LIVE King Willem-Alexander talks in high school about lockdown

Even now ‘we’ vaccinate, the coronavirus still causes dislocation globally. The mutants are worried. The British variant is advanging and also the Brazilian and South African variants are approaching. At the same time, economy and society are sighing under suffocating measures. Follow the latest coronan news in this live blog.

King Willem-Alexander visited the Montaigne Lyceum in The Hague on Thursday. There he spoke with students and teachers about the effects of coronacrisis and lockdown in secondary schools.

Willem-Alexander took part in a number of lessons and spoke with students about their experiences with school in coronatijd. Many young people have great difficulty with the corona measures. They feel gloomy and lonely, because they miss their classmates and friends, and also are not allowed to leave the door in the evening. With teachers, the king talked about motivational dips, employee safety and major challenges in the field of online lessons.

The king visited the Hague school physically and not virtually, so that he could see with his own eyes how the logistics work at a school during the pandemic, says a spokesman for the National Information Service (RVD). He observed all the measures: โ€œThe king wore a mouthcap, kept 1.5 meters away at all times and spent the visit in a small group,โ€ said the spokesman. According to the RVD, it is not the case that the king will carry out all his visits physically from now on. The majority remains via an online connection.

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