LIVE Riots and arrests in coronaprotest in Dublin

‘ We ‘vaccinate plenty and are busy with catching up, but there are still concerns. The infectious (r) British variant advanches and also the Brazilian, Californian and South African variants are spoken. At the same time, economy and society sigh under stifling measures, such as curfew, the closed terraces and the only skinny-open shops. More than 2.5 million people worldwide have died of the virus since the beginning of the pandemic.

Follow the latest coronan news in this live blog.

In Dublin, protesters campaigned against the Irish corona measures were struck with the police on Saturday. Hundreds of people took part in the protest. According to public broadcaster RTE, 23 people have been arrested and a police officer has been injured.

Unrest broke out as protesters headed towards a park in central Dublin, according to RTE. A video circulating on social media shows that one of the protesters is shooting a flare towards the police.

Deputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has severely condemned the violence. โ€œThere are no excuses for violence against Gardaรญ (the Irish police) or anyone,โ€ he wrote on Twitter. โ€œThis behavior by a few egoists undermines the sacrifices made by millions of people over the past 12 months,โ€ said Varadkar.

The Irish government recently announced that the strict lockdown in force in the country will be extended until 5 April. However, schools are allowed to reopen gradually from Monday.

00.22 hours USA allows Janssen vaccine for use

The American regulator of medicines (FDA) recommends that the coronavaccin of the Leiden pharmaceutical company Janssen be admitted to the US market. The drug can now be used quickly to vaccinate people.

Previously, the FDA had already called it safe and for about 72 percent effective. There was nothing in the way of an emergency clearance. Janssen can deliver 4 million doses directly to the US, and soon millions more. The Janssen vaccine can be stored at refrigerator temperature. In addition, only one prick is required with the Leiden product, in contrast to the vaccines that have been previously authorised.

It is expected that the vaccine can also be used quickly in the European Union. The European Supervisor EEA intends to adopt it on 11 March, as the EU has heard.

9:45 Dead and severely injured in a fire in Ukrainian corona ward

in a hospital in south-western Ukraine, there are a dead and a serious injury cases when a fire broke out in the corona department. It‘s the second time in a month that a corona patient in the country is killed in a hospital fire.

According to the emergency services, the Chernivtsi fire was caused by an explosion in an oxygen pipeline. Shortly before the fire broke out, 20 people were evacuated from the department.

At the beginning of this month, a doctor and three coronapatics died when a fire broke out in the ic department of a hospital in Zaporijjia, also in south-western Ukraine. In Kharkiv, in the east, sixteen people died in a fire in a care center in January.

6.45 p.m. Biden calls on the US Senate to rapidly agree to corona aid package

. US President Joe Biden has called on the Senate to rapidly approve his $1900 billion support package of additional coronan aid. The House of Representatives, where the Democrats have a tight majority, agreed to the package on Saturday.

โ€œ We have no time to lose,โ€ said Biden in a short speech at the White House. โ€œThe people of this country have suffered too much for too long. If we act decisively, quickly and boldly, we can finally get ahead of this virus and finally get our economy back on track.โ€

Bids and Democrats are trying to guide emergency support through Congress without the help of the Republicans. The American rescue plan would have to pay for vaccines and medical supplies. It is also used for a new round of emergency financial assistance to households, small businesses and national and local authorities.

The Republicans, who have broadly supported previous corona measures, believe that much of the current package is not necessary. According to them, only 9% of the latest aid package would be directly used to combat the virus.

12.43 New Zealand city Auckland again in lockdown

Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, goes back into lockdown. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern decided to do so on Saturday because new local corona infections are still being added. The new restrictions apply for at least seven days and come less than two weeks after the city was locked for three days.

Ardern said there‘s a new infection on Saturdayconfirmed that is not related to other positive cases in the past two weeks. Although they all seem to be tracing back to a school in the south of the city. Starting Sunday morning, the approximately 1.7 million inhabitants of the city must stay home and be allowed only to go for essential messages or work.

Schools and non-essential shops must close the doors and access to and from Auckland is restricted. Restrictions apply to the rest of the country, but they are less far-reaching. For example, there are limits on the number of people who are allowed to attend public meetings.

Ardern said that there is โ€œcause for concernโ€ because the last recorded case concerns a person who had been contagious for a week but had not been quarantined. He visited a doctor on Friday, and then went to a gym.

