LIVE Novavax claims 96% effectiveness

The coronavirus continues to hold the world in its grip. Vaccination is getting started faster and faster, but entrepreneurs are still sighing under the lockdown measures. Uncertainty about the variants โ€” and the impact on protection โ€” is the subject of debate. Meanwhile, the elections are taking part in the Netherlands.

Follow the latest coronan news in our live blog below.

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23.13 – Novavax claims 96% effectiveness vaccine

American pharmaceutical Novavax claims that his coronavaccine works in more than 96 percent of cases to prevent coronavirus infection. This is evidenced by a study in Great Britain, according to the company when presenting the final results.

Against infection with the more infectious so-called British variant of the coronavirus, Novavax provides 86 percent protection. In a test in South Africa, however, it proved only 55.4 percent effective against the dominant variant there. The drug is still being tried in the United States.

The European Medicines Agency EMA in Amsterdam is already dealing with the Novax vaccine. The regulator always incorporates the latest research results into the assessment for approval for the EU market.

21.16 – Cabinet wants a hundred test streets

The Ministry of VWS is working on a plan to mash a hundred new test streets out of the ground. In these ‘party’ test streets, people have to pass a quick test to party on weekends, says DeccEit.

With a green check mark, a QR code and the Coronacheck app, visitors can enter an event again. After 24 hours, the green checkmark in the app disappears. Then you can no longer go to the football stadium or at a concert.

20.10 – No corona infestations at second FieldLab football match

During the Fieldlab football match between Almere City FC and Cambuur Leeuwarden on Sunday 28 February, no corona infections occurred. It was the second duel this year in which public was admitted. This was done in the context of the so-called FieldLab experiments, which investigates how this can be done as safely as possible in times of corona.

In the second test, five days after the race, 82 percent of the visitors showed up. This resulted in one positive test result, but source and contact research showed that this infection occurred not during the race but in the private environment after the race, says Fieldlab.

18.20 – Pfizer can make considerably more vaccines this year than estimated

Pfizer and BionTech can deliver 20 percent more coronavaccins this year than originally estimated. The US pharmaceutical company and the German biotech company expect to be able to produce 2.3 to 2.4 billion doses worldwide by 2021, said Pfizer-top man Albert Bourla on Thursday.

By the fourth quarter, production capacity has increased to 3 billion doses per year. According to Bourla, that number will be reached in 2022.

Pfizer expects to have delivered 120 million doses to the US government by the end of this month, as the company had promised. For this, 60 million more will have to be delivered in the coming weeks. They‘ve already been made, but they’re still being tested.

17.50 – ‘Military personnel not obligatorily vaccinated for the time beingโ€

Military personnel are not necessarily vaccinated for the time being. Only personnel travelling abroad can be required to vaccinate โ€œwhen non-vaccinated poses an increased risk to the employability of the armed forcesโ€, says the Ministry of Defence.

On the basis of the Military Immunization Act (WIM), the Defence may, under certain circumstances, require members of the armed forces to undergo a vaccination. The Minister must, however, seek advice in advance from a special committee of experts.

This has also been done in the context of the coronavaccination. The committee now recommends that vaccination should be done on a voluntary basis for the time being. This is due to the fact that there is still some uncertainty about the efficacy and availability of the vaccines.

An exception is therefore made for military personnel who go on missions. The Netherlands participates in several dozen missions. Some are large, others only consist of one or two people. Many Dutch soldiers are active in Lithuania, Afghanistan and Iraq.

17.20 – Premier Belgium: children can get coronaprik after summer

Belgian young people and children who wish to do so will be vaccinated against Covid-19, as Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said in the youth news of the VRT. He did not give precise timing, but it will be after the summer at the earliest, he thinks.

De Croo answered inโ€œKarrewiet โ€œquestions from children about the coronavirus. Most of all, they wanted to know if they were going to be vaccinated. โ€œYou will also get a vaccine, but today you are the least vulnerable. We first vaccinate those who can get sick most quickly, but eventually we will also vaccinate children,โ€ he said.

16.30 – De Jonge: 3 million doses of Janssen in second quarter

Three million doses of the new corona vaccine from the Dutch company Janssen will be available for the Netherlands in the second quarter. The first delivery comes in April, then in May and June even more. That says healthcare minister Hugo de Jonge in a response to the approval by regulator EMA Thursday.

