LIVE France tries to evacuate hundreds of people after the deadly attack

Chaos and anxiety in Afghanistan as the radical Taliban have taken over the country at lightning speed. Only at Kabul Airport can still be found by US soldiers. Desperate Afghans are trying to flee the country, the Netherlands is also struggling with evacuees and flights that need to be arranged.

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Chaos at Kabul Airport after closing gates
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17.34 – France is still trying to evacuate hundreds of people

France is still trying to get several hundred people away from Afghanistan. French President Macrons announcement followed shortly after a deadly attack at the airport of the Afghan capital Kabul. The airport is crucial to evacuations.

According to Macron, Paris will be committed to the maximum, but cannot guarantee the โ€œextremely tenseโ€ safety situation. He said there are twenty more evacuated buses that France wants to evacuate. It concerns several hundred people who are still in danger, according to the President.

For fear of attacks, Germany ended its evacuations from Afghanistan, amongst other things. The last military aircraft left Kabul on Thursday. The Germans join the growing line of Western countries that no longer operate flights due to the approaching departure of the Americans who coordinate the airlift.

Since the radical Islamic Taliban took power over a week and a half ago after a surprisingly fast advance, many people want to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible. Due to the 31st August deadline for all foreign troops to leave the country, many people seem to be left behind.

17.13 – First 240 evacuees arrive at emergency shelter Amsterdam

The first 240 Afghan evacuees arrived in Amsterdam on Thursday afternoon, where a fifth emergency shelter for refugees from Afghanistan is opened. โ€œThey are tired and grateful for our care,โ€ reports a spokeswoman for the Central Body Care Asylum Seekers (COA).

Defense makes part of the Amsterdam Marine Establishment available. The COA can accommodate around 350 evacuees.

According to the spokeswoman, most evacuees โ€œgo to their rooms after a meal to relax after the heavy period and hard journey they have had.โ€ Everyone also needs to quarantine because of corona. According to the COA spokeswoman, the group is โ€œvery mixed, from individuals to families and people of all ages.โ€

Mayor Femke Halsema obviously calls it for granted that the city is contributing to temporary emergency shelter and welcomes Afghans. โ€œThese people have had a horrible time and deserve rest in the emergency shelter.โ€ Together with the COA, the municipality examines its own role in providing a place to stay even after emergency shelter.

The location at Kattenburgerstraat in Amsterdam is largely owned by the municipality. Defense is still in the naval area with the department responsible for recruitment and selection. In addition to Amsterdam, evacuees are taken at the barracks in Zoutkamp in Groningen, the Walaardt Sacrรฉ Camp in Huis ter Heide (municipality of Zeist), the Harskamp army place in Harskamp and from Sunday in the Heumensoord tent camp near Nijmegen.

15.43 โ€” Pentagon confirms evacuations continue over the weekend

The U.S. Department of Defense has stressed that Kabul Airport evacuations are continuing. A ministry spokesperson rejected reports that the armed forces are in the process of shutting down all evacuations before the weekend. โ€œThe evacuations wont be stopped in 36 hours, were going by evacuating as many people as possible until the end of our mission.โ€

The evacuation mission lasts until August 31. Many countries stop picking up people from the airport. The US forces have to fly back equipment and 6,000 soldiers by Wednesday.

15.20 – House wants urgent debate on end of evacuation Afghanistan

The House of Representatives wants an urgent debate on the end of the evacuation from Afghanistan. The Cabinet announced Thursday that the airlift is being stopped at the direction of the Americans. โ€œThis is a black day for anyone who is still stuck in Afghanistan,โ€ says Jeroen van Wijngaarden (VVD).

According to him, the big question now is how many Dutch and Afghans are still stuck in the Afghan capital Kabul and โ€œhow to get them out of there,โ€ he says. โ€œWe have ourselves,as NATO countries, overwhelm with only partially successful evacuation.โ€

Don Ceder (ChristianUnion) speaks of โ€œa great tragedyโ€ that many people need to remain in fear and great uncertainty. โ€œAs far as Im concerned, the Cabinet presents alternative evacuation scenarios as soon as possible to get everyone out of there.โ€ He is requesting an urgent debate with multiple parties.