New Zealand had no local virus cases for months until recent infections and was seen as one of the countries that successfully managed to combat the lung virus with very stringent measures. By closing its international borders early, the island state has virtually eradicated the virus at an early stage of the pandemic.

In the country, a total of 2001 people have become infected with the coronavirus and 26 people died from Covid-19.

05:07 – More nearly 10,000 new infections reported in Germany

In Germany, 9762 new corona infections have been detected in the last 24 hours, reports the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German counterpart of the RIVM. The newly reported number is a little less than a day earlier, when the RKI 9997 reported infections.

The total number of infections in Germany now stands at 2,434,446. The RKI also reports that 369 new deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours, increasing the total to 69,888. The increase is slightly lower than Friday, when the total coronavirus death toll increased by 394.

04:26 – Hundreds of Belgians take part in Chinese corona vaccine test. Between 300 and 400 Belgians will soon take part in a trial and get vaccinated

with a Chinese vaccine. It is the first time that a vaccine from a Chinese company will be tested in Belgium. This is what several Belgian media write on Saturday.

China’s Clover Biopharmaceuticals Inc was the first, and for the time being only, company to apply to test a vaccine, confirms the Federal Medicines Agency (FAMHP). The Chinese company is still waiting for a positive opinion from the Ethics Committee and final approval from the FAMHP, but is aiming at the second half of March to start its clinical trial.

One of the centers that will test the Chinese Clover vaccine is the Anima Research Center in Alken. โ€œWe plan to start vaccinating 300 to 400 test subjects with the Chinese vaccine in April,โ€ says lead researcher Erik Buntinx.

A vaccination of the general population in Belgium with a Chinese vaccine is not yet considered because Europe does not give its consent.

03:30 – Farewell to British coronahero ‘Captain Tom’

The funeral of British coronahero Tom Moore will be held in closed circle on Saturday. The war veteran gained a hero status in his country due to his walking campaign to raise money for British health care. He died earlier this month after he contracted the coronavirus himself.

In the year before his death, ‘Captain Tom’ had set himself the goal of collecting ยฃ1000 by running circles in his garden. According to the BBC, the action eventually resulted in 33 million pounds (38 million euros). Moore later scored a hit by singing the song ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone‘ and was knighted by the queen.

After Moore’s death, a condolence register was opened on the Internet. There people reacted massively to his death. The next of kin have called on sympathizers to support health care by not coming to Bedfordshire funeral.

According to his family, Moore had already spoken about his funeral. He had wondered aloud whether his new status as a well-known Brit might mean โ€œwe need to stock more Victoria Sponge cakes for the extra guestsโ€, but because of the measures against the coronavirus it was finally decided to keep the farewell small-scale.

At the farewell ceremony eight relatives are expected. It‘s about the daughters, son-in-law and grandchildren of the veteran. Moore wanted the service to be closed with Frank Sinatra’s song My Way. He wanted to be cremated and then have his ashes buried in a family grave in Yorkshire.

Moore has indicated that he would also like a small, white tombstone. He had also thought about the inscription. That wouldinclude the jokingly intended phrase โ€œI told you I was old.โ€

1:53 a.m. – โ€œUS ahead of time on schedule โ€œ

American President Joe Biden has said that his government‘s vaccination campaign is running smoothly. โ€œWe are weeks ahead of schedule,โ€ he said during a visit to the state of Texas. In the first 100 days of his presidency, Biden promised 100 million shots against the coronavirus. Over 50 million vaccines have been administered over the past five weeks.

The president and his wife Jill visited a vaccination centre and a food bank in the state badly affected by the winter weather. Biden also had a meeting with Texan Governor Greg Abbott, who was severely criticized when the power grid went down under the weather conditions, with power outages throughout the state. Throughout Texas, over 4.4 million households were without electricity and some of them were without water.

Bids, a Democrat, once again called for unity in the divided country. He did this in a state that votes in majority Republican. โ€œWe’re not here as Democrats or Republicans. We are here today as Americans,โ€ he said to the volunteers of the vaccination post.

โ€œ Over the past five weeks, the United States has administered most vaccines from all countries,โ€ said Biden. With over 500,000 deaths, the United States has the highest death toll in the world and still records most infections and deaths per day.

Biden also issued a warning: โ€œInfections and hospitalizations may increase again if new variants appear, so the is not yet time to sit back relaxed.โ€

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