LIVE Police attacked, little eye damage and more autofires Brabant

Laughter for blundering youth, dozens of car fires, illegal parties and police under fire… The New Year was different this year than usual. Fireworks were forbidden, although not everyone kept to them. Spread across the country, there were incidents. How this relates to previous years is not yet known.

In this article, we will keep you up to date with the latest news on New Years Eve.

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14.32 hours Police ends party on New Years morning in Nijmegen

The police ended an illegal party on Friday morning around 10.30 am at the Lijnbaanstraat in Nijmegen. There were about thirty people present.

Some of the partygoers tried to escape, but the police managed to prevent it. All attendees have received a ticket for violation of the coronare rules. For example, group formation is forbidden, moreover, the party-goers did not keep a sufficient distance from each other.

14.12 P.M. Police: in Den Bosch East went wrong

The police speak of a troubled New Year in Den Bosch. Especially in Den Bosch Oost things went wrong, according to the police on Friday. According to the police, there were many disturbances of public order in this section, particularly at the beginning of Thursday evening. The mobile unit had to intervene in order to restore order.

In East, according to the fire department, several cars were set on fire. Young people also threw fireworks to the police. The fire department couldnt put out the fires as long as the situation was unsafe.

According to the police, it involved several dozen rioters who destroyed and started fires. โ€œHeavy fireworks were also thrown at buses and police,โ€ said the police.

โ€œ The misconduct are, of course, unacceptable. For the safety of the neighbourhood, and towards our emergency services,โ€ said Mayor Jack Mikkers. โ€œBut also because of the damage caused to the property of residents and other parties. You can count on us to deal with the rioters together with our partners. There are already several images available for this.โ€

Mikkers identified this part of Den Bosch Thursday evening as a safety risk area.

13.50 Halsema: New Year is manageable The New

Year in Amsterdam and surroundings has been manageable, according to Mayor Femke Halsema. There have been fewer arrests by the police than in previous years. The fire brigade and ambulance services were less likely to jerk off for emergency rides. Figures does not mention the Amsterdam-Amstelland Security Region in the preliminary image of the police, the fire brigade and the medical services.

Emergency services in and around the capital are less hampered in their operations this year. Arrests were made on the Osdorper Ban in New West district after fireworks were thrown to the police. No cops were hurt.

In Amsterdam-Oost, disturbances have arisen on the Molukkenstraat with heavy fireworks. Thats where the ME was deployed. Also in Uithoorn the ME came into action. There, a group of young people caused unrest. Last years serious disturbances did not repeat themselves there. The fire brigade has extinguished many container fires throughout the entire Amsterdam-Amstelland region during the New Years night.

There were only two fireworks victims in the Amsterdam region, Aalsmeer, Amstelveen, Diemen, Ouder-Amstel and Uithoorn. Thats what the security region calls exceptionally low.

13.34 hours Region Rotterdam: 34 vehicle fires

The turn of the year in the region of Rotterdam-Rijnmond, despite the fireworks ban and the call to celebrate old and new especially at home, gave the emergency services a busy night. However, major incidents have not been reported, the security region reports.

The about five hundred aid workers got quite a thing for them.

The ambulance staff was particularly busy after the turn of the year with a peak between 00.00 and 04:00. In total, she was summoned 176 times.

Thats how the fire department processed 390 reports. This was considerably less than last year (711). In most cases they were container and small outdoor fires, but there were also 32 fire reports in a building or home. Furthermore, there were 34 vehicle fires

13.21 hours Major fireworks damage and more car fires Brabant

The damage caused by heavy fireworks in Central and West Brabant is โ€œconsiderable.โ€ Also in this region there were more car fires than previous year changes, the safety region Central and West Brabant announced on Friday.

Incidents occurred in particular in Oosterhout, Dussen, Rijswijk, Gilze, Roosendaal, Etten-Leur, Breda, Zevenbergen and Oudenbosch. The fire brigade speaks of a busy new year, despite the fireworks ban, the lockdown and the catering closure. The fire brigade had to go out 204 times on 31 December and 1 January until 08.00. This is less than last year (255), but thecommitment was more intensive.