โ€œAfghans who have served side by side with our soldiers for years, we leave behind. In terror. A total blamage for the demissionary cabinet. I am furious because precious time has been lost,โ€ Twitted Kati Piri of the PvdA.

Her colleague Tom van der Lee (GroenLinks) finds it โ€œterribleโ€ that people should stay behind. โ€œUnderestimating the Taliban, overestimating the Afghan army and the slave following Americans cannot conceal the fact that the Netherlands has acted too amateurish and ignored the importance of protecting local staff for far too long.โ€

15.10 โ€” Afghan gets 10 months in jail shortly after arriving in France; presumably ties to Taliban

An Afghan man has received ten months in prison in France shortly after arriving there from Kabul. The man is suspected of having ties with the Taliban and was therefore under surveillance, he was not allowed to leave the Parisian suburb of Noisy-le-Grand, but did so anyway. M. stayed there with his wife and child.

Ahmat M. says he felt ill and wanted to go to a store outside of Noisy-le-Grand. He says he followed a man to the store who was in the same hotel, without knowing he went to central Paris. That man says he went to Paris at the request of M. to buy SIM cards.

M. and three others were supervised because they had contact with a man who would be a member of the Taliban. All of them have been restricted.

M.s attorney says hes not a Taliban fighter. โ€œThis is a man who fled his country with his wife and three month-old daughter who went to the supermarket.โ€

15.04 โ€” Flight with 269 evacuates from Kabul landed at Schiphol

Airport Schiphol Airport, a Defense-chartered aircraft with 269 evacuates landed from Afghanistan on Thursday afternoon. Passengers include thirty people with a Dutch passport, reports the Ministry of Defense. Today is the last day that evacuation flights from the Afghan capital Kabul are still being carried out.

Another 199 passengers were transferred to Islamabad from Kabul on Thursday afternoon. That happened with two C-130 type conveyors, Defense says.

15.03 โ€” Canada ceases evacuation Afghanistan

Canada has ended evacuation operation in Afghanistan, reports the Canadian Ministry of Defense. The government says they would have liked to stay longer to save anyone who would have wanted to, but the circumstances deteriorated so that this was no longer possible. โ€œIts really heartbreaking,โ€ a representative of the ministry said.

Canada has picked up around 3700 Canadians and Afghans from Kabul. The country had no strong military presence in the country for seven years.

The end of the Canadian mission comes a few days before the United States deadline, August 31. Several countries have stopped too. Belgium cut off the operation Wednesday night because there is a threat of a possible attack at the airport. The Netherlands will stop the evacuation on Thursday. France and Germany are scheduled to complete the operation on Friday.

In total, more than 95,000 people have now been raised from Afghanistan since the Taliban took over power.

14.07 โ€” Rutte mentions at the end of evacuation โ€œterrible newsโ€ for Afghans

The end of the evacuation mission in the Afghan capital Kabul is โ€œterrible newsโ€ for Afghans who still wanted to leave the country, said demissionary Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Everything will be done to help the lagging behind, he said.

The Netherlands announced that the evacuation is stopped earlier in the day at the request of the Americans. The Cabinet also calls on people not to come to the airport anymore. There is now a โ€œthreat of terror,โ€ the Prime Minister said.

Rutte promised that the cabinet will do everything it can to help people who are left behind. How many Dutch and Afghans have left behind is mapped, he said. There are probably hundreds of Dutch and Afghans who need to be evacuated. Rutte just wanted to say that at least it was a โ€œdecent number of Dutch people with their families and others we want to evacuateโ€.

There is a busy consultation with other European countries to help those left behind. โ€œEveryone is verymotivated to go to the extreme,โ€ said the Prime Minister.

The cabinet was โ€œraidedโ€ by the speed with which Kabul fell into the hands of the strict Islamic Taliban, says Rutte. โ€œWe blame for making the wrong assessment of the situation on the spot.โ€

13.41 โ€” More than 95,000 people evacuated from Afghanistan, Netherlands 1857 evacuรฉs

Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan over a week and a half ago, according to the Pentagon, about 95,700 people have been evacuated. Wednesday there were 13,400. Qatar says it helped more than 40,000 people leave, the United Kingdom and Germany also brought many people from Afghanistan through Kabul Airport.

Qatar seems to have helped most people. The state claims to have caught 40,000 people in Doha. Many other countries flew people from Kabul to Doha so they could get through from there. So these evacuations are not all done with Qatari planes. Qatar has also offered to give these people a coronavirus vaccination.

The United States doesnt say how many people they helped them, but it would be 4,400 people with American nationality. How many people of a different nationality have been helped, the country does not say. The Americans say the evacuations stop at the latest August 31 and they are currently monitoring Kabul Airport.

The British have evacuated 12,279 people from Kabul and there are four hundred British in Afghanistan. The military does not mean when it stops evacuation flights, but the last British military must have left the country before the Americans leave.

Thursday, the German Ministry of Defense reported that it evacuated 5347 people. Its about 4200 Afghans and 505 Germans. The Germans want to continue โ€œuntil the last second.โ€ Government sources say thats Friday. There are four more German flights from Kabul on Thursday.

France also does not make precise statements about the number of people who have been evacuated. There would be more than 2000 Afghans and more than a hundred French people who have reached France, how many people have been brought to countries in the region is unknown. The deadline for the French is Friday night, then no more flowing from Kabul.

The Dutch government reported on Wednesday that evacuees had been brought to the Netherlands until then 1857. The Defense site contains flights from Kabul, but not every flight mentions all passengers. This number counts to 1463. The Netherlands stops evacuating on Thursday. There are still flights to arrive during the day.

12.15 – Afghan youth movement calls cessation evacuation bizarre

The cessation of evacuation flights from Kabul leads to many Western-oriented Afghans โ€œtrappedโ€ and will no longer be able to escape from it, says Afghanistan-born Dutch Nadjla Akbari (29). As one of the board members of the Azadi youth movement, she is organizing a demonstration in Amsterdam on Saturday to draw attention to the fate of the Afghans who were forced to stay behind.

โ€œVery bizarre that the evacuation is now stopped,โ€ says Akbari on behalf of Azadi in response to the governments decision to remove the last Dutch and Afghan employees from Kabul on Thursday. The situation at and around Kabul airport deteriorates according to a letter to the House of Representatives โ€œvery quickly.โ€

Akbari does not have a good word for that practice and that of other countries. โ€œEveryone saw this coming. Me too, and Im not a minister. People with a Dutch passport or people who helped you dont leave behind,โ€ she says.

Her niece, working for a German womens emancipation organization in Kabul, is one of the people who had no longer been able to flee. โ€œI sent several emails about that, including to the German authorities. My niece went to the airport every day, but it failed to get away. Shes been empowering women and well, the Taliban has nothing to do with that at all. In addition, she studied at the American University in Kabul. She is one of the women who are in the fall of the Taliban.โ€


says she doesnt cherish a lot of hope for her niece and peers. โ€œThe Taliban creates a brain drain by bringing highly educated Afghans out of the country by foreign organizations. But the future of many Afghans is bleak. Its barbarians.โ€

Saturday Akbari and their supporters will demonstrate for legalizing all Afghans in the Netherlands, including the approximately 1200 people evacuated from Kabul in recent days. โ€œWe want the Dutch government to take immediate action and declare Afghanistan an unsafe country, andnot only in a debate somewhere in October. People who are still in the proceedings or are undocumented should also receive a residence permit.โ€ The Azadi organization expects a large flow of sympathizers on Saturday.

11.10 – Kaag: no good view of how many evacuees are left behind in Kabul

It is currently not good to say how many people are left behind in Kabul, as the Netherlands has to stop evacuation like other countries. According to demissionary minister Sigrid Kaag (Foreign Affairs), the lists of reports continue to grow and there are also a โ€œlarge numberโ€ of Dutch people with their families.

Demissionary Minister Ank Bijleveld (Defense) said Wednesday that it would be hundreds rather than dozens of lagging behind. She, too, couldnt mention more precise numbers at the time.

