LIVE Prosecutors: statements lawyer Jos B. tendentiously

The vote on the last partsession in the criminal case against Jos B. is not exactly right. The prosecutors accuse B.‘s lawyer of making tendentious statements and selectively quoting previous positions adopted by the prosecution. In their response Friday morning to the plea of attorney Gerald Roethof earlier this week, they have been chafing several times to โ€œthe counsel who joins in talk programs.โ€

Reporter Saskia Belleman is following the trial. From 09.30, her tweets can be followed here.

The 57-year-old B. is suspected of killing, abusing and kidnapping 11-year-old Nicky Verstappen in 1998. Roethof pleaded for acquittal.

According to the prosecutor, Roethof made oral tendentious statements about the reliability of the Nederlands Forensic Institute, which conducted research on Nicky’s body. These comments were not included in the written text. Also, according to the officer, there was a very selective quote from the story of the Public Prosecutor‘s Office

Roethof gets the chance to respond to this Friday afternoon. Next, B. may be the last to say something about the case. It is not yet clear when the Maastricht Court decides.

11-year-old Nicky from Heibloem disappeared on August 10, 1998 when he was at summer camp at the Brunssummerheide in Limburg. A day later, his body was found a mile away. B. admitted – after being silent for a long time – that he had found Nicky on the heath, but according to B., the boy had already died by then. The Limburger would not have dared to report that to the police because he has a history of sex.

For a long time, the case seemed to remain unsolved until B. emerged from a DNA test two years ago. His DNA was found on Nicky’s underpants and pyjama pants. B. had not participated in the large-scale DNA kinship study. But because his family had reported him missing and sent his DNA stuff to the police, a 100 percent DNA match came out. After a manhunt, he was arrested in Spain.