In the third quarter, the minister expects six million vaccines from Janssen. Only one shot of the vaccine is needed.

15.50 – Dutch regulator: Vaccine Janssen works well with the elderly

The Dutch coronavaccin of Janssen appears to work well with the elderly. The effectiveness in people aged 65 and over is around 80 percent. โ€œThat is why it is suitable for use in the elderly,โ€ says clinical assessor Ingrid Schellens of the College for Evaluation of Medicines (CBG) on Thursday. In the overall group, efficacy is around 67 percent.

The vaccine prevents severe Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. โ€œThe disease is milder and the number of hospitalizations is small,โ€ says Schellens. In its view, the vaccine is an ‘important complement‘ to the three existing vaccines, namely PFIZER/BionTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca. The Janssenvaccine is most similar to that of AstraZeneca. Janssen is also based on a harmless cold virus. One vaccination is enough.

The drug also appears to be against the South African variant, because part of the research among subjects took place in that country, where the mutation was already circulating at that time. โ€œWe don’t know about the British variant yet. That mutation didn‘t go around the places where it was tested. A study in the lab shows how the British variant works.โ€ According to Schellens, the vaccine is relatively easy to make a new variant.

15.00 – More and more European countries cease using Astrazeneca vaccine

More and more European countries are suspending the use of the Astrazeneca vaccine due to concerns about possible side effects. These include Denmark, Norway and Iceland. Italy claims not to use a specific batch of Astrazeneca vaccines.

Countries are responding to reports of blood clots in people who have been vaccinated. For this reason, Austria, Luxembourg and the Baltic States have already restricted the use of the product. As a precaution, they stopped vaccinations with a batch of 1 million vaccines from AstraZeneca after the death of a vaccinated woman in Austria.

Denmark was the first country to continue on Thursday and announced that it would not use the coronavaccin at all for the next two weeks. The director of the Danish health authority said that the vaccine is safe and working properly. โ€œBut we need to respond to information about possible serious side effects, both in Denmark and in other European countries,โ€ he explained.

Other countries see no reason to stop vaccinating. Spain indicated that it had not encountered cases of blood clots that may be related to inoculations. That’s why they just go on. In Belgium, the head of the vaccination task force announced that his country has not yet stopped vaccinating. He says people who are being vaccinated don‘t have to worry about.

14.25 – Four vaccines approved, more coming

Now that Janssen’s Dutch coronavaccin has received a positive opinion, it is only a matter of time before the drug is authorised by the European Commission. After that green light, Europe has four vaccines against the coronavirus. But it is not just that, there are more resources to come.

Three vaccines were already approved. They‘ve already been administered. It concerns the resources of PFIZER/BionTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca.

Europe has also ordered four coronavaccines that are still in development. These are made by the German CureVac, the French Sanofi, the American Novax and the French Valneva. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is already taking part in the studies of CureVac and Novax, so that vaccines can be evaluated more quickly.

Other vaccine developers are also trying to get a foothold in Europe. For example, the EMA is already looking at the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. This vaccine was developed by the research institute Gamaleya in Moscow. This works together with a company from Germany during the application and wants to produce the vaccine in Italy. Hungary and Slovakia have already ordered doses of the vaccine outside the European Union.Croatia would also like to do so. Chinese companies such as Sinopharm and Sinovac are also hoping for admission in Europe.

13.40 – The Hague sets 200 demonstrators as a limit for demonstrations

No more than two hundred people are allowed to participate in demonstrations in The Hague. The organisation of such a demonstration must also be able to produce a solid plan showing that everything has been done to prevent the spread of corona. The mayor of the Hague, Jan van Zanen, informed the city council on Thursday.

Groups that register a demonstration at the last minute at the municipality can only visit the Malieveld and the nearby park Koekamp as far as Van Zanen is concerned. Demonstrative tours, for example through the city centre, are also prohibited due to the rigorous corona measures.

โ€œThe Hague has a generous demonstration policy aimed at making possible and not limitingโ€, said the municipality Thursday. โ€œAt the same time, we are in an exceptional situation. Over a year, we have been trying to limit the spread of the coronavirus. For this purpose, these far-reaching measures will be taken.โ€

Two demonstrations are scheduled for Sunday at the Malieveld and the Koekamp. The Netherlands In Resistance will demonstrate against the coronation policy on the Malieveld, close to the Koekamp is an action of Klimaatalarm, including Milieudefensie, Greenpeace and Amnesty International.

