LIVE No decrease in coronas cases in Surinam, code black threatens

For over a year now, the Netherlands and the world have been held in control by the coronavirus. How soon do we know how to vaccinate our way out of this crisis? Follow the latest news here.

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22.35 – Austria removes quarantine for dozens of countries


Austria allows people from dozens of countries from Wednesday without compulsory quarantine because of the coronavirus. Health Minister Wolfgang Mรผckstein said Monday that the rules will be relaxed. For five countries with a higher risk, including the Netherlands, the strict rules still apply. Those people should be able to show a negative test evidence and then quarantine for five days. They are tested on the fifth day, and if the results are negative, they can be quarantine.

The easing applies, inter alia, to travellers from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, New Zealand and Norway. People from these countries still need to show a recent negative test result, a vaccination certificate or proof that they have recently recovered from the virus when they arrive in Austria.

โ€œ In many countries, infection rates are going down, so we can adjust the measures in parallel with the reopening of the country,โ€ says Mรผckstein.

18.41 – More freedom for hospitality that asks guests for negative test

Catering companies that require a recent negative corontest or a vaccination certificate for guests may expect more flexibility in June than companies that do not. On this policy the Cabinet seems to be driving, the Hospitality Alliance draws up from a meeting held on Monday by the joint venture with the demissionary Minister Ferd Grapperhaus of Security and Justice and demissionary Secretary of State Mona Keijzer for Economic Affairs.

โ€œ Restaurants and cafes that ask their guests for a recent quick test could then allow more people and groups,โ€ explains Frans van Rooij of the Hospitality Alliance. He speaks on behalf of the cooperation of the Association of Chinese-Asian Hospitality Entrepreneurs (VCHO), the Association Professional Fryers (ProFri) and the Dutch Hospitality Guild (NHG).

Although branch organisation Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) called the proposal in question โ€œundiscussableโ€ earlier, the Hospitality Alliance takes the idea seriously. Van Rooij emphasizes that entrepreneurs are not obliged to ask guests for such a test. โ€œCompanies that want it, at least give you more opportunities.โ€ For employees it can also give a greater sense of security if all guests in a cafรฉ or restaurant have been tested negatively, according to Van Rooij.

The Hospitality Alliance does turn against a maximum number of guests per room. โ€œWe have always advocated a maximum number of people per square meter in the hospitality industry. Especially for larger restaurants that is important.โ€

18.38 – United States is going to share another 20 million coronavaccins


The United States is going to share another 20 million doses of coronavaccins with other countries. This number is in addition to the 60 million Astrazeneca vaccines exported as previously announced.

The White House reports that 20 million vaccines from PFIZER/BionTech, Moderna and Janssen will be sent at the end of June. Its not yet clear where these are all going. The details will be announced in the next few days, according to the White House.

18.36 – Curaรงao eases corona measures

Curaรงao announced new eases of the corona measures on Monday. Starting Wednesday, the entry time of the curfew will be shifted from 21:00 to 23:00. The curfew is valid until 4:30.

It is also possible to visit the beaches during the day. Since 24 March this was not possible, although for several weeks people were allowed to swim in the morning and at the end of the afternoon under conditions. The beaches are still subject to restrictions, such as a ban on group formation.

By easing the curfew, restaurants are allowed to remain open until 22:00. However, restrictions still apply. No more than four people are allowed to sit at a table, a visit must not exceed two hours. Cinemas and casinos are allowed to open again until 20.00 hours.

Thevaccination program is progressing well in Curaรงao, reports the government. Two-thirds of the adult population (more than 80,000 people) have received one or two vaccinations. In addition, pregnant women may be vaccinated, as well as young people aged 16 or 17 who have certain medical conditions.

18.33 – No reduction in coronas in Surinam, code black threatens

The number of coronapatics in Surinamese hospitals continues to increase with a threat of code black. That is the picture that the Minister of Health, Amar Ramadhin, and other health authorities are currently drawing up of the situation in the country.

The minister said on the Surinamese radio Monday that there is no formal code black, whereby hospitals have to make choices which patients are given priority. However, in the daily practice of Surinamese hospitals, this is already happening in individual cases. โ€œWith improvisation and adjustments, the last few days have been bridged, but there are major challenges. Were up to the maximum capacity. Covid takes the upper hand. That is why we are about to move towards further scaling out of regular care.โ€

Ramadhin expects that the final decisions on scaling and code black will be announced on Tuesday in the course of the day. The Minister also insists on the importance of vaccination, especially for the risk groups, such as the elderly and people with underlying diseases. It turns out that in recent weeks people from this group have to be included because of serious complaints.

