LIVE Fireworks ban massively ignored: blasting everywhere!

The Netherlands is preparing for a different new year than usual. Fireworks are forbidden. The advice is to receive no more than two guests at home, and outside do not form larger groups than two. That fireworks ban doesnt bother everyone. Various images pop up of people who use the ban to blast extra.

In this article, we will keep you up to date with the latest news on New Years Eve.

This is an old live blog. Check out the New Years Eve Incidents Live Blog after 2am via the link below.

02:05 Police in Zeeland under attack

In several Zeeland places it is restless on the streets. Large groups of people have thrown fireworks at police officers in Zierikzee and Westkapelle. The police had to intervene in several places to restore peace. In Arnemuiden, destruction was committed by groups of people.

01:47 First count: Less misery

The emergency services have been much less out on New Years Eve than a year ago. Almost 30 percent fewer alerts have been sent over the P2000 network than last year, according to data from Between New Years Day 18.00 and midnight the emergency rooms alerted the emergency services 1503 times via P2000. In the same period a year ago, it was 2139 times, representing a 29.7 percent drop.

01:34 Fireworks bomb damages houses in Haarlem

A number of homes on the Weltevredenstraat in Haarlem have been damaged by heavy fireworks. The explosion killed windows from houses. There have been no casualties. The police havent arrested anyone yet.

01:10 ME intervenes in Amsterdam

A group of young people who caused a nuisance on the Insulindeweg in Amsterdam-Oost with heavy fireworks was driven away by the ME. Also at the Pachtersdreef The Hague, the ME came to call rerouting young people to order.

00:50 Stunt with incendiary takes the wrong way out of

Boys who tried to do evil with an incendiary bomb in Rijswijk, have been mischief. Their incendiary went off at an unfortunate moment, after which the stunters themselves were poured with burning liquid. Images show how clothes caught fire and allies put out the fire. How the men are doing is not known.

00:32 Young people arrested after harassing fire brigade

De ME intervened after young people in Rotterdam gave the fire brigade with stones and fireworks. The fire department was putting out a fire at a school on the Asserweg. According to local media, all young people have been arrested, but the police spokesman could not confirm that yet.

00:00 Fireworks ban is ignored

Despite the fireworks ban, fireworks are blasted throughout the country at midnight with fireworks. In several places, ornamental movement can be seen and its loud pops can be heard. From several places in the country come messages of fireworks that are not inferior to other years and โ€œit goes completely looseโ€.

From several places in the country come reports of fireworks that are โ€œnot inferior to other yearsโ€. In Breda there was also a lot of blast and hardly any ornamental movement. In Amsterdam and Oostzaan there was a lot of beautiful ornamental works to be seen, and in Rotterdam Noord they sounded strong, heavy stunners. In Utrecht, there were significantly less fireworks than in other years. However, there were huge blast of illegal bombs in several neighbourhoods, especially earlier in the evening. The Cathedral city did not escape the traditional car fires this new year. Several cars went up in flames. Neighborhood fathers walked through the city to help prevent this and other unrest.

From Den Bosch there are reports about a lot of fireworks and at 00.00 oclock in Doetinchem it also went really lose. Also in several places in Friesland there has been a big blow. A lot of fireworks were lit in Schiedam at midnight. And there was also ornamental fire in the sky.

In Veen, where not only the national fireworks ban was applied but also an emergency regulation was in force, it was no less than usual.

23:50 Warning shot police in Schiedam

The police arrested a man in Schiedam on New Years Eve who allegedly threatened a group of young people with a firearm because they were engaged in fireworks. It happened on Wilhelminaplein. The police fired a warning shot at the time of the arrest. After research, it turned out to be a ballet gun. No one was hurt.

23:40 Police copped with fireworks in Hoogezand

On the Aalbersestraat in Hoogezand the police have been shot with heavy fireworks tonight. In the street, a pile of garbage was set on fire, after which the emergency services pulled out. Local residents disagreed with putting out the fire.

