LIVE Hands full of wounded skaters

The ice fun ended throughout the country during the course of Sunday with a falling thaw. Many municipalities and security regions warned skaters on Sunday afternoon to get off the ice.

This article is updated live all day, interspersed with images from all over the Netherlands.

22.01 Satisfaction

The skating and carnival weekend went well, including in view of the coronavirus. That is the opinion of the Security Council, which gave a statement on this Sunday.

The wintry weather, where people set out to skate and sledge, caused crowds in some locations. But according to the Security Council, municipalities were able to take action in time. At some locations too many carnival riders gathered, but โ€œthis did not lead to excesses.โ€

Hubert Bruls, President of the Security Council of 25 security regions, considers it logical that many people went outside. โ€œMany people want to change their senses in the healthy outdoor air at this time. Fortunately, this was largely responsible, so that the hustle and bustle remained manageable in the nature reserves and on ice rinks. Where necessary, mayors took measures against the crowds. Nice that the Netherlands enjoyed this. Were heading for spring temperatures again in the next week. Many Dutch people will be happy with that too.โ€

19.06 Hands full of skaters

The emergency departments of the approximately 80 hospitals had their hands full last weekend with skaters who were injured after a fall. Both Saturday and Sunday it was twice as busy as in a typical weekend in this coronap period, says next chairman David Baden of the Dutch Association of Emergency Medical Doctors.

The peak was on Saturday, Sunday, according to Baden it was โ€œa little less extreme, but also very busyโ€ with wrist fractures, ankle injuries, broken hips and head injuries. Most of the skate victims could go home, only people with broken hips had to be operated immediately. Other wounded who need surgery can go to the hospital later.

According to Baden, the hospitals were well prepared for the hustle and bustle; additional staff were called to cope with the expected influx. In one hospital, Saturday night was so busy that the plaster ran out. Therefore, a new stock of piles had to be taken from a central warehouse.

17.15 Go from the ice

On the Loosdrechtse lakes, skaters get the urgent advice to get off the ice. There is a lot of waking up on the ice floor. โ€œGet off the ice now! Its dangerous for life,โ€ says President Len Veerman of the local ice cream club. If that call is not answered, a police helicopter will go into the air to warn with sound systems. Elsewhere too it is too busy or it is feared that the ice will suddenly collapse.

According to Veerman, a piece of ice could have turned into water in ten minutes due to the rising wind. He is astonished that parents with young children still sit on the Pes. โ€œThe skating is over. Now its going to be swimming pants again.โ€

The Zuid-Holland-Zuid Security Region reported that people are sinking through the ice. โ€œChoose to step off the ice. The ice is deteriorating hard.โ€

The City of Amsterdam was kick-skaters to observe the coronameasures and to keep a sufficient distance when travelling home.

By the end of the afternoon, temperatures in the north were just slightly above freezing, reports the KNMI. In the south, it thawed harder with temperatures up to 5 degrees.

16.48 Box works

Also in Friesland there can no longer be skated on the lakes. โ€œBy turning the wind, caskets are created on the Frisian lakes. This means that strips of open water are formed in a very short period of time. Advice: No more skating on the Frisian lakes!โ€ , according to the Friesche IJsbond.

In the Frisian Veenhoop, an ambulance helicopter landed near the ice around noon to pick up a stranded skater. The skater had fallen and couldnt move on. The victim was taken off the ice by the ambulance crew and flown to the hospital in Drachten.

16.09 Stay away

The municipality of Wijdemeren, including Ankeveen, Breukeleveen, s-Graveland, Kortenhoef, Loosdrecht and Nederhorst den Berg, has called to stay away: โ€œIt quickly thaws on all lakes in Wijdemeren. So dangerous! Dont come here anymore. Are you on the ice? Then go back to your starting point.โ€

The municipality also writes that the ice masters use ribbons as much as possible, but: โ€œPay attention too! Keep an eye on the ice clubs.โ€ The nearby municipality of Stichtse Vecht shares the same message via social media.

Residents and visitors of the municipality of Zaanstreek also have acan read message on social media: โ€œIn some places the ice is not safe. Make sure you are for the thaw of the ice.โ€

Wherever in Zaanstreek warns of thaw, visitors are reminded of the effects of the crowds a little further away: โ€œKeep the dike Oostknollendam free for the emergency services! It is getting busier in the Dorpsstraat in Oostknollendam with motorists who park their cars there to go ice skating. Keep the access road clear for emergency services. Let us work together to ensure that the situation remains safe!โ€

15.00 Rijkswaterstaat: Dangerous driving conditions due to freezing

road users must take into account very dangerous driving conditions next night and Monday morning. There is a high probability of treacherous smoothness due to freezing rain, warns Rijkswaterstaat.

In the second half of the night, an area of rain is expected to travel from the west over the country. โ€œWith a still frozen surface, this may lead to very treacherous smoothness through ice cream,โ€ says Rijkswaterstaat. Rijkswaterstaat says to keep a close eye on the situation and to be ready with 546 scatters to combat smoothness.

Combating ice cream is more difficult than snow, reports Rijkswaterstaat. โ€œBecause of the winter precipitation, the salt already lying on the road dilutes. In addition, the precipitation freezes as soon as it hits the cold road surface and forms an ice layer on top of the salt. This can result in a very smooth road surface in a short time.โ€ Due to the ice layer, mixing with road salt does not take place immediately, that needs time, according to Rijkswaterstaat. โ€œOnly when the top layer is soft does the salt work optimally and becomes less smooth. Unfortunately, despite all our efforts, smoothness cannot always be prevented.โ€

According to Rijkswaterstaat, those who have to go on the road do wisely to keep an eye on the weather forecast and traffic information and to adjust the driving style. โ€œIn short: slow driving, keep distance, do not change lanes unnecessarily and slow braking.โ€

From Monday the NS will return to the regular timetable as it was for the snow and frost period. Thats what the carrier reports on Sunday. According to the NS, set-up sites are more accessible for checks and maintenance, which makes more and more trains available.

ProRail has handed out fines this weekend to skaters who crossed the track between Hoorn and Enkhuizen. The rail manager has deployed extra people to check along the track on this route, says a spokesman.

Over the past week, skaters were on the track in several places in North Holland. ProRail assumes that it is skaters who choose the shortest route from their car to where they want to skate.

13.20 oclock Wind is turned and dangerous situations

From De Friesche IJsbond warns on social media: โ€œDo not go up the lakes! By turning the wind, dangerous situations arise for skaters on the Frisian lakes. Advice is not to skate on the lakes anymore.โ€

12.50 hours Dont come to the Rotte

Besides the municipality of Wijdemeren also warns the municipality of Rotterdam on Twitter. Not because of the expected thaw, but because of the crowds: โ€œIts too busy on the Rotte. Dont come by car anymore. The Linker Rottekade has been set off in one direction. At the entrance Irene bridge there are traffic controllers. You can only enter from the Veilingweg.

In this live blog we keep track of everything about this last, beautiful day.

11.35 P.M. Police: So it shouldnt be like it

The police will share a message on Twitter on Sunday morning: โ€œToday is the last ice day for now. Remember the covid measures. Respect each other and clean up your mess. Here are some examples of how not to do it.โ€ In the tweet four pictures have been added, showing a lot of junk and crowds:

11.30 am The ice fell In Amsterdam and Groningen people were already sunk

through the ice on Sunday before noon:

9.45 hours Ice skaters are chasing deer in

Two roe roe roe deer are on Saturday. life came in the floodplains near Rheden, Gelderland. The animals flee from skater. The area has been deposited, but several winter sports enthusiasts ignored the deposit.

It is precisely the area where the deer are staying that has been deposited, so as not to disturb them too much. Nevertheless, a number of skaters had no message to that. Eyewitness Nick tells Omroep Brabant: โ€œA group of eight deer ran up the ice, shocked by the skaters. A roe fell into a wak and drowned.โ€ He also saw a roe lying on the ice, along with a pee of blood.

Another roe was injured during the flight and had to be killed because of a broken leg, the regional broadcaster knows.

The police Rheden-Rozendaal make a call on Facebook to see the floodplains at Rhedenshun. โ€œIn case of violation of this ban, we will issue a ticketโ€, she says. The first fines have already been handed out.

09.00 hours KNSB: keep an eye on quality ice cream

The KNSB warns skating enthusiasts to keep an eye on the quality of the ice on Sunday. Sunday is expected to be the last day that people can skate on natural ice, because according to the weather agencies the thaw will start.

On open water that is frozen, such as large lakes, canals and canals, the ice quality is not reliable. Especially when there are large groups going on at the same time. Dangerous, so dont go there, is the unions urgent advice. โ€œAnd were not just saying that to prevent people from sinking through the ice,โ€ says Jurre Trouw, manager Sportparticipatie of the KNSB. โ€œWe also do that because of the coronapandemic, it is not recommended to travel unnecessarily, even on this last day of ice skating.โ€

According to Trouw you can find a safe pond, ditch or puddle everywhere where you can skate. โ€œWe also see that people take the car and go out on a massive scale, but that is really not the intention in coronatijd. So again: if you want to skate on natural ice, stay close to home and still prefer to find that local ice rinkโ€, says Trouw.

08.10 People again early on the skate

People are also early on Sunday on the ice to skate. Images from the webcam at the Loosdrechtse Lakes already show a group of skaters. On social media photos are also shared of people who have gone on the ice early.

On Saturday there was also plenty of skating in a large part of the Netherlands. In a number of places it was crowded and roads had to be closed down. The hospitals were also busy with people who suffered fractures or other injuries on the ice.

It is expected that Sunday will be the last day of skating for the time being, because according to the weather agencies the thaw will start.