13.22 – 20 percent fewer stores in Amsterdam by corona

The number of shops in the Amsterdam city centre decreased by 20 percent last year. The stagnant visitor economy has dramatic consequences for Amsterdam entrepreneurs, is stated in the Amsterdam City Index, the annual barometer of the entrepreneurial association in the Amsterdam city centre. The association speaks of a โ€œmassacreโ€ due to the coronavirus in the center of the capital.

In the city centre there are 36 shops less than a year ago. In total, 59 companies in this area went bankrupt in 2020, according to the association of companies, an increase of almost 11 percent compared to the previous year. Unemployment rose from 4.1 percent in 2019 to 6.1 percent in 2020. Despite this, 90 percent of entrepreneurs are highly motivated to make every effort to get through the coronacrisis.

The number of hotel stays in the centre of Amsterdam decreased by 75 percent between March last year and September. The use of public transport at the low point, in April, decreased by 86 percent.

The association of companies comes up with a number of short-term wishes. For example, she asks the municipality to reduce the burden by extending the rules and reducing rents and taxes. She also advocates a more varied range of companies, partly to give the visitor economy a different character as desired. Smaller entrepreneurs must also be given a place in this. โ€œIf the type of tourist changes, companies will go along with that movement,โ€ says in the report. โ€œMany entrepreneurs argue that we need to focus on Amsterdam and Dutch customers.โ€

Furthermore, the entrepreneurs want it to be safer and cleaner on the streets. Despite the silence, entrepreneurs, like previous years, complained about dirty streets.

13.13 – Patient Federation hopes for rapid clarification AstraZeneca

Patient Federation Nederland assumes that there will soon be clarity about the vaccine of AstraZeneca. โ€œPatient safety must be paramount,โ€ says a spokesman.

The patient organization has not yet received calls from troubled people who have recently been vaccinated or have yet to get the shot. This is also the case with the GGD GHOR Netherlands, umbrella organisation of the GDs. โ€œAll appointments continue, we haven’t received any cancellations yet,โ€ says a spokeswoman.

Thursday it was announced that Denmark is temporarily stopping vaccinating people with AstraZeneca. The reason is that there has been repeated reports of blood clots in people who were vaccinated with the drug. Iceland is also suspending the use of this vaccine due to concerns about possible side effects.

12.55 – Side effects centre Lareb sees no reason to stop AstraZeneca

Side effects centre Lareb has received only one report of possible thrombosis of the AstraZeneca vaccine in the Netherlands. โ€œIt‘s a suspicion of a thrombosis without serious consequences,โ€ says Agnes Kant, epidemiologist and director at Lareb.

She sees no reason to stop taking the coronav vaccine. โ€œWe do not see anything special, but of course we are extra alert to itโ€, says Kant.

Denmark announced on Thursday that it would temporarily stop vaccinating people with AstraZeneca. Reason is that there has been repeated reports of blood clots in people whowere vaccinated with the agent.

12.00 – Test locations Hilversum and Nissewaard close by storm

The test locations in Hilversum and the South Holland municipality of Nissewaard are closed due to the storm. Due to the strong winds the test streets are closed for safety reasons, the GGD Gooi and Vechtstreek and the GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond report.

Agreements are moved as much as possible. For residents from the Hilversum region, the location in Huizen is accessible to move appointments to, for the municipality of Nissewaard these are the test sites Ahoy and Middelharnis.

It was already known that two vaccination sites in the north of North Holland remain closed on Thursday. The measure applies to the puncture streets in Alkmaar and Middenmeer. There are tents there where people get vaccinated.

In Zeeland, the test street in Vlissingen is closed on Thursday as a precaution. People who had an appointment can get tested in Goes. A storm pulls over the Netherlands on Thursday. Weather Institute KNMI expects gusts of wind up to 110 kilometers per hour and therefore has set code yellow

09.00 – Fitness branch with fire letter to The Hague

Fitness entrepreneurs, instructors and club members present a letter of fire to Minister Van Ark (Sport) and Secretary of State Knops (Interior) in The Hague on Friday morning. They demand a quick reopening of the gyms.

