LIVE More and more places of snow in the country

The Netherlands is bracing for hours of snowfall, freezing cold and freezing rain. This weekend, the Netherlands will have to deal with particularly winters. In particular, the middle and east of the country is expected to be covered with a โ€œhistoricallyโ€ thick snow cover.

Snow falls in many places in the middle and south of the country. Especially in the east of Brabant and in the north of Limburg it is already snowing, reports Saturday night.

In some places, a snow cover is already beginning to form. Due to the strong winds, this is still difficult to measure, but in different places it is already about 1 or 2 centimeters. In the south of Limburg it rains and also in Zeeland the precipitation falls here and there in liquid form or in the form of ice rain. The north is still completely dry.

The snowfall is expected to expand further north in the next few hours and intensify. From midnight, code red applies because of the combination of snow and strong winds a lot of nuisance is expected. In many places there may be 10 to 20 centimeters of snow until tomorrow evening, and local lake in the east and southeast. In the north and in the far south, the quantities appear to be smaller.

Throughout the Netherlands, sprinklers are busy and snow plowers are next to the front door. But we also enthusiastically get the skates from the attic, because it can just become a real ice week.

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00.00 Hours Truck mounted on Merwedebrug, also accidents elsewhere

Due to a shaved truck on the Merwedebrug near Gorinchem, the A27 is close in both directions between Werkendam and Avelingen industrial estate. Rijkswaterstaat advises motorists to drive via the A15, A2 and A59.

Accidents also take place elsewhere. Due to snowfall it is especially slippery in the middle and south of the country, warns Rijkswaterstaat.

22:30 Frisian home care organisation: only medical care required Home Care

Organization The Friese Land provides only medical necessary care for its clients because of the code red issued by the KNMI.

The home care organisation activates its emergency plan on the night of 6 to 7 February 2021, reports Hetfriese Land on its website. It also looks at whether employees who live in the same village or near the clients can be called upon.

The nurses will โ€œcritically examine what medical care is necessary.โ€ This care is provided. โ€œIn addition, we look at which care services may be taken over by family members or caregivers.โ€

22.00 hrs Spreiwagens Rijkswaterstaat on the road

With a view to the expected snow showers, the sprinklers of Rijkswaterstaat are already well in the weather to keep the roads passable. In different places in the country it is already snowing, and also it can be smooth. Preventive sprinkling is also carried out in many places where there is no snow yet. Saturday evening more than 2.5 million kilos of salt has been sprinkled since 19.00, reports Rijkswaterstaat.

21.15 hrs – Posbank closed

The municipality of Rheden closes the access roads to the Posbank on Sunday for motorized traffic if snow falls there. Walking is allowed, reports the municipality on Twitter.

The Posbank is a popular recreation area, even if there is snow.

Natuurmonumenten also mentions the closure of the roads, which will be poorly passable due to the expected snowfall. Salt sprinkling is not done in the protected nature reserve, according to the nature organization. Snow plough is not an option due to the differences in height.

20.35 hrs – Extra shelter for the homeless

because of the expected snowfall and cold, the Red Cross opens an extra homeless shelter in Den Helder on Saturday evening. There are about ten people who have no roof over their heads, reports the aid organisation.

With volunteers, the homeless are provided with a hot meal, a place to sleep and breakfast. The Red Cross has furnished the location with beds and blankets. Day care is also arranged on Sunday.

The Red Cross also claims to prepare for the winter weather elsewhere in the country by pointing out to its own aid workers, who will work in the next few days, the steps to be taken in the event of hypothermia. Blankets, heaters and other relief items have also been set up throughout the country, which can be used where needed.

โ€œ Gipsstraatjesโ€ and extra doctors: first aid ready for winter weather

Hospitals all over the country are bracing themselves for the coming winter weather. In particular, the capacity on the first aid is increased or may be able to cope with patients with fall injuries.

TheCoronapandemia does not seem to be an obstacle to this provision.

19.45 hours – No packages on Sunday, Regiotaxi cancel

The predicted heavy snowfall prevents PostNL from delivering packages on Sunday. Supermarkets also indicated to delete the deliveries. Only the meal deliverers have not yet made a final decision, but stress that safety is paramount.

A number of ferry services to and from the Wadden Islands Ameland and Schiermonnikoog are out due to the extreme weather forecast, reports shipping company Wagenborg.

Also the Regiotaxi in the province of Utrecht does not drive on Sunday. Monday the situation will be reassessed, according to the carrier of among others people who need adapted or accompanied transport, such as users of a wheelchair or a scooter.

Also in Flevoland the Regiotaxi does not drive on Sunday. โ€œDue to the weather conditions (code red), Regiotaxi stops driving from Saturday night 00.00 until Monday morning 06:00. The booked trips during this period will be cancelled. Customers who booked the trip will be contactedโ€

17.15 hrs – First snow falls in Enschede

While the whole of the Netherlands is waiting for the announced snowfall, Twitter reports of the first flakes. โ€œIn Enschede the first snow already fallsโ€, reports among others Pieter Post. โ€œSnow of death began,โ€ writes another enthusiast. โ€œEnschede light snowโ€, someone writes relativeringly. It is not very much, but the beginning is there.

17.00 – Empty shelves at supermarkets

With the expected snow showers, the first empty shelves are also presented in supermarkets. Many Dutch people take extra weight, presumably because they are concerned that due to winter conditions they will not be able to get their

groceries in the coming days โ€œVegetables are sold a lot and the bread was already on this morning, just like yesterdayโ€, confirms Hetty Buikema, manager of an Albert Heijn branch in Leek, Groningen, after reporting in Dagblad van Het Noorden. โ€œYou really notice that people are afraid because there is snow coming. Were almost turning a Christmas turn. I suspect it is like this in all shops.โ€

โ€œ It is indeed busier than usual on Saturdays and customers are already shopping for several daysโ€, says a spokesperson for Albert Heijn. Just like Jumbo, the supermarket chain reported to supply additional supplies due to the winter weather.

