LIVE UK reports highest number of infections since early February

For over a year now, the Netherlands and the world have been under control by the coronavirus overwhelmed from China. Countries awaken from lockdowns and restrictive measures. Just before the holidays, Europe seems to turn yellow again. What‘s happening today? Follow the latest news here.

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17.40 โ€” UK reports highest number of infections since early February

The United Kingdom counted 16,135 new coronavirus infections on Wednesday. That’s the highest daily rate since early February. 10.633 and 11,625 cases were recorded on Monday and Tuesday respectively.

The Delta variant, first identified in India, is dominant in the UK and responsible for the increased number of infections. It would be 40 to 60 percent more contagious than the Alpha variant, which was previously predominant. Since early May, more and more British have been testing positive for the virus.

The UK struggled with a heavy corona wave at the beginning of this year. At its peak, more than 80,000 infections per day were reported, but authorities managed to reduce figures with rigorous measures and a high rate of vaccination. The decline allowed restrictions to be lifted, but future easing is at risk as the number of infections continues to rise.

15.58 – GGD Kennemerland comes up with reserve list for remaining vaccines

People from the Kennemerland region can register on a reserve list for accelerated corona vaccination starting Thursday. If the GGD has vaccines left at the end of the day, people on the list are summoned to take a last-minute shot.

โ€œRegistration is also possible when an appointment is scheduled at a later date,โ€ the Haarlem Health Service stresses and its surroundings. It used so-called haircuts lists for a long time to prevent remaining doses of coronavine from getting into the trash at the end of the day. So far, those lists were only healthcare professionals and people in other professions who have direct contact with people who may be infected with the coronavirus.

From now on, anyone born in 2003 or earlier is allowed to register. โ€œBecause the vaccination campaign is now on steam and several preferred audiences have been vaccinated, it has been chosen to open up the list for applications,โ€ said the GGD. If you get a first shot in this way, you can make an appointment at the vaccination site immediately for the second one. If people have received the first shot at least five weeks earlier, they can also get a second dose from the reserve list.

People who have ever had a severe allergic reaction are not eligible. They should be watched for half an hour instead of the usual quarter of an hour. This is not useful because the remaining vaccines are often administered just before closing time. People who have had Covid-19 in the past eight weeks and people vaccinated by the GP with the Astrazeneca vaccine cannot be on the reserve list. The latter vaccine is not available at GGD and the combination of different corona vaccines is not done in the Netherlands for the time being. The Health Council needs to give advice on that first.

16.22 โ€” Delta variant is moving forward: soon 90% in the European Union

The Delta variant of the coronavirus is moving rapidly in the European Union and some neighbouring countries. The variant, discovered in India, will account for 90 percent of all new corona infections at the end of August, expecting the European Health Authority ECDC in Stockholm.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control stresses that the Delta variant is more contagious than other variants, such as the Alpha variant from Britain, which is still prevalent. It is very likely that the Delta variant will circulate on a large scale this summer, especially among younger individuals who are not vaccinated, according to the ECDC. This could pose a risk for more vulnerable individuals to become infected, seriously ill or die if they are not fully vaccinated.

15.59 – New corona-virusst developed: cell phone check screen

The mobile phone screen is a great way to determine if someone has the coronavirus among its members. Taking a sample of the display gives an equally clear answer as the commonly used PCR test, where people get test sticks in their nose and mouth. British researchers conclude that.

The method is called Phone Screen Testing (PoT) and was developed by a team at University College in London. When people talk to corona while calling, virus particles canend up the screen. In addition, they may have virus particles on the fingers with which they swipe.

Phone screen testing is less profound than sticking test sticks in nose and mouth. People will be more willing to get tested, researchers think. In addition, the test method is cheaper for poor countries, where fewer people are vaccinated against the virus and therefore more people are likely to get infected.

Corona infections are currently mainly detected with nasal and throat mucus samples. It is also possible to search in the blood for coronavirus antibodies, to clarify if someone has been infected. In addition, there are breathing tests and China has sometimes performed anal corona-virus tests, including American diplomats.

15.38 – 679 new corona infections

In the last 24 hours, 679 new coronavirus infections have been reported at the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM). There are considerably less than last Wednesday, when the institute recorded 1027 positive tests. As a result, the average number of daily reports has dropped further, to 764

, and

more people have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. The better weather helps, according to RIVM. More than a month ago, the institute recorded some 6,000 positive tests a day, so that number has plumbed in a short period of time. Positive tests have been below a thousand per day for six days in a row, and 724 infections were reported between Monday and Tuesday morning.

