LIVE Slightly more mortality than normal

For over a year now, the Netherlands and the world have been under control by the coronavirus overwhelmed from China. Countries awaken from lockdowns and restrictive measures. More and more people have been vaccinated or experienced the disease. What‘s happening today? Follow the latest news here.

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For the first time since the end of April died last week more people than usual for the time of year. The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reports that. For a long time, the coronavirus was the cause of high mortality rates, but that doesn‘t seem to be the case right now. Researchers have no idea of any other cause at the moment and think it could also be a random fluctuation.

An estimated 3,000 people died last week. That’s 200 more than expected. Statisticians estimated that based on mortality rates in previous years and demographic trends. It is normal that the number of deaths is sometimes a little higher and sometimes a little lower. But if this figure is much higher than usual, researchers speak of overmortality. The mortality rate is just above that limit. The increase can be seen in people below 65 and above.

โ€œWe have no explanation for what‘s happening now,โ€ says CBS-sociologist Tanja Taag. โ€œBecause corona’s usual suspects and hot weather don‘t seem to play a part.โ€ RIVM figures show no rise in corona inheritance. While RIVM data is incomplete, RIVM does provide a first indication of where the trend is going. CBS won’t be able to check exactly what people died later in the year.

01.00 โ€” Johnson: G7 will deliver 1 billion vaccines to the world

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expects the seven major industrialized countries meeting in his country this weekend for a G7 summit will make at least 1 billion vaccines available to less prosperous countries. The British are contributing to it with about 100 million doses and the United States announced that 500 million corona vaccines are going to buy and donate on Thursday.

โ€œThe success of the British vaccination campaign gives us the opportunity to share part of our surplus with those who need it,โ€ said Johnson. โ€œBy doing this, we are taking a big step in defeating the pandemic for good.โ€ In a statement, the British Prime Minister expresses the hope that other G7 countries also make the same commitment and expects world leaders to announce โ€œto deliver at least 1 billion doses of coronavirus vaccines to the world.โ€

Of the 100 million British doses, 5 million vaccines will be donated by the end of September. The remaining 95 million will largely follow by 2022. Approximately 80 percent of vaccines go to the international program Covax, which should ensure a global distribution of corona vaccines.

22.00 โ€” Von der Leyen: Over half adult EU citizens pricked

More than half of the adult population of the European Union, or about 175 million people, have had at least a shot against Covid-19. And 100 million EU citizens are already fully vaccinated, Twitters European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Completely means two vaccines from AstraZeneca, Pfizer or Moderna or one from Janssen.

โ€œWe are well on the way to reach our goal and deliver enough doses to have 70 percent of European adults vaccinated next month,โ€ said German top policy.

This objective is based on the expert‘s assumption that a vaccination rate of at least 70% would be enough for so-called group immunity. Anyone who gets infected will come into contact with too few unprotected others to continue to pass the virus. An outbreak extinguishes.

But now experts are raising the bar. For example, because new variants of the coronavirus may also spread to vaccinated individuals. Experts like RIVM headpiece Jaap van Dissel expect the virus to continue to circulate. Voculation of a higher percentage of citizens, including children, may be necessary. This is already happening in America and Canada, amongst others.

15.35 – The number of operating rooms available continues to rise

The number of operating rooms to be used again continues to rise as the corona crisis decreases in severity. Of the normally available number of operating rooms, 79 percent.back in use. Last week it was 76 percent, according to the Dutch Health Authority (NzA).

However, fifteen hospitals say they can only provide the care that needs to take place within six weeks to prevent health damage only partly according to planning. It has to be pushed within that time limit. Five say they don’t meet the six-week norm for a number of procedures at all.

Scheduled care (such as knee, hip, or tail surgery) is not delivered in 12 percent of hospitals. This was 22 percent last week


The number of referrals patients are writing out to specialists now stands at 96 percent of what would be normal. The number of mental health references, just like the previous weeks, is slightly above the level that would be expected without a corona crisis.

14.45 โ€” Moderna wants to administer vaccine to 12- to 17-year-olds in the US

US manufacturer Moderna wants his coronavaccine to be administered to teenagers aged 12 to 17 years old. The group asked the US watchdog FDA to make it possible for โ€œemergency useโ€, i.e. through a faster procedure.

The news comes shortly after the U.S. health service CDC urgently advised parents to get their teens inoculated against corona. There is a sharp increase in the number of young people who end up in hospital with disturbing COVID-19 phenomena.

Young people aged 12 to 17 are already vaccinated in the United States with the Pfizer/Biontech vaccine. According to recent figures, more than 2.2 million 16- and 17-year-olds have been fully vaccinated. In the 12-15 year category, more than 3 million teenagers had a first shot.

Previously, Moderna submitted an application to the European regulator EMA for admission to teenagers.

12.39 โ€” EU waives possible half order Janssen vaccines

The European Union thanks for buying 100 million Janssen vaccines, initiates say to Reuters news agency. Another 100 million doses might be purchased, but then donated to poorer parts of the world.

The EU has agreed with manufacturer Johnson & Johnson, the parent company of Janssen who developed the vaccine, to deliver 200 million doses anyway. Brussels got an option for another 200 million. But the high expectations of the vaccine are somewhat cooled. As with the Astrazeneca vaccine, there was a minor risk of a dangerous side effect, albeit minor. And the supply is difficult, amongst others, a mistake in an American factory.

Therefore, according to Reuters sources, the EU is not making use of the option, which it will be able to light up until the end of June. According to a European Commission spokesman, no decision has yet been taken and the EU countries are still discussing it. If the EU waives the claim, it would not mean that the union is no longer engagement with Janssen.

Millions of Janssen vaccines are still being held because they may have been contaminated in an American factory. Shipment has been blocked pending investigation from the US regulator, but that is waiting for it.

12.17 โ€” EU also advocates further investigation of origin coronavirus

Researchers into the origins of the coronavirus should be able to look around anywhere, the EU also believes. And โ€œall efforts to gain clarityโ€ can count on the Union‘s support, says EU leader Charles Michel. This seems that the EU is joining the United States, which advocate new research because China would have imposed too many restrictions on the previous one.

Scientists from the World Health Organization, including the Dutch Marion Koopmans, were already in China early this year for research into the origin of the virus. But many questions remained unanswered, according to critics also because China gave researchers too little room. Koopmans himself advocates for further investigation and possibly even an inspection, but China does not feel much about that for the time being.

โ€œThe world has the right to know exactly what happened,โ€ says Chairman Charles Michel of the Board of EU Heads of Government. โ€œThat is why we do support all efforts to gain transparency and to know the truth.โ€ Researchers must have โ€œfull accessโ€ to โ€œwhatever it takes to really find the source of this pandemic,โ€ said President Ursula von der Leyen of the European Commission. โ€œThe teams need access to the information and places.โ€

Von der Leyen and Michel discuss the issue at the top of the G7, with seven of the major industrialized countries including the US. They would like to call for a follow-up investigation โ€œfree of interference.โ€

11.20 – Last 1980s batch invited to coronaprik

Who is in 1989born, can make an appointment for coronavirus vaccination from Thursday. These people are 31 or 32 years old. At the shot, they get the vaccine from Pfizer/Biontech or Moderna. After that, the first people from the 90s come to their turn.

It may be that some people from 1989 have already been vaccinated because they work in healthcare or because they are at medical risk and have therefore given priority. They can throw away the new invitation.

Two weeks ago, people from 1969 to 1978 were able to make an appointment. Last week, people from 1979 to 1984 were invited. Earlier this week, people from 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1988

followed, and the GGD opened 140 vaccination locations where people can go for a shot. The cabinet hopes that by mid-July, every adult who wants to have had a first shot. The last batch to come was born in 2003, with just over 11 million first and second stings so far. At the end of June, the first vulnerable children aged 12 years and older should be invited. The government decided on Wednesday that they are also eligible for vaccination.

11.12 โ€” Defence reduces support to combat corona

Defence’s assistance in combating the corona pandemic is further restricted. This is possible because the number of infections and hospitalization is falling rapidly. Military aid comes to an end on Thursday at the University Medical Center Utrecht.

The use of Defense doctors and nurses, among others, allowed the hospital to take additional corona patients. At one point, some 160 soldiers were working here.

Defence is currently helping to vaccinate in Arnhem and Barneveld. There are 25 soldiers deployed there. Furthermore, five soldiers are in Suriname to help there. In addition, the marechaussee helps protect vaccines. There are still some thousand soldiers ready to support test streets and vaccination if necessary.

In recent months, military personnel have been deployed in nursing and nursing homes across the country. They also worked in healthcare hotels and rehabilitation centers and helped the Armed Forces Hospitals and the National Patient Spread Coordination Centre (LCPS) with medical planners.

6.40 โ€” Grapperhaus and Security Consultations talk about summer events

Justice Minister Ferd Grapperhaus talks Thursday evening to the Security Council of the 25 Mayors who are President of a Security Region. During this mayors‘ digital consultation, the reigner wants to know how they feel about the corona rules for events that are likely to be possible again in the summer.

The government wants to know from mayors by Friday what their concerns are in terms of enforcement and licensing. The results of the Fieldlabs, access tests, vaccination certificate and other rules are considered. Grapperhaus and mayors also talk about maximum number of event visitors.

According to initiates, the cabinet will come up with a decision on the new corona rules for events on Friday, as organizers must have arranged permits on time.

6.35 โ€” Soldiers leave UMC Utrecht, their job is about

The work for the 160 Navy, Army and Air Force soldiers who worked for months in the special COVID departments of UMC Utrecht is over. Thursday is their last working day at the academic hospital.

Since last October, the green doctors and nurses worked with their white colleagues at the academic hospital. Other soldiers helped with supporting tasks such as preparing and cleaning up medical equipment. This allowed the nurses and doctors to focus on patient care.

The unique civil-military cooperation stops faster than expected. This is due to the significant drop in the number of corona patients to be admitted. The academic hospital was therefore able to close the emergency IC in the disaster hospital and a second nursing department for COVID-19 patients. The deployment of soldiers in UMCU is officially terminated on July 1.

โ€œThe Ministry of Defense has been supporting UMC Utrecht with the deployment of medical specialists and support staff since the pandemic began. During the second wave, military personnel were centrally deployed in Utrecht to increase the impact of the deployment. COVID-19 patients for whom there was no place in hospitals in their own region were taken care of at UMC Utrecht,โ€ a spokeswoman for the hospital knows. Utrecht made sense to its central location in the Netherlands.

Defence also helped fight the virus in other places in the country. For example, she was used at the GGD Amsterdam and GGD Netherlands in the Netherlands.Utrecht, with the National Coordination Team Diagnostic Chain in Utrecht and at the National Patient Spread Coordination Centre in Zeist.

6.30 โ€” India reports record number of more than 6,000 daily coronadodes

In India, a record number of 6148 people infected with the coronavirus have died over the past 24 hours. That’s the highest daily death toll worldwide to date during the pandemic. The previous record was in the United States, 5444 coronadodes were reported there on February 12.

The high death toll is due to the fact that figures have been revised in the east of the country. People who died from the disease at home or in private clinics are now also included. This brings the total death toll to 359,676. The new number of infections rose 94.052 to more than 29.2 million.

India is one of the world‘s hardest hit countries by the coronavirus, only the US counts more infections. This is partly due to the so-called delta variant of the coronavirus, which is much more contagious than previous variants.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a television speech on Monday that all adult Indians can be vaccinated against corona for free from June 21. The federal government will also take over the vaccination policy of the Lรคnder.

UK and US want to resume travel โ€œas soon as possibleโ€

U.S. President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are expected to agree to โ€œresume travel as soon as possibleโ€ between the two countries. That’s in a statement by the British government. At the moment, travel between countries is limited due to coronavirus rules. US and UK airlines expect the travel ban not to be lifted by July 4th.

Biden arrived in the UK on Wednesday night for his first presidential trip, he meets Johnson Thursday in Cornwall. There, Friday through Sunday, the top of seven leading industrial states (G7) takes place.

In addition to the United Kingdom, the United States also talks with Canada, Mexico and the European Union about the resumption of travel, which has been flat for 15 months due to the pandemic.