LIVE: Wine aldum important with two goals, Orange looks fresh and is very eager

Game round five already in the Nations League: Orange takes on Bosnia-Herzegovina at home. The Amsterdam Johan Cruijff Arena kicks off at 18.00 hrs. Football première reports live. Oranje starts the duel as number three of his group: Frank de Boers team can divide Bosnia and Herzegovina to a relegation to Division B on Sunday evening. More importantly, if De Boer wins his first win as a national coach, the Netherlands is still participating for a group win.
Nations League poule A11. Poland 4-7 (5-2) 2. Italy 4-6 (3-2) 3. NETHERLANDS 4-5 (2-2) 4. Bosnia-Herzegovina 4-2 (2-6)
Also not unimportant: the FIFA ranking. The Netherlands is currently one of the ten highest ranking European countries and has to stay there in order to land in Pot 1 during the draw for the next World Cup qualification.