Ronald Wouters, general director NL Actief: โ€œThe action is an extreme attempt to shake up politics The Hague about the importance of opening. The fitness industry is part of the solution, not the problem.โ€

Gyms have been (partially) locked for more than seven months. Since the second lockdown, three million members have been silent. The industry sees that more and more members are dropping out (and fears that some will never come back). Most fitness clubs are technically bankrupt. The sector argues that redundancies, closures and bankruptcies can no longer be avoided.

โ€œIt is frustrating that 4000 sports and fitness entrepreneurs in the Netherlands are not allowed to practice their profession at a time when it is so necessary to engage in resistance and vitality. It is impossible to explain that fast food chains, liquor stores and candy stores are considered essential by the cabinet, but the professionals in the field of lifestyle and prevention are not,โ€ says Han de Hair, president of the Association of Exclusive Sports Centres.

08.00 – Four out of ten doctors: too much emphasis on care in coronacrisis

A significant group of Dutch doctors believe that during the coronacrisis, the government โ€œplaces too much emphasis on care and too little on other social areas, such as economics and education.โ€ More than four out of ten of the respondents (44 percent) agree with this statement in a poll of the medical journal Medisch Contact. A slightly larger group (47 percent) disagree. 6809 doctors, former doctors and medical students participated in the survey.

The youngest respondents most often find that too much emphasis is on care, older doctors are more often satisfied with it. The fact that doctors are divided on the emphasis on care does not mean that they feel that the Cabinet is tackling coronacrisis badly. The large majority (81%) agree with this statement about government policy: โ€œNot everything is going well, but I admire how they fight this crisis.โ€

11 percent of the respondents feel that the Cabinet โ€œis doing far too little to curb this disruptive diseaseโ€, 8% endorse the statement: โ€œThey intervene far too hard to combat a disease that is not very much.โ€

07.50 – Cambodia reports year after the start of pandemic first coronadode

One year after the start of the pandemic, Cambodia reported a coronavirus death for the first time. It’s about a 50-year-old man who tested positive about two weeks ago.

According to the authorities, the Cambodian died on the morning of 11 March, exactly one year after the World Health Organization had declared a pandemic. He worked as a driver for a Chinese guy in the city of Sihanoukville. That person also got infected with the virus.

Since the beginning of the coronacrisis, 118 million infections have been reported worldwide. According to official figures, Cambodia‘s approximately 16 million inhabitants recorded only 1163 cases of corona. The country is now in the grip of the most serious corona outbreak to date.

07.15 Number of new coronas cases in Germany increased sharply

The number of new infections detected in Germany in the last 24 hours has risen sharply again. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports 14,356 new cases on Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, the RKI reported more than 9000 new infections. That was more than doubling the number of the day before. In Germany, it is almost weekly the case that the figureslie relatively low in and just after the weekend and then increase rapidly as the week progresses.

With the new cases, 2,532,947 cases of Covid-19 have been detected in Germany since the beginning of the corona epidemic. In 72,810 of these cases, the disease eventually suffered a lethal outcome. In the last 24 hours, another 321 people died in Germany from the effects of corona.

02.15 On the second day in a row a record number of coronadodes Brazil

Brazil reported a record number of coronadodes in one 24 hours on Wednesday for the second consecutive day. This was also mentioned last week. On Wednesday, the Brazilian Ministry of Health reported that in the last 24 hours no less than 2286 people died from the effects of Covid-19.

On Tuesday there was already a record number of 1972 deaths reported in a 24 hours. In addition to mortality rates, the levels of infection are also sky-high in Brazil. Just no 80,000 new detected infections were reported on Wednesday. A day earlier, there were over 70,000.

03.00 Biden: surplus coronavaccins share with other countries

The United States is going to share their purchased doses of coronavaccin with other countries once their own population has been vaccinated, US President Joe Biden said Wednesday evening. โ€œIf we have a surplus, we will share it with the rest of the world,โ€ said the President at the White House.

โ€œThe virus cannot be stopped by a fence, no matter how high that fence or wall is,โ€ says Biden. โ€œSo we’re not safe until the whole world is safe.โ€ Biden then said that he was aiming to take care of the Americans first. โ€œAnd then we can try to help the rest of the world.โ€

Biden announced that he ordered his chief corona cases Jeff Zients and the Ministry of Health to order 100 million additional doses of coronavaccin from pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. With that vaccine, which was released at the end of last month by the US regulator FDA, one dose is sufficient while other pharmaceuticals should be administered twice.