LIVE Worry about increasing drug use young people: Doesnt stay with one joint

Even now that vaccination has begun, coronavirus is still causing dislocation worldwide. The mutants are worried. The British variant is advanging and also the Brazilian and South African variants are approaching. At the same time, economy and society are sighing under suffocating measures. Follow the latest coronan news in this live blog.

Young people use more drugs and also use them for another reason, reports Nieuwsuur. Where before Corona was about fun, they now smoke in lockdown against boredom, loneliness and depressive feelings. Emergency workers receive serious signals.

Youth workers in Ede see a sharp increase in the number of young people who smoke. โ€œWhere we used to see them smoking one joint in the evening, they now do it all day long,โ€ says Rowin de Zwart, youth worker at Malkander in Ede. Because corona has lost school and work for many young people, they lack structure. It is not just about vulnerable young people. He also sees young people who have a good base, with an education and a stable home situation, much more use.

Peter Vonk, student general practitioner in Amsterdam, has been getting many more students into practice in recent months – especially since the second wave – who are gloomy and depressed. โ€œIf we ask then, eight, nine out of ten appear to be drug use.โ€

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