Liverpool talent appears to be suffering horror injury: Salah upset, red Struijk

Nasty footage from England: Pascal Struijk commits an aggravated offense on Liverpool talent Harvey Elliott, who seems to break his ankle. Leeds United Dutchman gets red.
The fright was strong after Struijks attack: the reaction Mohamed Salah, who had taken care of 1-0 in the first half, says enough. The director in England decided not to repeat the tackle for the television audience.

Hope this is not as serious and injury to Harvey Elliott as it appears. Didnt look a bad challenge or a red card in normal speed, but without replays its hard to be sure. Just a freak accident, I reckon.
โ€” Gary Lineker ๐Ÿ’™ (@GaryLineker) September 12, 2021

Ahhhh man rivalry aside that looks really nasty, no one wants to see that, thoughts are with you Harvey @LFC
โ€” Marcus Rashford MBE (@MarcusRashford) September 12, 2021