The Netherlands has now been able to evacuate around 1500 people from Afghanistan. According to Kaag, the commitment remains to help those who are entitled to evacuation or return. She hopes Kabul Airport wont be closed for long. She doesnt make any statements about a plan B for evacuation. The nearly 120 people who were still able to reach the airport can count on Dutch help insured Kaag.

The gates of Kabul Airport are now closed and Americans have โ€œurgedโ€ other countries to complete their evacuation operations. There would be strong evidence of a terrorist attack on the airport queues. The Americans, who run the airport, leave on August 31. Kaag said earlier that the Netherlands did not evacuate everyone before that deadline.

10.55 โ€” Eyewitnesses say crowds at Kabul Airport increases Eyewitnesses

say to the German news agency dpa that the hustle and bustle at Kabul Airport is increasing despite the threat of a terrorist attack. People are so close to each otherโ€ that it looks like a wall.โ€

Several governments have called on people to stop coming to the airport, fearing an attack. At the same time, the deadline for evacuation from Afghanistan is approaching and people are becoming more desperate to escape the Taliban. Belgium has already stopped evacuations and the Netherlands flies last Thursday.

According to an eyewitness, people in the scorching sun stand at the security guards waving papers and calling for help. The area is closed 200 metres in front of the entrance, without permission people will not get through it. People dont get a meter ahead, but stand, hoping to get inside anyway. There are also children and babies in the crowd.

Many people who have worked with Western countries now want to leave Afghanistan for fear of reprisals from the Muslim extremists of the Taliban. These jihadists have recently taken over power in Afghanistan, and many people are afraid that hard hand will be ruled again, as in their first period in power between 1996 and 2001.

09.13 – The Netherlands calls on people to stop going to Kabul Airport

Netherlands calls people in Afghanistan no longer come to Kabul Airport. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms that. The situation at the airport is too dangerous and the entrance gates are closed. The ministry calls on people to go to a safe location.

Hundreds of people are on lists to be evacuated. The evacuation operation is likely to come to an end quickly. Demissionary Minister Sigrid Kaag (Foreign Affairs) said on Wednesday that time is running. Belgium already announced that it stopped the evacuation later that day.

Kaag also indicated that not all people can be evacuated. Every day, people report to the Dutch embassy who want to leave. Almost 2000 people have been brought from Kabul to the Netherlands in recent days.

The US and British Governments are also calling on their citizens to stop coming to the international airport. It is also advised to leave there. Thousands of people hoping to get away from the airport have gathered around the airport.

The Taliban announced that Afghans stop admitting to the airport. Three buses with Dutch evacuรฉs were stuck at the airport all Wednesday. A number of Afghans who were on the buses were taken out. After that, buses were able to reach the airport anyway.

The U.S. soldiers leave on August 31. But they will close the airport days earlier to get their own people and equipment out of the country. The Americans indicate when countries should stop their evacuation operations.

08.45 – British intelligence point to risk attack at Kabul airport

The British Defense Department has information about a โ€œvery likely threatโ€ of an attack on the masses of people at Kabul airport, saiddefense minister James Heappey at BBC Radio. Heappey cannot say much about the content of the intelligence, just that the threat is โ€œfierceโ€.

CNN previously reported on the basis of an anonymous government source that the terrorist organization IS would prepare multiple attacks at the airport. U.S. President Joe Biden repeatedly said in recent days he feared for this.

UK authorities advise people in Kabul to stay away from the airport. The U.S. Embassy in Kabul did this for Americans too. People waiting at the three entrances to Hamid Karzai International Airport are advised to leave immediately. The US safety warning also dictates people to be alert to their environment, especially in crowds, as well as plan for emergency situations.

08.15 – France no longer expects evacuations from Friday night

The French Prime Minister Jean Castex expects no more people to be evacuated from Kabul from Friday night. France said on Wednesday to have pulled over a thousand people from Afghanistan.

