LIVE Swedish Prime Minister: Cancel your plans

Almost a year after the outbreak in China, the world has still not been rid of the coronavirus. Worldwide, additional corona measures are taken such as full and local lockdowns, evening bells and contact bubbles. Follow the latest coronan news in this live blog.

Sweden restricts public meetings to eight people in the fight against further spread of the coronavirus. Compliance with the Swedish coronavirus recommendations has clearly decreased, Prime Minister Stefan Lรถfven said the new measure.

โ€œ This is the new standard for society as a whole,โ€ said Lรถfven at a press conference. โ€œDo not go to gyms, do not go to libraries, do not organize dinners. Cancel.โ€ The measure was already applicable to restaurants.

Sweden has attracted international attention for its unorthodox response to the pandemic, avoiding lockdowns and relying instead on voluntary measures.

The death rate per capita in Sweden is several times higher than that of its Scandinavian neighbours, but lower than in some larger European countries such as Spain. More than 6000 people in total died with Covid-19 in Sweden, slightly less than in the Netherlands.

The resurrection of the disease affected Sweden weeks later than much of mainland Europe. But the number of new infections has increased since the month change, with rising hospitalizations in hospitals.

โ€œ We have a very serious situation,โ€ Lรถfven told us two weeks ago. โ€œIncreasingly intensive beds are being used to treat COVID patients. The grace we received this summer is over.โ€


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