13.11 hours Still smog

The air was less polluted during the turn of the year than previous years, but locally there was a lot of smog, reports the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. According to RIVM, it was not at all places that less fireworks have been fired this year. Increased concentrations of particulate matter were measured at various locations.

According to RIVM, it sometimes took several hours to lower concentrations. Mergers are still significant in the Amsterdam area and in the east of the country.

The highest concentration of particulate matter from is measured at a measuring station in The Hague: an average hourly concentration of almost 1000 micrograms of particulate matter per cubic meter of air.

12.29 hours Fire department alarmed almost 4000 times during old and new The fire department has been summoned

for an incident a total of 3959 times during old and new. Often this was a fire, according to preliminary figures from the Institute of Physical Safety, which keeps track of the New Years incidents on behalf of Fire Department Netherlands. The figures cover the whole New Years Eve and go on New Years Morges until 08.00.

In total, the fire department was ripped out 3483 times to put out a fire. The majority of the fire incidents involved an outdoor fire. There were also many container fires (612) and car fires (226). 95 times it was a house fire and more than a hundred times a other building fire.

The peak in the number of reports was around midnight. Then the fire department was called 1333 times.

A first inventory of Fire Brigade Nederland shows a decrease in the number of incidents in 18 safety regions. It is striking that the number of incidents has increased in the three northern regions. In Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland it was remarkably busier than previous years. But also there the reports consisted mainly of small outdoor fires spread throughout the evening and night.

โ€œ Despite the relatively quiet turn of the year, we still see reports of aggression against firefighters this year,โ€ says Tijs van Lieshout, chairman of the Netherlands Fire Department. โ€œIn addition, colleagues were verbally attacked or bulked with fireworks or objects. Damage has also been done to equipment. That remains indigestible.โ€

11.27 am Fairly quiet in Utrecht, Limburg, Friesland, Overijssel

Sharon Dijksma, the new mayor of Utrecht, speaks of a โ€œrelatively quiet turn of the yearโ€ in her city. โ€œAt the same time, every incident is one too many.โ€ Police carried out 11 arrests in the city (38 last year), 17 car fires (three less than a year ago) and the ME had to be deployed once (4 times last year).

Several incidents could be smothered in the bud. Groups of young people who caused nuisance and coiled a police vehicle with stones were driven apart by the ME. The peace returned quickly. An illegal party under a viaduct of the A12 was discovered early. Fifteen people got a ticket.

There are also positive signs elsewhere in the country. Throughout the IJsselland region in Overijssel there has been โ€œan excellent atmosphere, both day and nightโ€, reports the safety region there. โ€œWe have received no reports of aggression or violence against firefighters.โ€

During the New Year, the fire brigade in Friesland was ripped out less often than previous years: 76 times. Last year this was 83 times and the year before 96 times. The fire brigade in Gelderland-Zuid performed 121 times during the New Year, less than a year earlier when 156 times were intervened in fires and incidents, reports the security region Gelderland-Zuid.

North and Central Limburg have had a quiet turn of the year, comparable to an average night out. โ€œA good start of 2021โ€, said the safety region Limburg-North on Friday. There has been no violence or aggression against aid workers, and there has been no reports of fireworks victims at the hospitals in Venray, Venlo, Weert and Roermond.

09.30 Even this morning 4 car fires Deventer

The wave of dozens of New Years Eve car fires is not quite over in the morning. At 07.30 a.m. there were still four vehicles in flames in the popular neighbourhood of the Red Village in Deventer, photographers report.

Was your car destroyed by fire? App to our whatsapp tip line.

09.08 hours Grote faal Rijswijk goes international

New Years entertainment: the incident in Rijswijk goes viral and also spreads its wings outside the borders of the country. A group of young people wanted to set fire to a caravan. That was a little different. The incendiary went off at an unfortunate moment, after which the stunters themselves were poured with burning liquid.

On images is toosee how clothes caught fire and allies put out the fire. How the men are doing is not known. Meanwhile, the images spread over the internet and are shared by English accounts on social media. โ€œIn Rijswijk, The Hague, The Netherlands: a group of dissolute young people tried to set fire to a vehicle with a Molotov cocktail and accidentally set fire to some friends,โ€ shares a German-speaking lady.

