LIVE Trump promises’ orderly ‘transfer of power

Donald Trump has promised an orderly transfer of power. Although he still disagrees with the election results. Meanwhile, the US Congress has officially declared that Joe Biden has won the election. In this article we will keep you up to date with the latest news from the US.

US President Donald Trump promised an โ€œorderly transfer of powerโ€ on January 20. According to CNN, he repeated in a statement that he did disagree with the election results.

The fact that Congress has designated his rival Joe Biden as the winner means โ€œthe end of the greatest first term in the history of the presidency.โ€

Trump also stressed that it is only the beginning of our struggle to make America great again.

Joe Biden officially new president

The US Congress has officially declared that the Democrat Joe Biden has won the election.

Totally unprepared for disturbances

Washington is struggling with the question of how it is that the protesters could enter the Capitol so quickly and hardly hindered. The complex is normally secured by a special police department called Capitol Police, where 2000 people work. At major events, numerous other federal security services and institutions interfere in detail with the security of, for example, the inauguration of a president.

It is not known why this was not the case now. But the Capitol was still largely secured by the agents of the complex.

According to those involved, they did not ask anyone for security assistance prior to the disturbances. For example, the police of the complex could have informed the Ministry of Homeland Security beforehand of the risks and asked for measures. The Capitol Police only received assistance from other federal security institutions after more than an hour.

Several White House employees are stepping on

several White House employees have resigned after the storming of the Parliament building in Washington. Insiders say Donald Trumps deputy national security advisor has left. In addition to the Chief of Staff of Presidential Wife Melania, the White House event planner resigned.

Four people died

In the storming of the American Parliament building by supporters of President Trump in Washington, four deaths were killed Wednesday, the Metropolitan Police reports. The police have made 52 arrests.

Twitter and Facebook block Trump

Twitter wants US President Donald Trump to remove three tweets from Wednesday. After deletion, he may not tweet anything for 12 hours before penalty, and as long as the tweets are still there, his account will remain suspended. If Trump continues with such tweets, he may be permanently blocked, let Twitter know. Facebook has also taken measures against the president.

Congress resumed approval result

Congress later resumed approval of the election results. This is normally a formality, but it takes longer this year because some Republicans object. Some of Trumps party members, who were planning to do so, decided to back after the storming of the parliament building.

โ€œ When I arrived in Washington this morning, I was definitely planning to object to the approval of electoral votes,โ€ said Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler, who saw an attempt to be re-elected this week failed. โ€œBut events have forced me to reconsider. I cant object now in good conscience.

Trump gets a storm of criticism


After the storming, the president suffered a storm of criticism, also from prominent party members. โ€œThere is no doubt that the president has shaped and heated the mob. He spoke to the crowd. He lit the fuse,โ€ said politician Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Protesters enter Senate Hall

On images you can see how protesters pose at statues and in the Senate Hall. It took the police hours to restore peace. President Trump also made his voice heard again. First in Twitter messages calling for peaceful actions, later in a video. While asking supporters to go home, he also reiterated his claim that fraud had been made in the elections.

Rulters in Pelosis office

Politicians eventually gathered in another building in the Capitol complex. There they were under surveillance of heavily armed FBI units. In the meantime, rioters made it easy in the parliament building, where, among other things, they invaded the office of President Nancy Pelosi of the House of Representatives.

Senators evacuated

Senatorsreceived an armed police escort and could be evacuated through the tunnels of the Capitol. Employees also took the votes of the electoral men who would be formally counted by Congress. โ€œOtherwise they would have been burned by the mob,โ€ concluded the Democrat Jeff Merkley.

Trump supporters storm building

protesters broke through barricades and stormed into the building. A striking picture shows how security guards with drawn weapons take positions at a barricaded door. While the crowds screams were already heard inside, police evacuated according to a reconstruction of The New York Times Vice President Mike Pence, who acted as Senate President.

Trump calls for followers to come to Capitol

Trump has not accepted his election defeat and spoke to thousands of supporters near the White House in the run-up to the storm. He had summoned them to advance to the Capitol. There, the situation escalated completely. The police proved unable to stop the furious protesters.

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