LIVE WHO: many worries to advance corona in Europe

The number of coronavirus infections is significantly increasing in the Netherlands and Europe. More and more places for holidaymakers are colour ‘orange’. The government announced Tuesday evening to close restaurants and cafes in the coming weeks to stop the advance of coronavirus. Team sport is also restricted. Follow the latest coronan news in this live blog.

Care staff, 60 people over and above and medically vulnerable groups will be given priority to vaccinate against Covid-19 as soon as the first approved vaccines are available in the EU. Priority should also be given to essential professions, people who cannot keep distance and disadvantaged groups, the European Commission states. The vaccines will be distributed among all Member States according to population size, writes the daily EU administration.

Several European countries have reported the largest increase in the number of coronavirus infections since the beginning of the pandemic. We are talking about Russia, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic Slovenia and Germany. The World Health Organization (WHO) finds the rising figures in Europe โ€œvery worrying.โ€ But the situation is not as bad as in April, reports the European office of the WHO Thursday. โ€œCovid is now the fifth leading cause of death and the threshold of a thousand deaths a day has now been reached.โ€

โ€œ Although we record two to three times more cases per day compared to the peak in April, we still see five times fewer deaths,โ€ said Hans Kluge of WHO.

In the 145 million inhabitants of Russia, the authorities announced on Thursday that a further 13,754 coronavirus infections have been registered. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Russian authorities have already discovered 1.3 million cases of coronas. Only in the US, India and Brazil have more infections come to light.

The much smaller Czech Republic (more than 10 million inhabitants) has reported the highest number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants in Europe. There, the number of registered coronavirus infections increased by 9544 to 139,290 on Thursday. Care is coming under more and more pressure. The government wants to employ thousands of medical students to help. The army will also build an emergency hospital with 500 beds on an event site in Prague.

In Poland, a record number of 8099 new infections has been reported. In the country with 38 million inhabitants, 149,903 people have now been tested positively for the lung virus and 3308 people died. More than 6500 people are in hospital because of the coronavirus.

For Slovakia, the second wave is much heavier than the first. The country had a lot fewer infestations than surrounding countries in the spring, but also reports a record number of people with the virus on Thursday. On Thursday there were 1929 people with the coronavirus, a total of 24,225 people were infected.

In Germany, which has about 83 million inhabitants, a record number of infections has also been recorded. It was Thursday at 6638 new coronas. However, the numbers of infections detected in Germany are lagging behind those found in the much smaller Netherlands. The total number of coronavirus infections in Germany stands at 341,223.

On Wednesday it was announced that Germany wants to lower, among other things, the border above which an area is at risk. In a meeting between Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Land Prime Ministers, it was agreed that the hospitality industry in Coronabrand fireplaces should be closed at 11 p.m. Also, in these foci of infection, private parties are limited to ten people.

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