LIVE Two top men suddenly left Chinese vaccine manufacturer

The coronavirus continues to hold the world in its grip. Even now that vaccination has begun, the virus continues to cause dislocation worldwide. More than 25 million coronavirus infections have now been detected in Europe. More than one in a thousand Americans died of the Chinese virus. There is still no mention of an end to the second wave in the Netherlands. Follow the latest coronan news in this live blog.

This week, two top men from the Chinese vaccine company Sinopharm, which has also reached Europe, have resigned within 24 hours. American media will write about the ‘striking’ choices on Friday.

Tuesday, the chairman stepped up, Li Zhiming. He‘s putting on personal reasons. Another director, Li Hui, also said goodbye that day on his own initiative. One of the most prominent leaders of the Chinese Communist Party is now the new president.

China has now vaccinated 1 million people with Sinopharm’s vaccine and other countries are also investing their money on it. It was tested, among others, in the United Arab Emirates and Argentina. Morocco recently bought a shipment. On Thursday, the government of Hungary announced that it had ‘closed a deal’ with Sinopharm because it considers the European vaccination plans to be too slow. That would be the first country in Europe with the Chinese vaccine.

According to China‘s critical media in the US, the change of guard in the company is not doing much good with confidence in the vaccine.

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