The German Ministry of Defense reports that it continues โ€œuntil the last second.โ€ A total of 5193 people were taken from Afghanistan by the Germans, on Wednesday 593

, and

the two Hungarian military passenger aircraft and Hungarian soldiers in Afghanistan for evacuation arrived safely in Budapest on Thursday. The country has already stopped recovering people. In total, more than 500 were pulled by Hungary from Afghanistan.

The Taliban will allow evacuations until August 31, then they no longer want people to be taken out of the country by soldiers from other countries. Belgium stopped the evacuations on Wednesday night. The US called on Americans to stay away from the airport for fear of attacks, which terrorist group IS would prepare.

A NATO diplomat said the Taliban promised to keep the airport safe as long as evacuations run.

03.27 – Three buses with the Dutch reach Kabul Airport

Three buses that the Netherlands has used to evacuate people in the Afghan capital Kabul have reached Kabul airport after a long wait. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms reports from various media. How many people were in the buses, a spokesperson cant say. According to DecceIT, there is a total of 120 people, all of whom have a Dutch passport.

According to a source of DecceIT, seven people without a passport have been working hard by Taliban fighters before reaching the airport. A Foreign Affairs spokesperson informs that the people who did arrive at the airport are evacuated on a flight as soon as possible.

Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag reported on Wednesday that โ€œchaosโ€ and โ€œpanicโ€ are beginning to arise among people at the airport, as time is beginning to come out of the country. The United States and the United Kingdom called on their own citizens in Afghanistan on Wednesday to Thursday to stay on their way from the airport for potential terrorist attacks. The foreign affairs sayman could not say or that warning was issued for Dutch people in Kabul.

01.50 – US calls on its citizens to stay on the way of Kabul Airport

The U.S. Embassy in Kabul in a security warning on its website calls on US citizens in Afghanistan not to come to the capitals airport. She also advises people waiting at the three entrances to Hamid Karzai International Airport to get out of there immediately. The British Government also warns its citizens to find a โ€œsafe placeโ€ away from the airport.

The reasons for the warnings are unknown. In recent days, U.S. President Joe Biden repeatedly said to fear an attack by the Afghan branch of terrorist organization IS at the airport.

CNN reports on the basis of an anonymous government source that there is intelligence information that IS would prepare multiple attacks at the airport.

The US safety warning also states that people need to be alert to their environment, especially in crowds, and plan for emergency situations.

A big question is whether anyone who wants to leave Afghanistan can leave before the 31st August deadline. People will probably be left behind, says foreign chief Frank van Vliet in the American podcast Uncle Joe:

Wednesday 22.00 – Belgium stops evacuations from Afghanistan

Belgium has ended the evacuations from Afghanistan, reports the Belgian government in Brussels. Belgians raised hundreds of people in a series of flights following the Talibans takeover of power,among others Dutch.

The government has decided to end the evacuations from the airport of the Afghan capital Kabul in view of the situation in Afghanistan and โ€œin agreement with other European partners.โ€ On Wednesday, five more flights were operated between Kabul and Pakistans capital Islamabad. In the next few days, the evacuates will be flown to the southern neighbours.

The Belgian Prime Minister and Ministers involved will give more details on the results of the evacuation and โ€œthe next stepsโ€ at a press conference Thursday morning, let the government know.

Other countries are expected to end their evacuation operation in the coming days as Americans withdraw from Afghanistan next week. US forces are still controlling Kabul Airport and Afghan airspace. They also coordinate the international airlift.

Wednesday 21.00 – Washington: Commitment to continue evacuating after August 31


even after the retreat of US troops from Afghanistan next week, it must continue to be possible to leave the country. The Americans will use any diplomatic, political or economic means to secure a departure from anyone who wants to leave after August 31, promises U.S. Foreign Minister Antony Blinken.

The reigning man gave the latest overview of American efforts to evacuate Americans and other citizens from Afghanistan on Wednesday. According to him, there may be 1500 Americans who want to leave after the takeover of power by the radical Taliban movement. At least 4500 Americans and their families have been evacuated since mid-August.

US President Joe Biden had rejected Western allies request a day earlier to keep US soldiers in the country even after the scheduled departure date of August 31. The Americans are organizing the airlift and are still controlling the airport of the Afghan capital Kabul and Afghan airspace.