LIVE Number of coronas cases decreased slightly last week

The number of coronavirus infections is growing considerably in the United States and Europe. Worldwide, additional corona measures are taken such as full and local lockdowns, evening bells and contact bubbles. Is there a third wave waiting for us, or is a vaccine going on? Follow the latest coronan news in this live blog.

The number of new coronavirus cases in the Netherlands is still declining very slowly. In the past week, slightly fewer infections have been detected than in the seven days before. The National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) will present the exact weekly rate on Tuesday.

The RIVM reported last week that it had received 36,931 positive test reports in seven days. The week before, there were 37,706.

In the six days after the most recent update, there were just no 30,000 cases. In recent weeks, the number of cases has increased by an average of 5000 per day. This goes with considerable fluctuations, for which there is still no clear explanation.

The RIVM will also report on Tuesday how many deaths and hospitalizations have been recorded in the past week. Last week, the RIVM reported 422 deaths, 1291 admissions to the nursing departments in hospitals and 193 in the intensive cares. That was all lower than it was the week before.

Furthermore, the RIVM reports whether the so-called reproduction number has changed. That figure indicates how fast the virus is spreading. Last week, the number rose to a fraction above 1, so that the outbreak remains fairly stable. Above 1, the number of infections increases faster and faster, below 1 the outbreak can slowly extinguish.

Since the beginning of the outbreak in the Netherlands, the virus has been detected in more than 523,000 people. In the course of this week, Amsterdam can be the first municipality above the limit of 40,000 cases.

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