By the way, the extra bustle does not mean that products are on everything. For example, a manager of a Coop branch in Borculo reports that although it is above average busy for a Saturday, there are no empty shelves on display. โ€œIt is a bit army than usual, but there are no real empty shelves.โ€

16.38 – Amsterdam closes locks to promote ice growth canals

The chance that next week will be able to skate on the Amsterdam canals has been greatly increased. Now that moderate to severe frosts have been predicted for the next few days, Amsterdam closes the canals in the city to increase the chances of ice skating. The first phase of the so-called IJsnota has thus entered into force.

16.19 – Schiphol warns of delayed flights due to snow

Schiphol warns passengers of possible delays of flights on Sundays. An airport spokeswoman could not indicate whether flights are being cancelled.

A team of snowploughs from Schiphol is already ready. They are employees of the airport who are trained to clean up snow. With trucks with snow plowing and anti-freeze spray, they will try to keep the runways snow free.

16.17 hrs – Water Board Stichtse Rijnlanden stops grinding for ice growth

The Hoogheemraadschap De Stichtse Rijnlanden takes measures to promote ice growth on ditches and canals in the coming frost period. Ground where it can be expanded and propelled are set in such a way that the flow of the water is minimal.

On Monday, for the same reason, a sailing ban will take effect for all waterways in the southern part of Utrecht and part of South Holland. The ban applies to the Grecht, the Wierickes, the Lange Linschoten, the Montfoortse Vaart, the Gekanalised Hollandsche IJssel and the Leidsche and (partly) Oude Rijn.

The Water Board wants to โ€œlend a hand to nature.โ€ But, โ€œWe cant guarantee that the ice will be thick enough to skate on everywhere.โ€ However, caution is insisted and not to go skating in the area of ground and propelling.

14.46 hours Eredivisieduels Sunday canceled

The expected winter weather has led the KNVB to cancel all matches in the paid football Sunday. When the matches are overtaken, is still unknown.

14.21 hours – Alltest streets and vaccination sites closed

Due to the harsh winter weather, no one in the Netherlands is vaccinated against the coronavirus on Sunday. All the test streets of the GDs in the country are closed on Sunday, reports GGD-GHOR Netherlands, the national organisation of the GGDen.

13.56 hrs – Do not go on the road from Saturday evening

Rijkswaterstaat calls on road users not to go on the road from Saturday evening. From midnight, code red applies throughout the country, due to snow combined with strong winds. This can lead to very dangerous driving conditions, in the form of snow dunes, poor visibility and smoothness.

Due to the extreme weather conditions, the extreme weather protocol of Rijkswaterstaat is also in force from the moment code enters red. โ€œThis means that we take drivers off the road as soon as possible and take them to a service place with facilities. We do this for safety reasons for stranded road users, so that in the cold they do not have to be behind the guard rail longer than necessary. In addition, the road must be clear to allow snow shovers to slide the snow over the back lane.โ€

Rijkswaterstaat also takes additional measures through the use of additional road inspectors and extra manpower in the traffic centres.

13.38 hours – German railways are canceling express trains

Deutsche Bahn announced that this weekend there are no express trains between Hamburg and Kiel, between Hamburg and Lรผbeck, and between Hamburg and Westerland on the Wadden Island of Sylt.

Also on other routes in the north there are hardly any express trains, warned the railway company. There are also no intercities between Bremen or Munster to or from the East Frisian Norden, northeast of Groningen.

12.50 pm – KNMI to code red

It will be even more intense than the KNMI Friday predicted. Code red has been declared before Sunday.

12.45 hrs – Winterpret rules: skating and throwing snowballs in groups of two

Enjoy the snow, but in moderation. Or with one size. Coronal rules remain in force, even in the snow.

8.56 a.m. – The previous snow hunt was already three years ago

In 2017 the last time so much snow fell. On December 11, in Hoog-Soeren on the Veluwe there was a layer of 44 centimeters. Also in 2010 and 2005, tens of centimeters fell. The record still dates back to 1987. In January of that year Terschelling fell no less than 80 centimeters.

7:30am – Weather forecast: Saturday night first snow

Saturday night it will snow from the south. In the night to Sunday, the snow area expands to the north and snows throughout the country, except for the far north and south. Snow falls on a large scale between 10 and 20 centimeters, locally even 30. It is quite cold, around -5 degrees. The strong winds make it feel much colder: the temperature drops to -10 to -15 degrees in many places. There are also snowstorms possible. The KNMI issued code yellow for Saturday evening due to smoothness.

The necessary preparations have been made on the road and on the railways. Rijkswaterstaat has 350 snow ploughs and 546 scatters ready for the next few days. They could scatter 10,000 kilometers of highway in two hours. Road users must be alert and keep an eye on all weather and traffic information, advises Rijkswaterstaat.

5-2 21.30 – Code orange: Do not go on the road

The KNMI issues the so-called code orange for Sunday in almost the whole country except for the north because of heavy snowfalls. The extreme weather warning applies from 00.00 on Sunday.

5-2, 18.36 p.m. – Dont just go sledding: security guards and even a sledding ban

In Bloemendaal, the mayor decided that sledding from the Kopje, a popular winter slide, is prohibited. There is no question of that in the municipality of Bergen, but there are security guards around.