23:35 Arrests for violence against cops

Police have arrested two people in Almelo after a brawl in a bonfirewere Thursday afternoon. A cop got hurt on his hand. The two have been arrested for assault. The brawl arose when the police and the fire brigade wanted to put an end to the bonfire that several people had come to. Carbid was also shot.

22:25 Cars on fire everywhere

A quick inventory gives a staggering picture: almost everywhere in the Netherlands young people burn cars on fire.

21:50 Officers report assault for fireworks

Two police officers who were thrown into Stroe fireworks in Gelderse Thursday, report assault. At the end of the afternoon, the two were talking with a group of about eighty young people who stayed in a meadow near Stroe. From another group, fireworks were thrown at them. Thats what they kept ringing in the ears.

21:22 Child injured by fireworks in Breda

A child was hit in the belly by presumably a flare and taken to the hospital.

19:45 ME drummed in Den Bosch and Schiedam De Mobiele

Unheid was brought to a state of readiness in Schiedam, after groups of young people with heavy fireworks made the streets unsafe.

In Den Bosch, ME had to intervene. There are also young people with heavy fireworks in the weather. They also rolled a parked car on its side and set fire to the vehicle. Police officers were shot with heavy fireworks. The fire department, under the guidance of the ME, extinguishes the burning car. Several rioters are captured on images and can also be picked up later out of retice. As a rule, offences against aid workers are punished twice more severely than when directed against a non-aid worker.

The atmosphere on the street in the Graafsewijk in Den Bosch is still brooding, says the police. Earlier in the evening, police officers were shot there with fireworks by a group of โ€œa few dozenโ€ people. It would be mainly about young people. The municipality has designated a command as a safety risk area. The police have extra powers there.

19:35 Garage in Tegelen three months close to illegal party

Mayor Antoin Scholten van Venlo has locked a garage in district Tegelen, where Wednesday evening an illegal party was held, for three months. The owner of the garage had refused to pull the plug from the party on Wednesday when the police requested it around 5:30 p.m. Ultimately, the mobile unit had to intervene at 22:00 to move the forty party goers to stop. All forty get a ticket. Five partygoers have been arrested because they couldnt legitimize themselves.

19:01 Street Festival in Duindorp is called official demonstration

A meeting on a square in the district of Duindorp in The Hague has a lot like a party.

18:30 – GIGA fine for illegal fireworks

An Arnhem father and his son have to pay 5000 euros fine. The two had 40 kilos of illegal and professional fireworks stored under their beds. They had to turn that in. The fine is also related to the fact that the men ran into the lamp last year, then with a stock of 800 kilos.

18:21 – Volendam youngsters attacked police with fireworks


Young people in Volendam bombed the police with heavy fireworks at the end of the afternoon. There are rumors that ME has been deployed, but that is being denied by the police. The congregation calls on parents to keep their children in tonight.

18:19 – Two neighbourhoods in Hoogezand closed

The police in Hoogezand in Groningen has evidence of serious disturbances in two areas in its place. That is why an emergency regulation prohibits access to two neighbourhoods for people who do not live there or cannot prove that they are visiting there. The regulation applies from Thursday 31 December 18.00 until Friday 1 January 06:00.

17.36 – 15-year-old picked up for homemade fireworks bomb


A 15-year-old boy from Pernis was arrested because he used adhesive tape to attach two bottles of gasoline, a bottle of incentive and heavy fireworks with adhesive tape and made a real fireworks bomb.

16:47 – Fireworks bomb Alphen aan den Rijn

In an apartment house in Alphen aan den Rijn, a heavy fireworks bomb exploded in an apartment house, one person was seriously injured. A man (35) has been apprehended.

15:56 – Agents ready for night

Also the police are preparing for the New Year. Cops go into the night โ€œwith healthy tension โ€œknowing that it will derail here and there, just like every year.

14:40 – In line for oil bulbs

Much is different, but the tradition of eating oil bulbs continues this year too. Throughout the country, rows form at oil bulb bakers. Our reporter Koen Nederhof took a look.

12:59 New Years Eve Prime Minister Rutte