The police had to use the ME to support the fire department in the extinguishing. They formed a line to keep the young at bay. The same night in Rijswijk a van and a scooter were set on fire. Exactly how many vehicle fires there were, is still unclear.

9:02 P.M. Police will come with an overview this afternoon

The police are gathering information to form a picture of the last night. In the afternoon the police will come up with more information.

08.11 Four officers injured at the termination of illegal party Arnhem

Four police officers were injured early on Friday morning at the termination of a party in a building on the Koningsweg in Arnhem. Two of the officers had to go to the hospital for treatment, reports Mayor Marcouchs spokesman.

The mobile unit was deployed to end the party. There were at least seventy visitors there. In the bunker on the site, however, resistance was made and stones were thrown at the policemen. Four visitors have been arrested for committing public violence.

Mayor Ahmed Marcouch responded to Twitter angry at the illegal party. โ€œThis antisocial scum, what a difference from all those people here in Arnhem who look after each other, instead of knowingly taking the risk of infecting our people here with a deadly virus and violence against our cops is doubly bad.โ€

As chairman of the Gelderland-Midden security region, Marcouch praises the inhabitants of Arnhem and the surrounding area for their behaviour during the turn of the year. โ€œOur residents understood well that this year it was about fighting corona and fully complied with the fireworks ban,โ€ says Marcouch.

Although it was much quieter than usual because of the corona measures, the fire brigade had to go out 90 times, for example for a fireworks explosion in a house and especially for outdoor fires, such as containers, waste, rubbish and bonfires. Last year, the fire department ripped out 97 times.

08.07 P.M. Police with stones in Utrecht, 27 arrests Midden-Netherlands

The police Midden-Netherlands have listed the most important incidents of the night in the morning. The ME ripped out in Amersfoort where a group of about 90 people gathered, in Oudewater for a small group of young people, and at the Robijnhof in Utrecht. There, the police were slammed with stones by young people. There were no confrontations or arrests.

In total, 27 people have been arrested in the provinces of Utrecht and Flevoland and the Gooi- en Vechtstreek.

07.47 a.m. Ophthalmologist relieved: Quiet old and new in my career

Although the fireworks ban was far from being respected by everyone, certainly not around midnight, the hospitals do notice a difference. An intensivist from Rotterdam tells us on the radio that the number of wounded is very low compared to other years.

โ€œ This is the quietest New Years service Ive experienced in my career. And this was my 23rd New Years shift. It was very quiet,โ€ says ophthalmologist Tjeerd de Faber of the Eye Hospital Rotterdam. โ€œWeve seen two carbide injuries and a patient with fireworks injuries. A fourth patient comes from another hospital in the morning. But that is in stark contrast to the horror night we experienced last year. Then within two and a half hours we saw 18 eye injuries caused by fireworks.โ€

The UMCG also says that it was calmer than usual.

06.52 hours Fireworks costs man a hand in De Kwakel

A man is New Years Eve in De Kwakel seriously injured by a fireworks accident. He should probably miss a hand. What exactly happened is not clear, but according to a police spokeswoman, the man himself was parting off the fireworks after which things went wrong.

De Kwakel is a village in the municipality of Uithoorn, in the south of North Holland.

04.40 hours Illegal party Didam

The police have approved fourteen young people in Didam because they were celebrating an illegal party in a shack. They couldnt follow the corona measures and keep five feet away.

The police say โ€œeveryone emphaticallyโ€ to call on โ€œto celebrate the New Year safely and festively within the framework that exists. We must all make sure that old and new are in a safe and festive way.โ€

04.24 hours Group Leeuwarden throws fireworks at


police in Leeuwarden made several arrests on Friday morning in the event of disturbances in the city centre, reports Omrop Fryslรขn.

A group of young people threw heavy fireworks at cops early in the morning. When deploying on and near the Voorstreek, the police went out in large numbers. According to the regional broadcaster, the ME and the Marechaussee also took action. One of the rioters would have ended up in a moat on the run from the police.

04.10 a.m. Arrest after reporting stabbing and big fire

Around 03:10 a.m. Police and ambulance were notified of a stabbing incident at the Johan van Veenplein in Uithuizermeeden. During the extinguishing work of a large trailer with wooden crates, which had been set on fire, it might have been possible.

An ambulance has arrived at the scene and a possible victim has been treated in it. What exactly happened in the square is not known at the moment. The police were on the spot in large numbers to ensure a safe working environment for the ambulance and fire brigade.

One of the bystanders who would not have listened has been apprehended. While the aid was still in full swing, fireworks were thrown from the existing youth to provoke.

03.59 a.m. Agents were shot in Amsterdam, five arrests

In Amsterdam Nieuw-West during the New Years night on the Osdorper Ban police officers with fireworks. Groups of young people caused unrest. The police have arrested five people. No cops were hurt.

In Amsterdam-Oost there were also disturbances with groups of young people in and around the Molukkenstraat. Heavy fireworks were fired. Police deployed the Mobile Unit to expel the young. According to a spokesman, peace has now returned. No arrests have been made, but the police do not rule out that this will happen later.

3:50 New trend? Everywhere car fires

Spread throughout the country there are at least dozens of car fires. According to a local news photographer, 17 car fires were counted in Utrecht, among others. Furthermore cars went up in flames in Rijswijk, Zeist, Den Bosch, Veen, Vlijmen, Almelo, Amsterdam, Wateringen, Rotterdam, The Hague, Kolumerzwaag and on Urk. Read all about it here:

03.48 hours Police dissolves warning shot

A policeman fired a warning shot after he was attacked by a group of young people in Wapenveld. The cop spoke to the kids because they lit a fire.

After he addressed the young people, they decided to attack the officer. He then solved the warning shot. That turned out to be sufficient, because after that the young people quickly dropped off.

03.22 hours King visits care

The king visited emergency workers during the New Years night in The Hague. The RVD informed us that after the visits were completed.

Willem-Alexander, together with the Mayor Jan van Zanen, the police chief and the chief officer of justice, went to the regional crisis centre of the Safety Region Haaglanden, the joint emergency room, the Hoefkade police station and the Haaglanden Medical Center (HMC) Westeinde.

03.10 hours Disquiet night in Betuwe region

It is the night from Thursday to Friday restless in the southwest of Gelderland, tells a spokesman for the security region Gelderland-Zuid. Emergency services are in several places in the Betuwe, the Bommelerwaard and Tiel on the leg. There are little fires here and there.

In Tiel, a school was on fire. The spokesman does not know the exact nature of the fires, whether fireworks have been involved, for example. The ME also cleared a crossing in the place, after dozens of young people had occupied the crossroads, dragged things there and set them on fire. The ME cleared the intersection after which the fire department was able to put out the fire.

According to De Gelderlander, the fire brigade in Nijmegen was caged with fireworks during the extinguishing of a bonfire.

In Waardenburg, a group of about a hundred people bothered the fire brigade. The ME had to come around 1:30 to help. According to the police, the firefighters were trying to put out a car fire. Police arrested four people for overt assault and one person for throwing fireworks at a cop.

A little south, in Hedel, the fire brigade also asked for help from the ME in extinguishing a fire. According to the police, a group of 50 people interfered with the extinguishing. Also, fireworks were thrown to police and fire brigade. The ME didnt have to intervene in the end.

03.05 New Years turn of the problem district the Goat Camp went quietly

The turn of the year in Arnhem went quietly, according to a spokeswoman for the security region Gelderland-Middle in the night from Thursday to Friday.Prior to the turn of the year, Mayor Ahmed Marcouch had handed out six bans for the Geitenkamp district. At the end of November it was restless in the district, due to severe fireworks nuisance. For that, more than twenty rioters were arrested.

โ€œ The vast majority of Arnhemmers have declared their solidarity with the care,โ€ Marcouch said to De Gelderlander on the night from Thursday to Friday. โ€œI want to compliment them, they stayed home too.โ€

02.07 P.M. Police beaten in conflict with dozens of people in Renkum

In the Gelderse Renkum on New Years Eve, a policeman was beaten in the face, who had come to a conflict with dozens of people. A man was apprehended.

The police went off with several vehicles on the conflict, which took place around 11:45 p.m.

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