yemen. al-Qaeda calls on Afghans to join the Taliban and resign themselves to the decisions of the new rulers in Afghanistan.

12.43 โ€” Republican politician wanted to bring people out of Afghanistan himself

Again, an American parliamentarian has travelled independently to the Afghanistan region to launch an evacuation mission. Republican Deputy Markwayne Mullin asked the U.S. Ambassador to Tajikistan, according to The Washington Post, for help to hire a helicopter, with which he wanted five Americans from Afghanistan. When the ambassador was unable to help him, Mullin allegedly threatened him and other embassy staff, the newspaper reports.

It is unknown where Mullin is after the failed attempt to have the wife and four children from Afghanistan. His spokesman says on Twitter that he is safe and that he will do everything he can to bring home all Americans left behind by President Biden. Last week, the Congressman had already tried to reach Afghanistan through Greece.

Last week, Democrat Seth Moulton and Republican Peter Meijer of the House of Representatives had also gone to Afghanistan on their own to see the evacuation from the airport in Kabul. They eventually had to be evacuated by the United States Army.

The actions are sharply condemned by the US authorities. โ€œThis behavior is extremely dangerous, and that’s another understatement,โ€ an anonymous State Department official told the Post. Democratic President of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said last week, after Moulton and Meijer travelled to Afghanistan, โ€œWe don‘t want anyone to think this was a good idea and that they should try the same thing.โ€

Mullin indicated on Twitter earlier this week that he felt Biden violated the US Army motto that โ€œno man should be left behind.โ€ Biden also promised that this month. The president should not have withdrawn troops from the country by the agreed date of 31 August, according to Mullin. Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken said on Monday that less than two hundred Americans were left behind in Afghanistan.

Also in other social media tweets and expressions, Mullin, who is part of the conservative branch of Republicans, presents himself as a advocate of the armed forces. But unlike Moulton and Meijer, Mullin has never served in the military himself. Before being elected to parliament in 2012, he was active as a wrestler and mixed martial arts fighter.

12.12 โ€” Taliban parading with plundered US vehicles

Taliban fighters hold Wednesday in Kandahar citya parade of plundered US army vehicles, including trucks and possibly a helicopter. An out-of-town highway features a long line of military vehicles with the black and white flag of the extremists.

Earlier in the day, the new governor of Kandahar addressed the people. It was thought that the Taliban’s highest leader, Habitullah Akhundzada, would appear, but that didn‘t happen in the end. Meanwhile, people are waiting at the Kandahar cricket ground for the parade to begin. Kandahar is the birthplace of the fundamentalist Taliban and was the capital of the group’s first regime in the 1990s.

The day before the parade, the Taliban celebrated, as the American departure from Afghanistan was completed. The last US military man stepped home on a plane on Monday night. Shortly after, the Taliban shot in the air and supporters took to the streets as they scanned โ€œGod is the biggestโ€ and waved the Taliban flag.

The material the Taliban exhibits in the parade has been exploited since the conquest of Afghanistan. After the takeover of power, they shared images of their fighters with hand guns or vehicles left behind by the United States Army. In order to prevent more material from entering the Taliban hands, Americans unfinished dozens of vehicles and aircraft before they left. For example, tires were broken and cockpit windows smashed.

8.51 – Thousands of Afghans are allowed to stay permanently in the United Kingdom

Thousands of Afghans are allowed to stay permanently in the United Kingdom if they have worked closely with British government services in their home country. This group previously had a maximum stay of five years. According to British media, the scheme applies to more than 8,000 out of more than 15,000 Afghans who have come to the country since 13 August.

Because of Operation Warm Welcome, as the government calls it, they never have to move to another country and can look for a job without restrictions. According to the government, they are given the โ€œsecurity and stabilityโ€ to rebuild their lives and the opportunity to acquire citizenship in the future.

โ€œWe owe tremendously to those who have worked with the armed forces in Afghanistan and I am determined that we are giving them and their families the support they need to rebuild their lives here in the UK,โ€ says British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Among other things, the government will ensure that Afghans have access to care and children can go to school as soon as possible. They are also offered a corona vaccine. More than seven hundred Afghans who are out of quarantine have had their first shot.