LIVE More than 200 million coronaprikken put in the United States

For over a year now, the Netherlands and the world have been held in control by the coronavirus blown over from China. How soon do we know how to vaccinate our way out of this crisis? Follow the latest news here.

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21.55 – Ministry: keeping distance important, also for vaccinees

It is important that vaccinees continue to adhere to basic measures against the coronavirus, such as keeping distance, washing hands and on public wear spots inside a mouthcap. That emphasizes the Ministry of Health.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) issued a new opinion to EU Member States on Wednesday. If two people or households who have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus meet, it is not necessary that they keep away from each other or wear mouthcaps, the agency finds.

โ€œ At the moment, we know that vaccinees are well protected against disease and mortality from the virus,โ€ the Ministry responds. โ€œBut it is not yet completely certain that after vaccination, people will no longer be able to infect others with the virus.โ€ The Cabinet also considers it undesirable to distinguish between people who have been vaccinated and have not been vaccinated.

The ministry is going to study the new directive well. โ€œThe ECDC identifies a number of specific situations in which specific measures can be relaxed. We are already working on that in the Netherlands. For example, some measures in nursing homes, where many of the residents and staff have been vaccinated, are eased step by step.โ€

21.00 – More than 200 million coronaprikken put in the United States

The United States passed the 200 million coronaprikken limit on Wednesday according to President Joe Biden. That happened within a hundred days since he took office.

Initially, the Bidens plan was to put at least 100 million shots within those hundred days, but that goal was already achieved on the 58th day. He spoke at a press conference of an โ€œincredible achievementโ€ that has now been administered twice as many doses.

80 percent of the people over 65 have had at least one shot. The number of deaths in this population has declined sharply. The millions of vaccinations may have spared tens of thousands of lives, argued Biden. More than 560,000 people have officially died in the US from the effects of coronavirus. There are more than in any other country.

Biden said that the US has entered a new phase of the vaccination campaign. Since Monday, all Americans from the age of 16 can be vaccinated. The President stressed at the press conference that the vaccine is free of charge and that vaccines are needed to prevent serious illness and deaths among young people.

The president calls on employers to motivate their staff to get a coronaprik. They are also called upon to give their employees paid leave so that they can get vaccinated against Covid-19 and recover from any side effects. For companies with fewer than 500 employees, money is being released by the government for this.

17.39 – EU waives the option of additional vaccines Janssen and AstraZeneca

The European Union waives the additional 300 million coronavaccines from Janssen and AstraZeneca to which it was entitled. The options in the contracts with both vaccine makers are not lifted, says a high-ranking EU source to press agency Reuters.

The EUs relationship with AstraZeneca has been acidified because the pharmaceutical has been supplying far fewer vaccines than agreed for months. In addition, there are concerns about the safety of both vaccines, which work in a similar way. Both AstraZeneca and Janssens sometimes dangerous blood clotting problems appear to occur.

The European Commission already made it clear last week that it prefers vaccines using a different process, such as Pfizer/Biontech and Moderna. Shes negotiating with that first manufacturer about a big new order. In this way, Brussels wants to be able to give an extra refresher if necessary and to combat new virus variants.

17.22 – More reports about full trains

Traveller Association Rover have received 200 full train reports over the last three weeks, which is 30 percent more than the entire month of March. Rover reports that passengers mainly complain about the train routes where the NS started running fewer trains due to the coronacrisis.

The increased number of notifications is due to the fact that more people go by train. In the month of March30 percent of the normal number of passengers went by train. In April, thats 40 percent. โ€œSince people are allowed to shop by appointment and the schools are open again, the train is busier,โ€ says Rover Director Freek Forest. โ€œWe hope that now there will be further eases, the NS will also use more trains.โ€

16.56 – Measures against excessive crowds in Giethoorn

Cycling along the famous village canal of Giethoorn is no longer possible from Kings Day during the day. Steenwijkerland, to which Giethoorn belongs, closes the roads along the canal for cyclists from that day onwards for the rest of the tourist season, giving hikers the space. Last summer it was often impossible to keep enough distance in the tourist town of Overijssel, because it was too busy. The municipality will take additional measures if necessary, according to a spokesman.

Steenwijkerland in the Kop van Overijssel consists of dozens of small and larger cores. The area is a popular holiday destination in the Netherlands. That is why the municipality has taken measures in more places, so that cyclists and hikers do not get in the way of each other. In several places, one-way traffic is set for cyclists. There are also more bike rental services. Enforcers are going to check.

16.03 – Open nursing homes completely again

Olderenorganisatie ANBO finds it disappointing that many nursing homes have eased the coronavirus rules even slightly, despite the high vaccination rate. โ€œThe nursing homes must be opened again, to break the loneliness of residents after a year of coronaโ€, according to the organization following research by the University of Maastricht and the Radboudumc in Nijmegen.

Universities conclude that very few nursing homes have been easing recently. In most care homes, at least 80 percent of the residents are vaccinated against the coronavirus and about 60 to 70 percent of the staff. The researchers say that easing visitor arrangements would be beneficial for the wellbeing of the residents.

15.40 – RIVM reports 8530 new infections

The National Institute for Health and Environment (RIVM) registered 8530 new coronavirus cases between Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning. Thats 1682 more than Tuesday, when 6848 positive tests were reported. Initially, the RIVM reported on new cases on Tuesday 6871, but that number was slightly adjusted downwards.

The number of coronavirus cases is often slightly higher on Wednesdays than on other days. The newly reported number is difficult to compare with the same day a week ago. At that time, 5456 were reported, but that low number was due to a technical malfunction at the GDs. The following day the unreported cases were reported.

The RIVM has recorded 57,003 positive test results in the last seven days. This amounts to an average of 8143 new cases per day.

18 corona related deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours. It does not necessarily mean that these patients have died in the last 24 hours. When a coronapatient dies, it is sometimes recorded only a while later.

Rotterdam had the highest number of postitive tests (380), followed by The Hague (329) and Amsterdam (322 new cases). Tilburg and Utrecht counted 170 and 152 new infections respectively.

15.30 – German Bundestag approves controversial national corona law


As expected, the majority of the German Bundestag has agreed to a change of law that allows the federal government to impose direct corona measures, including a fiercely controversial curfew.

Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that the fight against the coronavirus as it was arranged with the Lรคnder has been half-hearted and inadequate. It has had the law amended in order to intervene outside the Lรคnder in areas with very high levels of contamination. The Federal Council, a sort of higher house, is going to discuss the matter on Thursday.

In the country of 84 million inhabitants, almost 5000 out of 275,000 people who carry the virus are very seriously ill.

15.25 – Halsema: no special measures in Amsterdam on Kings Day

In Amsterdam do not apply special security measures on Kings Day next Tuesday. According to Mayor Femke Halsema, the same enforcement regime as currently in force applies on that day, because the announced eases of the corona measures will not take effect until a day later.

At a municipal council meeting, Halsema said: โ€œThere is still the regime that we have at the moment, and that will be the same as on all other days, with authority working to prepare this as thoroughly as possible. Scenarios have been created. The ordinary framework of action applies to the hospitality industry and toprivate individuals, especially maintaining exces in parks and other places.โ€

14.55 – Violating another half meter rule in the Bundestag

Former AFD member Mario Mieruch posts a video on Twitter showing that German politicians do not comply with the other half meter rule at the ballot boxes in the Bundestag. โ€œWhile citizens are soon forced to test in the zoos country residence, group cuddles are distributed here. What a farce!โ€

13.07 – Demonstrations in Berlin against additional corona measures Merkel

The police in Berlin are facing thousands of demonstrators demonstrating against the announced tightened Corona legislation. Cops fired tear gas and used pepper spray against protesters who threw bottles or tried to climb over barricades. At least seven people have been arrested for aggression against the police.

The amendment must be approved on Wednesday by the German Parliament, the Bundestag. In the run-up to that vote, a big demonstration started at the Brandenburg Gate. According to police reports, protesters do not comply with corona measures, such as keeping distance and wearing mouthcaps. More than 40 arrests have been made for this.

The police have deployed about 2200 men and are breaking up the demonstration. The approximately 8000 protesters are called to leave with speakers. โ€œPeace, freedom, not dictatorshipโ€, demonstrators scout. โ€œWe are the people.โ€

Several places in the centre of Berlin are argued on Wednesday against the corona measures which, in the eyes of demonstrators, are contrary to fundamental rights. Currently, the country of 84 million inhabitants is struggling with around 5000 very seriously ill coronation patients.

Merkel fears that the increase in the number of detected infections is getting out of control. The amendment therefore provides for an emergency brake, a procedure whereby strict measures are imposed if the number of coronavirus cases in areas is increasing too quickly. A curfew can then be put in place, and that is very sensitive in Germany.

The amendment of the law makes it possible to impose measures outside the state governments. The Bundestag is expected to agree on Wednesday, and on Thursday the Bundesrat, a sort of higher house, looks at it.

11.32 – Stewards and advice to shop alone should avoid crowds

The advice of the government to go shopping alone and the use of stewards should avoid excessive crowds in the shopping streets from next week. That says President Eus Peters of the Dutch Retail Council (RND). Agreements have also been made with owners of commercial parking spaces to encourage the spread of shopping visits when the simplification of the corona measures will apply on 28 April.

In front of the entrance to shops, a staff member comes at the door who checks who enters. This is mandatory for shops with more than ten employees. โ€œThe most important thing is that customers come alone, because thats how we create space,โ€ says Peters. According to industry association, InRetail cannot maintain that advice because it is not an obligation.

10.20 – GGZ-employees vaccinated with coronavaccin from Janssen in Leiden

The first pricks in the Netherlands with the coronavaccin of pharmaceutical Janssen were put in the Leiden museum Boerhaave on Wednesday. Five GGZ employees were given the shot in the science museum, under the watchful eye of care minister Hugo de Jonge and mayor of Leiden Henri Lenferink.

Babette Engelsman, employee of GGZ Rivierduinen, was the first to get the shot in Leiden. โ€œWe really need the shot for work, sometimes we just have to get close,โ€ said Englishman.

De Jonge said that โ€œputting the first Dutch vaccine on Dutch soil has reached a milestone.โ€ Tuesday evening it became clear that the Netherlands is going to vaccinate with the Janssen vaccine, following the advice of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) that the benefits of the drug outweigh the low risk of the side effect of thrombosis and a lower platelet count.

07.30 – Few ease in nursing homes despite high vaccination rates

Few nursing homes have been easing lately, despite the high vaccination rate. The universities of Nijmegen and Maastricht report this on the basis of research at 76 nursing homes, which have been followed for almost a year.

In most care homes, at least 80 percent of the residents are vaccinated against the coronavirus and about 60 to 70 percent of the staff. The researchers say that easing visitor arrangements would be beneficial for the wellbeing of the residents.

Many nursing homes say they are still struggling with loneliness, among other things because there are so fewvisit is welcome and there is little social interaction. According to the researchers, some nursing homes do not want to introduce more flexible rules until all residents have been fully vaccinated. Other care homes have not yet made a plan for this, and some believe that the same rules should apply in the homes as in the rest of the country.

07.15 – India records more than 2000 coronadodes in one day

India recorded more than 2000 new deaths from coronapandemic Wednesday. Nearly 300,000 new infections have also been detected in the Asian country, the highest daily figures since the pandemic began.

One day earlier, India reported the highest daily rate to date with 1761 new deaths. A large part of the country is in lockdown due to the many infections with the coronavirus. The official death toll increased by 2023 new deaths to 182,553.

In a speech to the people on Tuesday night, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the country with around 1.3 billion inhabitants is again fighting a big fight. โ€œThe situation was under control until a few weeks ago and then came the two-decoronawave like a storm,โ€ Modi said.

6.30 – First pricks with Janssen vaccine in the

Netherlands starts from Wednesday with the inoculations with Janssens coronavaccine. In the morning a number of ggz employees get the first shot with this vaccine, in the Boerhaave museum in Leiden. Healthcare Minister Hugo de Jonge and Mayor Henri Lenferink are present.