Liverpool Historic Port City Deleted from World Heritage List

Liverpool disappears as Maritime Mercantile City (Maritime Trade City) from the UNESCO World Heritage List. In 2004, the city‘s historic centre and port area came on that list. It showed the development of one of the largest trading centres in the world in the 18th and 19th centuries, but also that of port technology innovation.

But it went wrong in 2012. The area ended up in the UN list hazard zone due to overdevelopment that would impair โ€œauthenticity and integrityโ€. The committee that deals with the list now finds that this development is โ€œirreversibleโ€. Thirteen members voted for deletion, five against.

Third time

It’s the third time a heritage disappears from the UNESCO list. Earlier this happened with the Elbe Valley near Dresden and the Arabian oryx area (a kind of antelope) in Oman.

The Great Barrier Reef near Australia may now enter the danger zone. The UNESCO Commission will vote on that Friday.