LIVE | Infections rising: more than 400 corona patients in hospital

The number of coronavirus infections is rising sharply in the Netherlands. At the same time, the death toll is still less than in the first wave. Elsewhere in the world, Israel has gone into lockdown again and more and more places for holidaymakers are colouring orange. There are 959,000 coronadalities worldwide, of which about 200,000 in the US. Follow the latest corona-news in this live blog.

The number of corona patients in hospital has risen to over 400. This is the first time since 10 June that the number of patients admitted has exceeded that limit. In a week‘s time, the number of corona patients in hospitals has almost doubled.

Ernst Kuipers, chairman of the National Acute Care Network, expects the number of patients to continue to rise in the coming week. “In order to distribute the pressure evenly, patients will be dispersed in the busy regions”

Illnesses and positive tests

The number of coronavirus infections has risen by 2223 over the past day. For the first time, the number of reported positive tests exceeded 2000 in a 24-hour period. On Sunday, the government’s corona dashboard reported 1849 new cases. In addition, the health services registered 26 new hospital admissions and two deaths.

A total of 410 corona patients are now in the hospitals. On Sunday there were 353. In other words, the number of patients admitted rose by 57 in the past 24 hours. This is the largest increase in a day since mid-March. There are now 325 people with the coronavirus in the nursing wards. That is 49 more than on Sunday. The number of patients in intensive care rose from 77 to 85.

Exactly one week ago, on 14 September, hospitals treated 209 people for corona infection: 166 corona patients in a nursing ward and 43 in an intensive care unit.

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