LIVE | GGD will test with new rapid test

The number of coronavirus infections is rising sharply in the Netherlands. On Tuesday there were 1387 positive tests. Careful‘, says Minister De Jonge. However, the hospitals are still empty. Elsewhere in the world Israel has gone into lockdown again and more and more places for holidaymakers are colouring ‘orange‘. There are 939,000 coronadalities worldwide. Follow the latest corona-news in this live blog.

A new rapid test by research institute TNO will soon be tested in a test street of the GGD in Amsterdam. The rapid test has passed a first technical test at RIVM and may possibly reduce the pressure at the GGD. This is reported by EenVandaag.

The test method currently used by the Municipal Health Service (GGD) in the test lanes is reliable, but also requires a lot from the laboratories. In addition, the PCR test, as the method is called, causes a shortage of materials. As a result, large-scale testing is an enormous challenge. As early as last week it became clear that schools and care institutions are buying in commercial corona tests themselves, because employees sit at home for too long.

Research institute TNO has developed the cheap and reliable rapid test that will soon be used. The method makes testing easier, with fewer intermediate steps. As a result, TNO’s rapid test is expected to be more than half as cheap as the PCR test.

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