Rotterdam counted the most cases in the last 24 hours: 36, and 33 people were told to have contracted the virus in Utrecht. Amsterdam recorded 32 positive tests, 29 new cases in The Hague and 16 in Breda


four people have been reported to have died of the consequences of Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. Since the outbreak began, coronavirus has been detected in nearly 1.7 million people. Of them, according to official figures, 17,748 died. Actual numbers are higher.

15.29 – Corona Testing Appointments number is reachable

People can make an appointment by phone for a corona-virus test. The number 0800-1202 is reachable again.

The GD‘s phone number was hard to reach on Wednesday for several hours in a row. This was due to huge hustle and bustle at the special issue where people can make an appointment for vaccination with the Janssen vaccine. More than 100,000 people called at the same time as 0800-1295, causing the lines to be overloaded.

Then people tried to call the general number for puncture appointments (0800-7070), which also caused that number to be overloaded. Then the problems turned to the test appointment number.

13.05 – Delta variant already 40 percent of infections in Amsterdam The


contagious Delta variant of the virus has been found with more than 40 percent of positive corona-virus tests taken at the GGD in Amsterdam. This tells Yvonne van Duijnhoven, head of infectious diseases of the Amsterdam GGD at ANP. Last week, coronaminister Hugo de Jonge reported that in major cities, 10 percent of the corona infection rate of this variant can be.

It is a preliminary result of a sample of the test samples from the week that ran until 20 June, which the GGD analysed by the Amsterdam UMC. About a hundred samples were watched. In the sample of a week earlier, only 7 percent of the cases found the Delta variant.

The Delta variant, previously referred to as the ‘Indian variant‘, can be dominant in the capital next week, according to Van Duijnhoven. Studies have shown that the current vaccines are resistant to the Delta variant.

Decline slows

The total number of positive infections in Amsterdam continues to fall, but less and less rapidly. Last week, it was a 4 percent drop compared to the previous week. NATIONALLY, RIVM reported a 36% decrease in the number of infections over approximately the same period compared to a week earlier. In Amsterdam, the number of infections among young people aged 13 to 18 years is even increasing again, says Van Duijnhoven.

Especially young people who go on holiday in Albufeira (Portugal) and Mallorca take the Delta variant to the capital. Separate samples of the infections under these groups are analysed. Of the infected young people who came back from the Spanish island, 90 percent took the Delta variant according to the latest analyses. Of the youngsters who came back from Albufeira, it’s about half.

Whether it is these young people who increase the number of cases of the Delta variant so rapidly among all Amsterdammers is hard to say, says Van Duijnhoven. โ€œThis variant has been circulating for weeksThe Netherlands.โ€ According to her, the rapid spread of the variant is not a direct cause for panic. โ€œAbsolute numbers of infections continue to fall. And we‘re in full vaccination. What’s more, it‘s summer, which makes the virus less easy to run around.โ€ According to her, it gets โ€œexcitingโ€ when it gets colder again. According to Van Duijnhoven, the spread of the Delta variant goes โ€œas expected. We saw this same picture on the advance of the Alfa variant, formerly called the British variant.โ€

11.10 – Corona Testing Appointment Number hard to reach

People are struggling to reach the corona test appointment phone number (0800-1202). This is due to the hustle and bustle of two other songs of the GGD. These are the phone numbers for Janssen vaccine appointments (0800-1295) and the general number for puncture appointments (0800-7070). That’s where all lines are flat.

GGD GHOR Nederland asks people to make an appointment for a corona-virus test or vaccination online.

It is possible to make an appointment with the Janssen vaccine since 10 am. In the first minutes there were โ€œ70,000 attemptsโ€ at 0800-1295, says the GGD.

10.00 – Janssen puncture appointment phone number is 0800-1295

The phone number that people can call from Wednesday to make an appointment for a puncture with Janssen‘s corona vaccine is 0800-1295. The number is available since 10 a.m. Demissionary Health Minister Hugo de Jonge announced the number on Wednesday morning at his ministry. Right after entry, the song seems to be overloaded. People reported on Twitter around 10:30 a.m. that vaccines would be running out.

It’s the first time people across the Netherlands can choose which coronavaccine to take.