โ€œ Vaccination aims to prevent disease and mortality,โ€ said the Minister. โ€œIts a pity to see that many people who are now sick had the room to get vaccinated.โ€

The ruler does not rule out that the corona measures will be tightened this week. โ€œI call on society not to continue the irresponsible behaviour that will sustain the pandemic. Nobody wants their family not to be admitted because of capacity shortage?โ€

Suriname is in the middle of the third wave of infection where the so-called Brazilian or Manaus variant is the biggest culprit. This form of the coronavirus is much more contagious than the variants from the initial period of the pandemic. In recent weeks, 25 to 40 percent of the tested people received a positive result, with over a hundred confirmed infections every day. Also, the number of deaths is relatively high, in this month 24 people have died of Covid-19.

18.26 – Janssen delivers This week, a lot less coronavaccins

The European Union only gets half of Janssens coronavaccines on which it counted. The company hopes to make up for the delay this month, say EU sources.

The manufacturer of the Dutch vaccine had already fallen behind with the delivery of the 55 million doses to be delivered before 1 July. The counter is currently on less than 5 million vaccines. Both parent company Johnson & Johnson and the European Commission continue to count on the fulfilment of the promised deliveries for the second quarter.

The company has halved this weeks delivery, says an insider according to Reuters news agency. The committee, which concluded the contract on behalf of the EU countries, does not wish to confirm this. A spokesman agrees that there is a temporary reduction. The Johnson & Johnson Committee understands that it is โ€œcaught quite soonโ€.

The pharmareus produces the drug, one of which already sufficiently protects against the coronavirus, in the United States and in Leiden. In the US, Johnson & Johnson is facing ongoing production problems, which are again the source of the slowdown, says a Brussels source.

What the reduced supply means for the Netherlands is still unclear.

18.10 – People from 1965 can now make a puncture appointment

More than a quarter of a million people born in 1965 can make an appointment from Monday evening on to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. At the prick they get the vaccine from PFIZER/BionTech or that of Moderna. For this, they can go to more than a hundred vaccination sites of the GDs.

People who prefer to make an appointment by telephone have to wait for the invitation letter that comes through the mailbox on Wednesday or Thursday.

More and more people can be vaccinated. On Sunday people from 1963 and 1964 were given the opportunity to make an appointment. That group consists of about 450,000 people. At the end of April, the invitations were sent to some 250,000 people from birth year 1962.

According to RIVM, people can receive a double invitation. They are now invited on the basis of their year of birth, but aremay have been invited earlier via another route. For example, because they work in care. Anyone who has already been vaccinated can consider the second invitation as not sent, the RIVM states.

According to the government coronadash board, more than 7.4 million pricks have been made so far, of which almost 5 million have been made by the GDs. These are both first and second pricks. It is estimated that about 5 million people received the vaccine from PFIZER/BionTech. More than 1.5 million people would have received the vaccine from AstraZeneca.

17.44 – Rapid test capacity Ridderkerk doubled for Feyenoord competition

The company that will buy free rapid tests for Stichting Open Nederland (SON) in Rotterdam and its surroundings will double its test capacity for the play-offduel between Feyenoord and Sparta in the next few days Wednesday night. Thats what Emergency Testcorona says to the ANP. Up to 6500 fans are welcome at that competition.

In the test site of Emergency Testcorona in Ridderkerk, 2000 rapid tests per day can normally be performed. In the coming days, that capacity will be doubled to provide Feyenoord supporters living in and near Rotterdam with a quick test close to home. Otherwise they had to divert to quick test locations in, for example, Gouda or The Hague. SON aims to keep the travel time from postal code area to test location for 90 percent of Dutch people under twenty minutes.

From now on, people can make quick test appointments with the seven new test providers SON contracted after a public tender. Theres Emergency Testcorona one of them. The seven batches together have to provide an additional test capacity of 120,000 tests per day. 22 parties responded to a second public tender for a further 105,000 rapid tests per day. This week, SON will announce which test providers have been selected.

