LIVE Packed everywhere by spring weather

It‘s beautiful spring weather, so many people go out to pick up the first rays of sunshine. That leads here and there to a lot of crowds.

We keep track of developments in the country on this spring day.

17:41 Parking spaces overcrowded

The sundrift made parking spaces scattered across the country very busy. According to a spokesperson for Natuurmonumenten, additional parking spaces were opened on the coast, for example in the Zuid-Holland dunes. ,, The regular parking spaces were insufficient. That is something we normally experience on extremely summer days.โ€ The crowds did not lead to problems. โ€œIt was quite busy, but enjoyable,โ€ said the spokesman.

Also in nature reserves in Twente, near the Drentsche Aa and the Lage Vuursche in Baarn the parking spaces were crowded. The municipality of Baarn called on people to stop coming to the village at the end of the morning, and traffic regulators stopped cars. About two hours later the weather was quiet in the center of the village.

15:40 Demonstration on Museumplein is dissolved.

A demonstration at the Museumplein in Amsterdam is dissolved by order of Mayor Femke Halsema. Just after 3:30 p.m., the police called out to leave hundreds of protesters against the corona measures in the square.

15:04 hours Museumplein full of activists

On the Museumplein in Amsterdam, a large group of several hundred ‘coffee drinkers‘ mixes between a multitude of sun worshippers and recreators who come to enjoy the early spring day. The police are present on and around the square with several vans to keep an eye on the sail. There’s also a drone hanging over the square.

Through social media, people were called upon to come back to ‘drink coffee’ as a protest against the corona measures. Right in front of the Van Gogh Museum, the activists against coronation policy gathered around a lying banner with the text ‘Stop the lockdown’. Some activists have dressed up in striking animal costumes or as waders and attract attention with lyrics like ‘Demonstrate is our fundamental right’, ‘Groundright Away for a prickie’ and ‘Police, don’t let this demonstration hijack by malicious wills‘.

14:00 hours ‘Cozy pressure‘ in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Delft

In the centers of Amsterdam, Utrecht and Delft, for example, it is busy with day trips, but not overly busy, according to several photocorrespondents.

13:47 Posbank now closed Due to

the crowds on the Veluwse Posbank it has been decided to close the access road. All parking spaces are full. The moorland attracts a lot of people with this sunny weather.

13:05 Boulevard Scheveningen sees black of the people

It is very busy on the boulevard in Scheveningen. Due to the pleasant weather there are many people walking along both the beach and the promenade. There are also sports and there are many traffic regulators and security guards available to manage everything in the right direction.

11:30 hours Kralingse Bos closed

The municipality of Rotterdam also closed the Kralingse Bos today (Sunday 21 February). All access roads are closed. The combination of beautiful spring weather, weekend and school holidays makes it too busy this whole weekend.

Yesterday the Kralingse Bos was already so busy that the municipality decided to close the access roads.

11:00 hours Nature reserve Meijendel close again

The parking lots in Wassenaar and Meijendel are full. Traffic is diverted to the Wassenaar Battle. Interested people are advised to come by bike or go somewhere else.

07:00am Municipalities ask: stay away!

The weather will be bright and sunny again on Sunday. Reason for municipalities to once again call people not to go into nature massively and avoid crowded places in forests and on beaches. Along the coast, police officers, boas and traffic attendants are supervised on Sunday and in nature areas foresters are extra alert because of the corona measures. expects that Sunday will be a bit warmer than Saturday, with locally even 19 degrees in the south-east of the country. Saturday was the first official soft day of the year, requiring a temperature of 15 degrees in De Bilt. Many people therefore went out at the beginning of the spring break.

In the municipality of Zandvoort it became too busy on Saturday morning at the Waterleidingduinen, and the parking lot at the Zandvoortselaan was closed for a short time. But in the forests and other nature reserves it was nowhere too busy, according to a spokesperson for Natuurmonumenten.

Municipalities in Kennemerland call on recreators to stay close to their own home this weekend as much as possible and to take into account the expected hustle and bustle in nature reserves, on the beach, in the parks and forests. โ€œWhen it’s too busy, come back at a later time or visitanother area. In the event of crowds, parking spaces and access roads can be closed,โ€ said the municipalities in a joint call.