Probably the first elective prick with Janssen will be put on Friday. At least one location is available in each region where that can happen. The stock is still limited, in the first two weeks about 200,000 people can get a shot. How many people come next depends on how many doses Janssen can deliver.

People who receive the Janssen vaccine only need one shot. The other available vaccines must be done two vaccines for proper functioning. According to De Jonge, Janssen โ€œis an ideal vaccine if you really want to be done with that one shot. Ready for summer, ready for a summer full of festivals. Dancing with Janssen.โ€

People who already have an appointment for a prick with another vaccine can call the new GGD phone number to convert the appointment. People who don‘t have an appointment yet and want Janssen can call the number.

08.15 – Sydney locked due to outbreak Delta variant

The Australian metropolis Sydney is partly locked to prevent spread of the coronavirus delta variant. That means that about one million residents are not allowed to leave the capital of New South Wales for no valid reason. New Zealand has meanwhile suspended quarantine-free air traffic with that state.

The New South Wales authorities intervene after at least 13 new coronavirus infections had been reported in Australia’s largest city in one day. Local media reports that many people got infected at a birthday party in West Hoxton suburb. There were dozens of people there, of which at least ten have contracted the virus.

Such outbreaks put pressure on the Australian strategy to keep the virus out of the door. Travelers must be quarantined in a hotel after arrival. However, it was not possible to prevent the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant when repetitive. That led to local lockdowns that hinder economic recovery.

Sydney residents are also now faced with such measures. Many buildings need to be worn masks again and households can have up to five guests over the floor. Travel restrictions for residents of certain districts apply for at least one week.

07.15 โ€” A third corona subsidy education to private parties

An estimated third of the more than 90 million euros high schools received from government last year for getting rid of corona education delays have been spent on private parties. These include homework, tutoring and exam training companies. This reports Trouw after a survey by Investico, research platform for this newspaper, EenVaag and the Groene Amsterdammer.

The survey was conducted among 574 high schools, 135 of which responded. The research shows that one-third of schools spend the grant within their own institution. Many school leaders, according to Trouw, are satisfied with the services of the homework companies. Yet they don‘t feel comfortable having tasks.outsource that they previously fulfilled themselves.

The director of The Hague Segbroek College states, among other things, that part of the few tons received by them were spent giving extra hours of support by their own teachers. However, most of the time involved homework guidance and exam training by external companies. The director says a lot of demand from their own teachers, and that attracting additional teachers is not successful because of the teacher shortage. The rector director of Het Baarnsch Lyceum says that if he already finds a first-degree mathematics teacher, he puts it in front of the class, and will not be involved in homework guidance.

04.00 – New Zealand extra alert after positive test Australian tourist

In the New Zealand capital Wellington, the threat level for corona has increased a level on Wednesday, after an Australian who stayed in the city last weekend tested positive for Covid-19. As of Wednesday 6pm, residents in the city are asked to stay away from each other, especially until Sunday. Offices, schools and other businesses can stay open.

The tourist tested positive on her return to Sydney. As a precaution, passengers of two flights between Australia and New Zealand were asked to go into isolation and get tested for corona. New Zealand has also suspended quarantine-free air traffic from the Australian state of New South Wales for three days. In the state, 21 new corona cases have been reported in the last week.

New Zealand opened a so-called โ€œtravel bubbleโ€ last April, allowing residents to fly back and forth without quarantine. That travel bubble has been temporarily lifted a few times so far due to minor outbreaks of the virus in Australia. In both countries, due to fast and severe lockdowns, corona infections have remained relatively low.

03.30 – Anyone who wants it can make an appointment for coronavaccine Janssen

For the first time, people across the Netherlands can choose which coronavaccine they receive. From Wednesday, people can make an appointment for a prick with Janssen vaccine. To do this, the GD and use a special phone number. Over the past few months, the Netherlands had the rule ‘pricking what the pot purchases‘.

Probably the first elective prick with Janssen will be put on Friday. At least one location is available in each region where that can happen. The stock is still limited, in the first two weeks about 200,000 people can get a shot. How many people come after depends on how many doses Janssen can deliver.

People who receive the Janssen vaccine only need one shot. The other vaccines available require people to receive two vaccines. People who already have an appointment for a prick with another vaccine can call the new GGD phone number to convert the appointment. People who don’t have an appointment yet and want Janssen can call that number.

You can be in favour of corona vaccinations and have an eye for potentially nasty side effects. In the podcast ‘The Land of Wierd Duk’ attention to the group that fears the second shot: