Liverpool driver who survived attack in my own taxi: Wonder Im still alive

The Liverpool taxi driver who survived a bombing in his own taxi a week ago calls it a miracle hes still alive. David Perry says he is grateful that no one else was hurt during this โ€œevil actโ€.

Perry also says he was overwhelmed by the many messages he has received. He says that he now needs time to focus on his mental and physical recovery.

The bomb in his taxi went off in front of a hospital in Liverpool last Sunday. Perry managed to escape just in time before the car went into flames. Images show that after the explosion, he opens the door of the taxi and runs away. Perry has been treated in the hospital for his injuries.

Homemade bomb

The explosion and the subsequent fire killed a 32-year-old man who brought the bomb. He was the only passenger in the vehicle. It is an Iraqi asylum seeker with a history of mental health problems.

The police announced that the man has been busy preparing the act of terror for at least six months. It is still unclear what the motive was of the perpetrator, who probably operated on his own.

According to the police, the self-made bomb could have resulted in serious injuries or deaths if the explosives had gone off at a different location.

Increased terror threat

The British police labeled the explosion as terrorism. The level of terror threat was then increased from โ€œlikelyโ€ to โ€œmost likelyโ€ because the explosion was the second act of terror in a month.


mid-October, British politician David Amess was stabbed during a visit to his constituency. He died of his injuries.

Watch the footage of the attack that taxi driver David Perry survived in this video: