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Is there ever an end to the corona crisis? After a tough year and a half, full of lockdowns and freedom restriction measures, people are ready for a party or holiday. But due to increasing infections, despite the many vaccinations, we are thrown back in time. Whats happening today? Follow the latest COVID news here.

Cause dozens of deaths after vaccination unknown
Number of admissions rising: more and more young people under 20 years old with corona in hospital
OMT: Question also from vaccinates sometimes negative test

19.52 – Corona outbreak among Army soldiers in Curaรงao

39 military soldiers from the Dutch Army have tested positive for the coronavirus in Curaรงao, reports Defense. It concerns military personnel from the West Company who provide military assistance to civil authorities.

The infected soldiers are isolated at Parera naval base. The rest of the Company has been quarantined.

The company rotates, and basically new soldiers come to Curaรงao every four months.

17.00 โ€” European regulator looks at coronavaccine Sanofi

The European Vaccine Supervisor, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Amsterdam, is looking at a new coronavirus vaccine. In the coming time, the watchdog will look directly to the tests for a remedy that Sanofi Pasteur has developed.

Its a so-called rolling review. Thats the last step before a company requests market admission. If that application is available, the EEA will deliver an opinion, after which the European Commission has to decide whether the plea is approved. The rolling review ensures that the EMA has all the research data in advance, so it can quickly conclude whether a vaccine is safe and working against the coronavirus. This also makes it easier to clarify whether the vaccine can be used.

The Netherlands had previously ordered 11.7 million doses of the Sanofi vaccine. They can be delivered once the vaccine is approved.

Its not known how long the rolling review lasts. The EMA has so far approved four vaccines: Pfizer/Biontech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen. Four other vaccines already have a rolling review: Sinovac (since 4 May), Sputnik V (since March 4), CureVac (since February 12) and Novavax (since February 3). The developers have not taken the next step yet and applied for permission.

16.25 – Far fewer infections in hospitality industry

Fewer and fewer people suffer coronavirus in the hospitality industry. About a week and a half ago, the rules were tightened there. When the government admitted parties a few weeks ago, it almost immediately led to an explosion in corona cases.

Not all people who test positive are known to the source of infection. This is partly because GGDs have too few people to do source and contact research in everyone. In addition, there are many people who do not know where they contracted the virus.

About a quarter of the people who tested positive last week have identified the โ€œsetting of infectionโ€. That percentage is lower than last week. The more people test positive, the harder it becomes to keep track of how the virus spreads.

Of the new cases from which the source is known, some 15 percent were infected during a visit to the hospitality industry. Last week, this was over 37 percent, making hospitality the most important setting of contamination. The week before, it was nearly 19 percent. Of all the people who tested positive since the beginning of April, the hospitality industry was the source in 3.8 percent of cases.

The number of people who contracted the virus at a party also dropped considerably. About 8.5 percent of people suffered the virus at a birthday, a drink or a wedding. Last week, this was nearly 15 percent and nearly 13 percent the week before. Student activities, for example at an association, led to 0.6 percent of new cases, compared to 3.6 percent a week earlier.

The home situation is again, as it used to be, the main source. This led to nearly 43 percent of the infections where the source is known last week. Last week, this was nearly 28 percent. Visiting home also results in a positive test relatively often.

15.35 โ€” Prime Minister Lower Saxony wants corona checks along the Dutch border

The German state Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil, has told the media that he is in favour of the government to demand corona-virus tests for the trip to Germany again and then on the border is checked with the Netherlands. The Netherlands is again listed as a risk zone in the Federal Republic and Weils land borders Groningen, Drenthe and Overijssel.

Weil wants to at least sample checks along the border that travellers from the Netherlands demonstrate that they are not contaminated withcoronavirus. The Federal Government has to make the measure possible quickly, according to the Social Democratic State Prime Minister.

The biggest increase in the number of corona infections in Lower Saxony has been observed in the County of Bentheim. This is a border area southeast of Coevorden and northeast of Enschede. Health authorities informed Tuesday that more than 29 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants were detected in the county over a week. According to Weil, the proximity to the Netherlands seems to play a role in this. Authorities in Bentheim have already contradicted that before. The latest increase in the number of infections is due to a group trip that residents of the region have made to the Costa Brava.

13.30 – Young people only need to sit between two punctures

for young people, the time between the first and second coronaprik can decrease even further. If they make an appointment for vaccination, the second shot is three weeks later.

The so-called โ€œprick intervalโ€ for adults went down from 35 days to 28 days on Monday. Moderna vaccine must be at least four weeks between the two punctures. The Pfizer and BionTech vaccines allow for a shorter intermediate period, but the GGD appointment system cannot distinguish between those two vaccines, and therefore adults have the longest period of time.

Youngsters can only get the vaccine from Pfizer and BionTech and therefore it is possible for them to set up three weeks between punctures.

Young people who had already made a puncture appointment but have not yet had the first shot can advance the appointment for the second shot. For others who already have an appointment for a second shot, it is not possible to schedule a new date.

12.05 – โ€œActual number of coronadodes in India ten times higherโ€

The number of coronadodes in India is probably ten times higher than officially known. US researchers believe that between 3.4 and 4.7 million people have died of Covid-19, while authorities have recorded 415,000 deaths.

The Washington Center for Global Development makes those statements based on calculations, looking at the countrys overdeath rate with nearly 1.4 billion inhabitants. The researchers speak of possibly the worst humanitarian disaster in India since the country became independent in 1947. In independence, former British India was bloody torn in Hindu India and Islamic Pakistan, with two million deaths according to estimates.

According to official statistics, the United States (609,000) and Brazil (542,000) recorded more deaths. However, it must take into account the fact that underreporting is under-reporting in many countries. Health experts said earlier that the number of deaths and infections in India is much higher in reality.

This is not only due to poor registration, but also the heavy wave of contamination this spring. The many infections did not allow everyone to be tested and healthcare was heavily overloaded. Several Indian states have revised their death counts in recent weeks because thousands of deaths had not been processed yet.

12.15 โ€” Testcoronanu regrets data breach, but does not tolerate threats

Testcoronanu regrets the emergence of a data breach, says the test company in a statement on its website. The company was instructed by the Dutch Data Protection Authority to stop testing on Saturday when it turned out that it was possible to create false travel and entry tickets on its own. Also, the data of tens of thousands of people leaked. However, according to the company, the data breach should not be a reason for expressing personal threats to staff, says Testcoronanu.

Whether the company is being threatened and what threats are possible is not clear. Testcoronanu says to report threats, โ€œof any kind.โ€

The fake travel and admission tickets could be used to obtain a valid QR code from the governments CoronaCheck-app. RTL News revealed the issue. The Ministry of Health excured the company from the government system. Testcoronanu was a member of, which allows travelers to request a free corona test.

In the statement, Testcoronanu reports that the data breach was corrected immediately after its discovery. Currently, an independent research report is being prepared by โ€œa reputable cybersecurity organization,โ€ the company said. According to Testcoronanu, it has not yet been revealed that third parties have misused the data. To ensure that such incidents do not occur more often, there areโ€œcorrective and preventiveโ€ measures taken, Testcoronanu reports.

The test company claims to be in touch with the Ministry of Health about the โ€œoperational impact and follow-up needed.โ€

12.00 โ€” Hospitals operate in the evenings and weekends

Hospitals will operate in the evenings and weekends to eliminate the waiting lists, the AD reports. They also try to plan the same procedures in a row as much as possible to save time. โ€œWe can help 1 to 2 patients a day extra,โ€ says a spokesperson at Nij Smellinghe hospital in Drachten.

Many hospitals dont get to work until after the summer break to catch up with care. Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) figures indicate that there were an estimated 320,000 fewer operations between March 2020 and May 2021, but most hospitals say they give their staff rest before getting rid of the backlogs, according to the newspaper, a roundtrip.

However, plans are ready to start gas from September onwards. Waitlists have been created in particular in orthopedics, otolaryngology, gynecology, urology and plastic surgery. Because this care is planable, it was the first to disappear from the operating schedule.

06.30 โ€” Corona cases are rising again, but less explosive

The number of new corona cases continues to rise, but the increase is not as explosive as last week. Approximately 70,000 to 75,000 people have been tested positive in the past week.

Thats about 40 percent more than the week before. Then nearly 52,000 new cases were recorded, and that was six times more than the number the week before.

The National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) will come with the exact weekly figure on Tuesday. Over the past six days, nearly 63,000 people have tested positive. On three of those six days, there were more than 11,000 positive tests, and more than 10,000 on two other days. The last time there were five consecutive days with more than 10,000 new cases, was in December, seven months ago.

The average runs a little slower. Minister Hugo de Jonge (Health) said Monday that the number of positive tests is stabilizing.

Still by far most people who test positive are teens and twenties, but they also show the first omens of a fall.

In the weekly update, RIVM also reports how many corona patients have been hospitalized in the past week. That number is probably about 300, and last week the institute reported that 60 people had landed in hospital, 12 of whom were in intensive care. The number of deaths remains more or less the same. Last week RIVM reported 13 deaths, and now there will be 10 to 15.

06.15 – Festivalorganiser ID&T round table with cabinet

Festival organizer ID&T goes to the table with the cabinet on Tuesday. The conversation is looking for a solution for the unscrewed festival summer. ID&T initially made a brief case against the government on behalf of 40 other festivals and event organisers, but later decided to hold it for the time being.

On July 9, demissionary Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge announced that multi-day festivals will not take place until August 13. One-day festivals may receive a limited number of visitors. For festivals after August 13, such as Lowlands and Down The Rabbit Hole, its still unclear what the measures will be and whether the festivals can continue.

Health Minister Hugo de Jonge suggested to have a conversation with each other first. So thats happening Tuesday. According to Janmaat, the conversation is โ€œa first stepโ€ towards a solution. โ€œA lot has happened over the past week. We have all closely monitored the Chamber debate and we felt extremely supported,โ€ Janmaat said earlier. โ€œMuch of the debate related to our sector. We were very happy about that.โ€

06.00 โ€” Australian state of South Australia in lockdown after handful of infections

The Australian state of South Australia goes into lockdown from Tuesday evening (local time), state Prime Minister Steven Marshall announced, after five locally contracted infections with coronavirus were detected. South Australia is the city of Adelaide with more than 1.3 million inhabitants.

As a result of the decision, a total of more than 14 million Australians will have to stay home as much as possible. Previously, New South Wales and Victoria were already in lockdown. These Lรคnder include the cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

The measures in South Australia are effective from 6 pm local time and are expected to remain in force for at least one week. โ€œWe hate to have to go into these restrictionsbut we believe that we have only one chance – a chance to do this right,โ€ Marshall said.

Only 11 percent of Australias 25 million inhabitants have been vaccinated against Covid-19 so far, but until recently the country has largely managed to control the virus. However, last month, Australia faced an outbreak of the coronavirus delta variant. Since then, more than a hundred infections have been recorded daily.

Sydney has been in lockdown for more than three weeks, but new infections are still being detected. On Tuesday, 78 new cases. Residents of the city are only allowed to go outside for sports, shopping, or if they have another good reason.