Play-off football will also be played in Utrecht on Wednesday, between FC Utrecht and FC Groningen. Up to 3000 fans are welcome there. Whether the rapid test capacity in Utrecht and its surroundings is scaled up is not known.

16.12 – Rapid decrease in coronavirus patients good news for regular care

The number of hospitalizations of coronapatics goes down very quicklyโ€ and that is โ€œfantasticโ€, says hospital boss Ernst Kuipers. The chairman of the National Network Acute Care (LNAZ) calls the rapid decline good news for regular care. โ€œThis means you can quickly resume all kinds of programs,โ€ he says, referring to caring for people with illnesses other than Covid-19. He is โ€œexcited about this development.โ€

Catching up can be expanded quickly. A bed that is released can be used for another patient one day later, says Kuipers, who is also chairman of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. It will take some time before the waiting lists are eliminated, because โ€œthe delays are considerable.โ€

Also, many coronation patients are still in hospital, but it is only a matter of time before that goes down further. The number of hospitalizations falls even faster than was predicted, according to Kuipers. He shows that the decline is strongest among sixties and seventies. โ€œA clear effect of vaccination,โ€ concludes the care director.

The three-day average in the number of recordings has fallen from 312 at the end of April to less than 200 now. In the last 24 hours, only 138 new patients with Covid-19 were admitted, the lowest number since the end of November last year.

Compared to the peak at the end of April, the number of new recordings on a weekly basis decreased by 26 percent. In the last three days, it was 47% lower than at the worst point of the third wave in the pandemic, which was reached on 22 April.

The total hospital occupation is less likely to decline. This is because people who end up in hospital with Covid-19 generally have to stay there for quite a long time. Nevertheless, this figure has fallen by 19% since the peak. The total number of COVID patients increased slightly in the last 24 hours, reaching 2183 people. Thats 31 more than Sunday, but this is only โ€œa daily rateโ€ that says nothing about the favorable trend, says Kuipers.

16.07 – EMA agrees to a longer storage of Pfizer vaccine in refrigerator

Pfizer and BionTech may be stored in a refrigerator for longer. Until now, the directive has been that a defrosted bottle could stay in cooling for a maximum of five days, at temperatures of 2 to 8 degrees above zero. After those five days, the bottle should be discarded. The deadline is now extended to 31 days.

The European Vaccine Supervisor, the European Medicines Agency (EMA), agreed on Monday to amend the rules. The extension gives vaccineers more flexibility, the EMA expects.

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In the Netherlands, the vaccine isof Pfizer and BionTech administered by the GDs at central locations throughout the country.

13.03 – Disneyland Paris reopens its doors on 17 June

Europes largest tourist attraction Disneyland Paris announced its reopening on 17 June. This is a consequence of the easing of the corona measures which will apply in France. The amusement park was closed since the end of October.

Visitors will be welcome again in a months time to Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneys Newport Bay Club Hotel and Disney Village. Disneys Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel opens a few days later, on June 21. All health and safety measures will be in force.

The amusement park was closed last year from 13 March to 15 July. Last winter the park was closed again from 30 October. The reopening has already been postponed twice, the first time in February, the second time in April. Disneyland Paris is the last amusement park in Disney that was still closed.

12.25 – Dutch theme parks may be open again from Wednesday


Efteling welcomes visitors again from Wednesday, after 22 weeks closing. Amusement park Walibi receives the first guests from Friday. The theme parks announced this after the cabinet decision to allow the second round of easings to continue on Wednesday.

According to the Cabinet, the coronac figures have been sufficiently improved to make more possible especially outside. For example, sports can be carried out in larger groups and so called flow-through locations such as the zoo or the amusement park can be reopened. Also inside can be more: gyms are allowed to reopen, as well as dance and music schools. Releasations were announced last week with reservations, but if the pressure on hospitals was not reduced quickly enough, an โ€œemergency brakeโ€ could be pulled. That has not proved necessary.

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In the parks, only the outdoor attractions are open. For example, the attractions such as Symbolica and Droomvlucht in the Efteling should remain closed for a while. Furthermore, the parks have taken precautions. There are walking routes and central disinfection points.

According to the Efteling, the simplifications come just on time. Especially on the 69th anniversary of Efteling, Monday 31 May, the theme park opens the new Speelbos Nest! โ€œLast week, the last play equipment were placed in Nest! In the play forest, young daredevils will soon be able to play with various play equipment and objects to their hearts content.โ€

Walibi has also renewed part of the park, the Exotic zone. The attractions in the area have a new look and the roller coaster Condor has been given new trains.

11.00 – Giro555: Proceeds never so low

The proceeds of Giro555s action to help poorer countries in their fight against corona still yield little money. Until Sunday evening, 1 million euros have been raised. โ€œIn the last five years, on the fifth day of a national Giro555 action, this has never been so low,โ€ says Action President Suzanne Laszlo.

Last Wednesday the action started. โ€œWe are happy and grateful for all the contributions we have received so far,โ€ says Laszlo. In addition to donations, negative reactions are also coming in. โ€œPeople say we should get the money from Pfizer, because the sale of the vaccinations gives them a lot of profit. People also think that the money should go to the Netherlands: their own people first. We have never had this kind of negative reactions in a fundraiser,โ€ said a spokesman for Giro555.

โ€œ We realize that this action is different,โ€ says Laszlo. โ€œMany people in the Netherlands still have a head full of worries because of the pandemic. It can therefore feel like too much to think about the situation of people far away.โ€

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However, the cooperating aid organisations, which raise funds through Giro 555, emphasise the importance of helping the poorer countries. โ€œWe could all be vaccinated later. But if the rest of the world cant be vaccinated, well never get the hang of corona.โ€ The money collected from the national action is intended for coronas victims and for the possibility of vaccination in vulnerable countries. In addition, the money collected provides information on the importance of vaccination and to combat misinformation.

During the action, the Giro555 collection bus passes through different parts of the country. At the bus, for example, doctors and BNers come along who carry the action a warm heart. The bus will visit Rotterdam on Monday, where mayor Aboutaleb will visit, together with writer Ernest van der Kwast, ic-arts and foreman of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care Diederik Gommers and internist Robin Peeters. On Tuesday there will be group chairmen to the bus, which will then be in The Haguestate.

9.00 – British people are allowed to play sports again, on holiday

The UK takes another big step in easing the lockdown on Monday. Hospitality in England, Scotland and Wales are also allowed to receive customers inside and residents of those regions can go on holiday abroad again.

The British Government set up a lockdown in January and is now gradually phasing it down. Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned last week that the new Indian corona variant may complicate plans to lift the last restrictions in England next month.

The government still dared to let the plans go ahead for this Monday. Not all British regions have the same rules, but most places include cinemas, theatres, sports centres and museums. Northern Ireland will not see until later this month whether restrictions can be lifted.

Millions of British people can also go on holiday in twelve destinations that are on a green list by the government. These include Portugal and Israel. Holidaymakers do not have to quarantine after returning.

6.35 – Cabinet decides almost certainly about continuing easing


It looks like a number of coronameasures will be scaled again on Wednesday. The demissionary cabinet had already decided that last week, but it still held a pause button to postpone the easing. That would happen if too many coronation patients were admitted to hospitals. But it looks positive, the initiates reported Sunday, as the descent continues. Monday around noon, the Cabinet will formally slap the enlargement.

From 19 May, terraces may be open longer so that people can have breakfast or dinner. There is also more outdoor recreation, such as theme parks and zoos, as well as outdoor venues for art and culture. Teams can also play outdoor sports again and the gyms and swimming pools reopen. Sex workers can get back to work, too. The libraries will be able to reopen their doors on May 20.

The second phase of the opening plan would continue if there was an average decrease in hospital inflows of about 20 percent on Monday compared to the peak at the end of April, Prime Minister Mark Rutte pledged. However, the basic coronameasures remain, such as inside mouthcaps, 1.5 meters away and a limited number of people together.

The next phase of easing will be decided by the Cabinet at the beginning of June.

6.30 – Again more than 4000 coronadodes in India

In India, another 4106 people died from the effects of coronavirus last 24 hours, reports the Ministry of Health on Monday. One day earlier, 4077 deaths were reported in 24 hours.

The number of infections is slightly lower than on Sundays. Over the past 24 hours, 281,386 inhabitants of India were tested positively on Covid-19, compared with 31,170 on Sunday.

In total, nearly 25 million people tested positive for the virus in India. 274,390 coronation patients died. However, experts suspect that the actual number is much higher.

Hospitals in the country have been under heavy pressure since the outbreak of the second corona wave. Crematoria and cemeteries are also overloaded.